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2013-12-12 Janet Poole Book with bestseller stickerHow to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That! will put an end to your following the herd mentality and living an “average” life.

It will LIBERATE you!

In this riveting book, Janet Poole explains that there are only two kinds of people in the world: those who feel life is “what happens,” and those who understand that we CREATE our lives with every thought.

Janet Poole will leave you convinced that you can have ANY LIFE YOU WANT, and by the time you’ve finished this book you will be unwilling to accept a humdrum life for a single moment more!

This is NOT a typical “self-improvement” book, nor is the author just another self-appointed guru dishing out advice.

Janet Poole worked all over the world in computer programming, business analysis and information technology while exploring the science behind our ability to truly CREATE the lives we want  . . . even as she was creating her own!

Read this book and you’ll understand how quantum physics backs up everything the author claims about the transformational power of thought.

You’ll walk away ready to break free of the conformity that chains you down right now and take the leap towards the life you have always dreamed of.

How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That ! won awards in three categories of the 2011 Reader Views Literary Awards, was a Finalist in the 2012 National Indie Excellence Awards and won a 2011 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.

You’ll learn what the concept of “you create what you think” really means and how it plays out in your daily life. While the concept itself may not be new for some, exactly how it affects their life often is.

The effects can be devastating or brilliant. And it’s all up to you. If this is new to you it can be alarming but really it’s a good thing. Knowledge gives you power.

“Just Like That!” shows you how to take hold of the reins of your life, to decide your direction, create your own dreams, experience them and then move on to more adventures.

It helps you recognize the opportunities you have on Earth; that this is an exciting playground where you can explore and get what you want everyday. Understanding how to do all this gives you self-sufficiency, security, confidence and happiness.

If you’re not getting what you want, if you’re:

  • stuck
  • doing what everyone else wants
  • playing small
  • pleasing others
  • stifled, restricted
  • suffering from boredom
  • frustration
  • anxiety
  • confusion
  • ill
  • unhappy at work
  • if you want to overcome fear…

…this book shows you how to sweep all that heavy stuff aside, leave behind the dark dungeon and emerge into a bright, shining world where you wake up with confidence each morning – cheerful and enthusiastic about your day ahead.

This book will make you fall IN LOVE WITH LIFE, it’ll simplify your life and give you clarity.

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8 Ways “Just Like That !” Simplifies Your Life:

1. Complete understanding about the bigger picture as well as the nitty-gritty of how life works. This knowledge expands your mind, immediately uplifts you and starts the changes happening for you.

2. Why you are entitled to get what you want and why it’s in everyone’s interests that you do.

3. Step-by-step, specific techniques to plan what you want and then how to get what you want.

4. Exactly how to take action to get what you want.

5. Apply these techniques to get anything in your life such as relationships, health, career, wealth, abundance, weight-loss, self-love, loving others, confidence, fun and laughter… anything you want! Your bonus is that the results of your efforts then ripple seamlessly to all parts of your life.

6. Stories relating my experiences of how I’ve applied these techniques and achieved what I want in my life.

7. An easy to read, conversational format that helps you recognize how you’ve been creating your life so far and how to turn your life into what you want.

8. The ability to see yourself for who you are, to be completely honest with yourself.

Achieve Your Dreams and Goals

  • The 7 easy steps to loving your life and getting what you want.
  • Use a proven step-by-step technique to pull your dream or goal into your life. And have fun along the way.
  • Why there is enough of everything in the world for everyone to get what they want.

The Hidden Power Already in You and How to Use it

  • The book explains who you really are.
  • If you have a brain, you have the ability to get what you want. Everyone has this same power in their brain.
  • How to harness this inner power in your brain. You are already wired for it; you already have this power, you already use it but you don’t use it effectively.
    Understand how you are choosing and creating your life right now, and how to change that. You’re given several powerful corrections so you can change from getting what you don’t want to getting what you do want. Understanding who you truly are is vital – it gives you greater confidence that you can do this; it turns on a fresh new light for you.
  • Why you ought to be using this power and why you’re entitled to get what you want.
  • Recognize your purpose here on Earth – your purpose is explained… and it’s magnificent.

Scientific Proof  – it’s True You Do Have this Power

  • Get introduced to a layman’s version of cutting-edge science, science that proves you have this power, and how you can harness it. Scientists have proved there are unlimited potentials, all of which you can have when you know how. Scientific proof helps your mind accept this as fact instead of theory, so you are more likely to go-for-it, and get what you want.
  • Gain straightforward understandings about how your brain works, and how to easily use it to get what you want.
  • What does “what you think you create” really mean? Learn how your thoughts create the reality you’re living.
  • Learn the scientific mechanics of how a material item, relationship or circumstance finds its way into your life. Knowing this means you can start bringing in what you want.
  • Scientific break-throughs in health that make it possible and easier to get what you want, even if you’ve been injured.

