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Just Like That! Front Cover12 Reasons ‘Just Like That!’ is different to most self-help books

1.    It places the reader first in their life. Why this is not ‘selfish’. The reader will remove their fear of what other people think or say. By firstly following their own path and freeing their spirits, they gladly help others without need for reward.

2.   Reveals the hidden pressures of society that keep us too busy to get what we want. Most people unwittingly follow certain programs to survive, be loved and accepted.

3.   Simplifies life. Removes the need to be concerned with other people or circumstances. No waiting for others to give us what they want or allow us to have it.

4.   An easy to follow step-by-step recipe – while as inspirational as any other book in this field, this book is unique because it provides the reader with a much-needed simple step-by-step recipe to get what they want out of life.

5.   The changes stay; the reader gets follow-through. The book ensures readers keep the changes they make, rather than falling back into old patterns.

6.    Simple scientific explanations prove the reader’s power and ability to get what they want. It demonstrates we are all equal in our potential to get what we want.

7.    Tough truths from which we’d often rather hide. The book urges the reader to see themselves for who you they are, and yet to love what they see.

8.    Learn why people don’t get what they want. Merely by learning what these are, the reader changes their attitude and starts to get what they want.

9.    Discover the purpose of life: several exciting, well-worth-living purposes.

10.   How to take back power. Many people have become victims, believing they don’t have control over their life. They do have control over how their life turns out – the book shows why and how.

11.    Simply explained, making it easy for someone new to their spiritual path, yet rich with groundbreaking hidden truths to enlighten those further along.

12.   The book has depth. Researched for 20 years, the book written over several years, the benefits being that the author was able refine the message, ensuring an easier read and fully capturing the fundamentals of every topic.

This book is for people who are ready for the truth. It is a culmination of 20 years research and hands the facts of how life works to the reader on a plate.

ISBN-13: 978-0980877502

ISBN-13: 978-1439280607

Publication Date:              2011
Trim Size Aus:                    A5 (6 x 8 inch)
Trim Size USA:                   A5 (6 x 9 inch)
Number of pages:             306