If You Want Your Life to Take Off, Ditch the Logic!

Nowadays it seems there’s a recipe for everything so we figure there must be one for personal growth.

Surely there’s a way that if we did all the right things in the right order our life would skyrocket, right?

But you see for personal growth, we don’t need the “right recipe”, we need the “right knowledge”.

We all love a recipe but thinking there’s a logical, exact, step-by-step process for growth can be a trap.


Because I’m happy to say personal growth is NOT logical.

It’s far more fun than that!

It’s an adventure of a lifetime and unique to each individual.

What I mean by “ditching logic” is if you truly want to grow, it’s not going to be comfortable or structured.

I often see people seeking new, better ways of doing things, yet at the same time trying to keep their life the same. 

We have to CHOOSE.

A remarkable life OR the same life.

If you’re being logical it means you’re staying comfortable.
Let’s think about this.
Anything out of your comfort zone is going to feel illogical, correct?

Logical = comfort zone = you stay the same. Got it?

That’s not what we want.

If you want to grow personally, or spiritually, then you’ll need to be willing to get uncomfortable – and to even get comfortable  with being uncomfortable!

The understanding most people are missing is that they have an inner power, a higher intelligence, a higher side to them, ready and waiting to take them effortlessly to wherever they want to go.

To tap into this higher intelligence all you have to do is give it the thumbs up.

But this means you’re throwing away the recipe and…. letting go of controlling every aspect of your life.

Now that’s uncomfortable! (but you’ll see that’s good : ) Read on here…

This is Janet Poole and I believe in leading yourself and others with love, breaking the rules and trusting yourself.

I believe you’re entitled to know your true inner power, love yourself fully and completely without guilt, and be euphorically happy.

You and your business will grow exponentially by living this way!

You deserve it.

I believe in being someone you can count on for support all the way into achieving your goal.

Lead with Love. Break the Rules. Trust Yourself.

Janet Poole Consulting Lead with Love. Break the Rules. Trust Yourself.