Love Yourself First

  • Why it’s important you love yourself first, why it’s not selfish and how it helps you and others.
  • Bring love into your life, and ensure it exists in every corner of your day.
  • The love you’ve always wanted will naturally start appearing in your life.
  • Discover your own unique dreams, and how to know if they are really yours.
  • Why it’s important to do what you love every day, for your sake and others.
  • Why you are worthy of love no matter what you have ever done.

Be Proud of Who You Are

  • Break free from following the masses and follow your own individual, unique and amazing path.
  • Understand the hidden pressures of society keeping you too busy to get what you want.
  • Feel good about who you are right now, approve of yourself no matter what. Use it as a launch pad to become even greater.
  • Stand tall, change your life to what you want – independently pursue your own dreams and desires.
  • Be the leader of your own life. Learn to inspire yourself.
  • Give yourself permission to get what you want. Free yourself from what you thought you had to do.
  • Become more courageous to step forward and go for what you want.
  • Stop wanting approval and acceptance from others.
  • Stop caring what others think of you.
  • Stop feeling obligated to behave in certain ways, to help others and to please others.
  • Know what you should be doing with your life; learn what your dreams and goals are, tailored to you.

The Meaning of Your Past and What Today Can Do for You

  • How your past, no matter how good or bad, has helped you. How to leave your past behind.
  • Why today, this second, is the only moment that matters and how to use it intentionally.
  • How to naturally increase your awareness in every moment. Awareness gives you a clearer picture, more control and a new vitality to your life.

Develop the Following Fundamentals and Create Your Fabulous Future

  • How to focus on what you want, and get it.
  • Understand what wisdom is, its importance, how to get it and what it adds to your life.
  • How taking responsibility for what you’ve created in your life gives you tremendous power to turn your life around and get what you want from today onward.
  • Turn challenges into powerful opportunities to get what you want. Become a more outstanding person for the experience.
  • Understand the role of others in your life and their impact on you – how to use all interactions, good and bad, to help you.
  • Understand how others think versus how you think – why other people’s choices and actions are often baffling, how to be at peace with them.
  • Create respect from friends, family, customers – everyone.
  • Build up your confidence, believe in yourself and feel valuable and worthwhile 24 hours a day.
  • Communicate effectively; how to get your point across clearly.
  • Why we all dabble in self-pity, victimization, why it’s enticing and addictive, how to lift yourself out, why you become an asset to the world when you do and how you get what you want by doing that.
  • Add choice to your life, such as in decision-making or health issues. Learn how to avoid accepting verdicts that don’t suit you, and instead find solutions that create what you want.
  • Make effective decisions that take you to what you want. Learn how to stop wanting or allowing others to make decisions for you.
  • Overcome doubt about what you want and the fear of making a mistake and making changes. Face change with confidence.
  • Have a fresh look at your friendships, at how they influence you and whether or not they are helping you.
  • Release unwanted emotion – forever. Be free.
  • Learn all about gratitude, how to bring it in, why it should be a vital part of your life and how it expands your life.
  • Learn what abundance really means and how to have more than enough for whatever you want.
  • How your mind determines the health of your body, how health challenges can be blessings in disguise. Everything that happens to you can be used for your greater good.
  • Create a career that is interesting, inspiring and tailored to you.
  • Bring laughter into your life every day and keep it there.
  • The benefits of humility, how to be humble and why being humble takes you to what you want.
  • Understand the inner workings of kindness. You’ll never look at kindness in the same way again – it’s different to what most people think.
  • See forgiveness in a new light; use it to your advantage. You’ll be eager to forgive when you learn the fantastic benefits for you.
  • Stop judging others and instead use the moment to become greater yourself.
  • Be powerful and happy without needing others to change.
  • Give children the same power as you have learnt in the book.

Extras – To Help You Make it Happen and Get What You Want TODAY

  • Summaries after each chapter review what you learnt, and can be used for future quick reference.
  • How to apply the knowledge to your life and start getting the rewards.
  • Stop falling back into old patterns. Easy exercises to help you follow through and keep going. Discover your dreams and goals, how to plan them, to take action to get them, to develop awareness and wisdom etc
  • Enjoyable daily activities to keep you inspired and aligned so as to bring in your dream more quickly.

Now is surely the time to give yourself permission to get what you want.

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