12 Reasons this Book is a Must Read

  1. This book places you first in your life. Free to love who you are and do what you love. This is not ‘selfish’. You’ll have no more fear of what other people say or how they want you to behave. Once you’re cared for and happy and fulfilled, you’ll love others more and be more than ready to help.
  2. The hidden pressures of society that keep you too busy to get what you want. You’re unwittingly following certain programs in order to survive, be loved and accepted.
  3. Simplifies life. No need to be concerned with other people or circumstances – you merely focus on you. You and only you decide what you want in your life and you bring it in. No waiting for others to give you what you want or allow you to have it.
  4. An easy to follow step-by-step recipe – while as inspirational as any other book in this field, this book is unique because it provides you with a much needed simple step-by-step recipe. Follow it and you’ll get what you want in your life.
  5. The changes stay; you get follow-through. You are shown how this works in the nitty-gritty of everyday life. Most people find once they put down a book, they immediately fall back into old patterns. Various techniques are used to support the reader in staying alert and present in the moment so as to apply the knowledge in daily life. By becoming aware, they effect lasting change.
  6. Simple scientific explanations prove your power and ability to get what you want. It demonstrates we are all equal in our potential to get what we want.
  7. Tough truths from which we’d often rather hide. The book urges you to see yourself for who you are. We often consider a new way of thinking, but stick our head in the sand once a challenge arises. Once we’re honest with ourselves, changing and getting what we want is easier.
  8. Discover your purpose in life, how to have compatible relationships, wealth and abundance, eliminate fear, to use challenges to help you, to love yourself, to live a happy life and so much more.
  9. Why you currently don’t get what you want. Controversial ideas that quickly correct your path and get you what you want.
  10. How to take back your power. Many people have become victims. People believe they have no control over their life. How being a victim prevents you from getting what you want.
  11. Simply explained, making it easy for someone new to their spiritual path, yet rich with groundbreaking hidden truths to enlighten those further along.
  12. The book has depth. This book took several years to write, the benefits being that the author was able to closely assess the information in everyday situations, enabling her to refine the message, ensuring an easier read and accurately fully-capturing the fundamentals of every topic.

This book is for people who are ready for the truth. It is a culmination of 20 years research – the facts of how life works are handed to you on a plate.

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