Our Natural Urge to Gamble

No matter how good or bad our circumstances, deep down inside we all believe we’re capable of doing better.

In fact it’s better than that; we have a natural urge to bet on ourselves, to bet on our own unique creative potentials.

Think about it… you have

  • a natural urge to demonstrate faith in yourself
  • to act with courage
  • to gamble on or take a chance on your own abilities.

That’s because you’re designed to do that.

If all the time, money, resources and skills were available to you and fear wasn’t an issue, you’d take a chance on you wouldn’t you?

You certainly would because it feels exciting.

You’d feel ALIVE!

But what do most of us do instead?

We suppress the urge and play it safe hoping that somehow, without stepping out of our comfort zone, life will become more meaningful and rewarding.

Here is the downside of refusing to take a chance on ourselves and act with courage

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