How you benefit from this campaign

Just Like That! Front CoverHere’s how the Amazon book promotion will work:

Heaps of supporters with authentic, quality subscribers have agreed to send out one email on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 announcing the freebie-loaded HOW TO GET ANYTHING YOU WANT – JUST LIKE THAT! book campaign. I am planning to reach 1 million+ people on campaign day.

This Email Will Be Supplied to You

A few days before the campaign day Tuesday, October 16th, 2012, I will supply you with the email to send. It will contain a compelling introduction to the 24-hour time-limited offer, and a link to my book’s special offer page that will have the simple purchasing instructions. It will list the many attractive bonus gifts the buyer will receive when they make their purchase in that 24-hour period on Tuesday, October 16th.

How You Benefit With or Without a Bonus Gift

I’d still love to have you join in the campaign even without a bonus gift. The benefit you gain by sending out the email to your list is as follows:

  1. Thrill your subscribers: Your subscribers will be delighted that you let them know about the promotion and the phenomenal gifts. These opportunities are rare and once they’re gone, they’re gone.
  2. You and your website will be listed on the special offer page, even if you do not have a gift.
  3. You will gain immediate access to the gifts once they are ready and they are free for you to download. Please keep this page to yourself 😉

7 More Reasons You Benefit When Including a Bonus Gift

  1. Massive Exposure: You get massive exposure on Tuesday, October 16th to a very targeted audience.
  2. Traffic to your site: The bonus gift will drive increased traffic to your website.
  3. Increase your subscriber list: You get the opportunity to increase your subscriber list when the customer opts-in to download your gift.
  4. Visibility for other products: You have the opportunity to get more visibility for your other products and/or services.
  5. Free advertising.
  6. Zero cost: Your bonus gift doesn’t cost you anything, as it is downloadable.
  7. Holiday Season is approaching: get free visibility to millions of people who are already in the buying mode.

Some bonus gift ideas for you:

A bonus gift can be any quality electronic product with real value (eBooks, audio recording, recorded trainings, interviews, eWorkbooks, webinars, videos, software), a few chapters of a book, consulting or a discount that you would like to include. Your name and bonus gift would be listed on the special offer page and receive enormous visibility because it will be sent to hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of people.

Ideally I am looking for “e” products, because they are downloadable at no additional cost. If you have one or are going to create one, I’d love to consider it. Customers would click on a link you specify and be directed to your site and opt-in to download your bonus gift.

All You Need to Do

Agree to send a solo email to your list – that’s all. On Tuesday, October 16th. As mentioned above, you may choose to include a bonus gift and if you want to you can promote the campaign through your newsletter, blog, Twitter or Facebook (and/or any other type of promotion.) The copy for all of these will be provided for you.

Once you can say “Yes” please hit Reply to the email I sent you…

(…or you can send an email to me at justlikethat [@]

Testimonials for the book

What readers and critics are saying:

“It is full of insightful information that will make you re-think what you have learned from this genre in the past.  With unique hints that seem to be tailored to your individual style, Just Like That! can help you barrel through the obstacles and reach your true potential.  Janet’s distinct writing and powerful voice make for an educational and inspiring read.”

~~ Bridget Hopper – Readaholic

 “I had my suspicions about the book, at first. “Is this going to be a get rich quick type of book?” Well, if you are having those reservations, I can put your mind at ease. This is not that type of book. Janet Poole believes that everyone is truly amazing; we just have to reach inside ourselves and bring it to the surface.”

~~ Cari George –

“Just reading the book and immersing myself in Poole’s positive thinking methods made me feel lighter and more positive myself; which means I’ll certainly be dipping back into it in the future.”

~~ Alicia Thompson – The NSW Writers’ Centre

 “We have all probably heard the phrase, “You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you” – and usually I would say in return, “blah, blah, blah”.  Not so with this book. The author does a fantastic job of helping you discover who you really are.”

~~ Kim – Couponer101

“…it really allowed me to explore myself and really accept and acknowledge some things that I hadn’t previously considered or had enough courage to accept!”

~~ Rose Powell – Immutable Ramblings

“An excellent book which can and will help you change your life for the better.

…must be kept close to hand for referenceAn inspiring and easy to read book.

~~ Sharon – Beck Valley Books

“The book is easy to read, hard to put down at times, in fact.

If you are feeling stuck, tired, lost – read this book and find what you are missing…”

~~ Verginon40

“It is incredibly refreshing to get my hands on a book that I truly feel might be the only self help book that anyone could ever possibly need. 

~~ Paige Lovitt – Reader Views

How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!is a gem of a book. It will be enjoyed by psychologists and lay people alike. Each page is encouraging and enriching. So grab a cup of latte, and plan to be empowered and transformed like never before.

~~ Irene S. Roth – BlogCritics

“Janet Poole’s book took me on a journey … that enabled me to discover parts of myself I didn’t know existed. Her book gave me the courage to make a decision that has plagued me since 1985. …Janet Poole’s book is not one that can be read once and put away. It is a reference for life that each additional reading will enhance the understanding of oneself and the world one exists in.”

~~ Warren Thurston – AussieAuthors

Find more testimonials at Just Like That! Testimonials and Reviews

More about the book:


Live Life on Your Own Terms

Why are some people happy with very little, while others are miserable in paradise? While traveling and working in several different countries, award-winning author Janet Poole found herself on a mission to solve this human mystery. She did so by avidly studying people and their behavior and reading widely.

Now, Poolebrings together a lifetime of study in her new book, HOW TO GET ANYTHING YOU WANT – JUST LIKE THAT!

This book was created to be a one-stop resource for understanding life. Poole’s answers are liberating, empowering and have made her one of the happiest people she knows.

Scientific evidence proves we are so powerful that every day we are each creating our own world. It is our choice to either wreak havoc in our lives or create anything we want just as easily.

The evidence sadly remains largely hidden, and most people consider themselves powerless. Most still believe in luck and fate, and think they have no choice over how their life turns out.

The truth of our power is revealed in this book. It uses everyday life examples to vividly illustrate the full – disastrous or magnificent – effects of these important scientific discoveries. Anything truly is possible. Poole helps readers:

~~ Stop trying to be what they’re not — and discover who they really are.

~~ Decide what they truly want, rather than what society thinks they should have.

~~ Leave behind the herd mentality and become a confident leader of their life.

~~ Walk away from guilt.

~~ Enjoy radiant health.

~~ Turn tough economic times into fulfilling opportunities.

~~ Become increasingly attractive to their partner without even trying.

~~ Learn to look in the mirror and see a smart, beautiful person looking back – someone who deserves the world.

This inspiring author offers her readers warm encouragement, wise advice — and a step-by-step recipe for creating an extraordinary life.

More about the author:

Janet Poole’s mission is to inspire people to live an extraordinary life on their own terms, to reach their full potential and to wake up enthusiastic about their day every day. Janet’s debut book, How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!, is receiving rave reviews. It won awards in three categories of the 2011 Reader Views Literary Awards, was a finalist in the 2012 National Indie Excellence Awards and won a 2011 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.

Since early childhood, Janet’s life has been an adventure, mostly fabulous but with its fair share of challenges – which, of course, generated the greatest learning and growth. She has followed many alternate paths in her quest to understand life, including quantum physics, neuroscience, the link between brain-body-emotions, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Taoism, Masters of the Far East, Eckankar and nutrition.

Janet was born in Durban, South Africa. Her initial career in Information Technology took her first to England. That gave her the opportunity to travel around Europe and work on a Kibbutz in Israel. Janet was offered a contract in Australia, where she has lived for 23 years with her husband and her two children.