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ATTENTION Working Mothers

According to a survey* last year, most working mothers feel overwhelmed by their workload.



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From the desk of: Janet Poole

Subject: Live Life on Your Own Terms

If you’re a mother who is working, it’s exhausting.

Worry, guilt, exhaustion seem to be your life.

Juggling being a mother with your career, your relationships and household duties, is a lot to expect of one person.

Do you feel resentment that so much of the workload falls on you?

It may even seem like a no-win situation. When at work you’re anxious and you feel guilty about the kids. When at home you’re worrying and feeling guilty about work. Guilt seems to crop up no matter how hard you try. Your mind feels scattered.

You wake each morning hoping that by some miracle it’s the weekend. You’re so tired. You must do so many things at once that you don’t do any well.

You’re bored with all the drudgery. Life seems mechanical and just too hard.

You wish you had more time for you and your family. No-one seems to understand your situation. Or really care.

Being a working mother is tough.

Do you feel tired AND pulled in a million different directions?

As indicated by the survey* women are trying to do it all, with a secret desire to be superwoman.

The pressure comes from all sides. Special performances, birthdays and recitals at school push the anxiety even higher.

You often daydream about spending a day doing exactly what you want.

You often question your choices and wonder how you got to be in this place.

You wonder… can I ever get WHAT I WANT?

Well, yes! You can wake up EXCITED about your day… life can be WORRY-FREE & GUILT-FREE

… and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That! was created to be a one-stop resource for understanding life and to inspire you to live it on your own terms.

Hard to believe now but there are possibilities you probably haven’t thought of…

When you understand how life works, you are relieved of the pressure. It all makes sense.

DOWNLOAD NOW 3 FREE *Love Yourself the Way You Are* Chapters.

Many people dream of having the courage to leave behind the herd mentality, and become a lively and confident leader of their own life.

My new book gives you a much-needed recipe to fulfill that dream.

How to get anything you like Just Like That - Janet Poole

Scientific evidence proves we are extraordinarily powerful beings. Each of us is able to choose whether we wreak havoc in our lives or create anything we want just as easily.

This evidence sadly remains largely hidden, which means most people still consider themselves powerless.

The truth of your power is revealed in this book, which uses everyday life examples to show the full effects of these liberating scientific discoveries.

* Stop trying to be what you’re not — and discover who you really are.

* Decide what you truly want, rather than what society thinks you should have.

* Leave behind the herd mentality and become a confident leader of your life.

* Walk away from guilt.

* Enjoy radiant health.

* Turn tough economic times into fulfilling opportunities.

* Become increasingly attractive to your partner without even trying.

* Learn to look in the mirror and see a smart, beautiful person looking back – someone who deserves the world.

By tonight you could have revolutionized your thinking and already be choosing the life you want.

I suppose that I avoided reviewing this book because I had some sort of disbelief as to what it could potentially deliver to me or deliver me to. I should say that I’ve heightened my awareness, my understanding and essentially my goals for myself. I’ve learned a little more about who I am and what makes me tick, my apprehension to put my best foot forward and progress, succeed and achieve is no longer there, I want to go out and grab my goals.

~~ Rose Powell – Immutable Ramblings

With unique hints that seem to be tailored to your individual style, Just Like That! can help you barrel through the obstacles and reach your true potential.  Janet’s distinct writing and powerful voice make for an educational and inspiring read.”

~~ Bridget Hopper – Readaholic

Every day, without knowing it, you’re taking a risk.

Mistakes are not the issue. Regret is. Instead of wishing you could recapture all those boring meaningless years, imagine going for something magnificent in your life, with passion and never holding back…

You deserve to be happy.

What exciting adventures will you have when you go for your dreams?

Now is always the best time to take action! You’ll be so glad you did.

Wishing you everything of the best because you deserve it,


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P.P.S. Share the love with your friends – everyone can get what they want without anyone missing out. Learn how today.

*2011 Survey by &

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