Conforming – 640 Words

Are You Toeing the Line? Why Ditching the Line Gets You What You Want

Do what makes you happy. This is essential to living an exciting, full and inspiring life.

Key Points

  • Are you trapped into constantly having to please other people?
  • The two main reasons you get noticed by society – one ‘safe’, one ‘risky’.
  • How to discover your dreams and clear the way to achieve them.
  • How to get all the love you want.
  • How to be an inspiration to others.

What if You Toe the Line, but Don’t Know It?

Most of us have been raised to

  • put our own dreams aside for others
  • survive by going through the motions, following society’s rules – rules which serve other people, not us

… and thereafter fade into invisibility.

You Usually Only Reappear for Two Reasons (a fabulous third reason is discussed later)

1.     If you accomplish something considered honorable by your society – perhaps by doing well at school or sport, becoming a doctor, a lawyer, marrying a person considered successful etc. You are applauded so as to emphasize the behavior others should aspire to.

2.     If however you object or follow a path at odds with your culture, you are seen as rebellious. This may be as simple as choosing an alternative career or dating someone outside the circle. You are rejected for being different. If you bow to pressure and once more toe the line, you are praised, re-embraced and swiftly returned to invisibility, a boring place where you are controlled and suppressed, but feel ‘safe and secure’.

Most people unconsciously avoid # 2 because being ostracized is painful – we equate acceptance and approval with being loved. However you are only safe, secure and happy when you are free to please yourself.

Want to break free and get what you want? Read on!

How to Get Past Phony Love and Approval

Love and approval received from toeing the line is conditional on your behavior, and it is phony love.

You are entitled to get what you want as well as be truly loved all the time (yes!), and to get both is really easy. By bravely permitting yourself to do what you choose, you supply yourself with endless genuine love.

You feel confident, happy and look forward to your future. Others never give us love, we do it for ourselves, and once we do, it seems we are receiving love from all directions.

Do You Know What Makes You Happy?

If you’re clueless about your own dreams, it’s because other people’s expectations of you are so ingrained. Your dreams are simply whatever makes you happy and excited, whatever inspires you each day. Contemplate what makes you happy and start taking steps to make them happen, even a little bit at a time.

The Third Reason You Reappear

You’ll need to switch things around to make this reason happen. Deliberately put your needs first and the needs of others second. Follow your own dreams. Stop being concerned with what others think of you. Unchain yourself – let go of pleasing others and trying to make them happy. They can only do that for themselves… and you can only do that for you. Once you’re happy, you can choose to help others with their dreams.

Do this and you will be noticed – this time because you are free and happy. You’ll be a brilliant light leading the way for others to live their dreams.

Do you know anyone who would like to get anything they want? Visit for a look at the book ‘Just Like That! ’ How to Get Anything You Want. You are entitled to get what you want and be happy. Find out how and why. The book uses the forgotten truth of ancient wisdom to lift you out of restrictive current beliefs and provide an in-depth step-by-step approach to aligning your thoughts with what you want. It also offers exercises that help integrate the knowledge into your life.

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