Forgiveness – 980 Words

How Forgiveness Gets You Anything You Want

Your Unresolved Disputes Create Obstacles

Do you have anyone in your life that you need to forgive? Until you do, you are harming your health and putting your life on hold.

Even if you believe you have largely forgotten the incident or the person, a part of your brain remains focused on the bitterness and injustice. It festers and creates more bitterness and injustice in your life. Bitterness and injustice don’t get you what you want.

But there’s good news:

–          Firstly, you don’t need to speak to the other person about this issue.

–          Secondly, you’re going to learn to use disputes as an asset.

Key Points

  • How you create these incidents in your life.
  • The truth behind blame.
  • How unhelpful programs in our brain block the flow of our life.
  • Why taking responsibility for your life gives you so much power, and of course… what you want.
  • How to use the dispute as an asset to learn about you.
  • How to use all this to get what you want in your life.

Why the Dispute is Your Responsibility

Things don’t just happen to us. It’s quite simple, really. You create everything that happens to you. You’ve created your health, family, relationships, career, wealth/poverty, and happiness/sadness. Everything. This claim is grounded in science. Quantum theory has proved that what you think creates what you are experiencing in your life. It follows that if you create your life, you should take responsibility for any disputes you have, not to be right or wrong – no-one is to blame, not even you.

Why Blame Doesn’t Help You

Blame can feel deliciously sweet; it’s a chance to complain and have others feel sorry for you. There’s always someone to blame such as the government, your parents, partner, friends, employer etc. This is an emotional addiction similar to smoking, alcohol or drugs and it is also destructive.

How Your Attitudes and Beliefs Block What You Want

Unbeknownst to us, behind most of our thoughts we have rigid and limiting attitudes, beliefs and habits. They hinder us; we unconsciously think according to these programs, and act impulsively according to these unhelpful filters. To get what you truly want, you need to become aware of these and change them.

How a Dispute Can Help You Get What You Want

Utilize your interactions (or disputes) with others. You only see in others what you have in you. Their behavior towards you is what you think of yourself. In observing how they treat you, you get to understand what you are thinking. You may see them as insensitive, but they are only a ‘mirror’ for you to see yourself. For example, if you reject yourself, guess what? You’re going to attract people who do that to you.

Additionally, your thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency and these attract to you people with like thoughts. Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘We’re on the same wavelength?’ Those around you are just like you.

In observing how others behave and treat you, you get to understand what you are thinking. If you feel unworthy or you constantly reject yourself, guess what? You’re going to attract people who do that to you.

Simply put, your thoughts are creating your life. So wisely use your thoughts to change your life to what you want.

Do You Want Other People to Control You?

Now, if you don’t choose to take responsibility for the dispute you are losing an opportunity to become greater and you are effectively handing that person your power. They now decide how you feel; whether you are happy or sad. Life becomes harder – you are effectively in a self-created prison.

Or you can stop waiting for others to ‘behave’. By releasing them, you unlock your prison and gain freedom instead. You decide how you feel and what you want out of life.

6 Ways to Use a Dispute to Get What You Want

1.     Create the intention to learn about yourself from the incident. Decide that although it may be hard to be honest with yourself, you’ll do it anyway.

2.     Take a stance of ‘no blame’. Just remain curious as to the message for you in the incident.

3.     Create and contemplate questions, such as

’What message am I getting from this person?’

‘What are my attitudes and beliefs that created this situation?’

4.     Look for aspects of yourself where you feel inadequate i.e. deprived, inferior, bitter, guilty, anxious, self-pitying, jealous etc.

5.     Acknowledge it once you’ve seen it in yourself. In doing so you release it and this brings peace and freedom to you. It really is that easy.

6.     Design some powerful thoughts that you’d like to have to develop yourself further. Go for anything you want such as happiness, confidence, a relationship, a material item etc.  E.g. ‘I feel safe, confident and secure in myself’, ‘I have a fulfilling, loving relationship’. Place these on cards around your home and workplace, and say them out loud when you see them. As you see these thoughts in your mind, you are creating them in reality.

Because forgiveness happens within you and by removing blame you help yourself, there is no need to say anything to the other person. Acknowledge to yourself that you are at peace with this person and that you consciously release the altercation from your life.

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