Decision Making – 600 Words

7 Tips to Easy Decision Making and Getting What You Want

You have a decision to make. Admit it – you want an answer to fall from the sky, preferably lit up like a neon sign. Or you secretly hope someone will make the decision for you. Then you have them to blame if there’s a fall-out…mmmm… and you’ll be off the hook… so delicious.

Except that firstly, answers only fall from the sky once you’ve put in some effort, and secondly you can never blame anyone for your decision, even if they did decide for you. You see, it’s your decision to allow them to decide for you, so you should take responsibility for the result. If so, you may as well make the decision. I’m glad that’s out of the way.

“Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

How Your Life Got to Be What It Is

Another reason you should make your own decisions is that quantum physics has proved the theory of what you think, you create. In other words what you have in your life now, has been created by what you have been thinking until now. This includes all the people, your job, attitudes, happiness, financial situation, health etc. If you don’t like what you’ve got, you can change it by changing your thoughts. This also means it’s vital to be in charge of your own decisions.

7 Tips to Easy Decision Making

1.     It’s okay to make a mistake: In fact, is there such a thing as a mistake? Redefine your understanding. You’re simply choosing a direction which you learn from and can then change if you want to.

2.     Any action is better than no action: Taking any action is always better than being frozen in fear. No decision and no action is still a ‘decision’ you’ve made… and there is still a result.

3.     Start small: Be alert for small decisions you can start to make on your own. Taste even a little independence and you’ll build confidence.

4.     Remove distractions: If it’s a big decision, turn off the telephone, computer etc and give yourself quiet time to contemplate your options. Listen to what you want and expect some great ideas.

5.     Break free from others’ expectations: Your direction should bring you happiness and inspire you, so let go of needing approval from your partner, parents, children or friends.

6.     Simple solutions are best: Ideal solutions usually have a harmony about them and they should simplify your life. If an answer seems too complicated, it’s a clue to keep searching. If it’s the first time you are following your own unique direction however, a simple solution may appear complicated. Making a decision without approval (or maybe disapproval) from others can initially be daunting. If this is so for you, read books or attend courses that educate you about why you are entitled to do what’s right for you.

7.     The more decision-making, the better you become: As with most things, you get better with practice. Jump in and try it.

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