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Here’s Why Humility Impresses Others and Gets You What You Want

A humble person: Someone who achieves without bragging, who doesn’t need approval, who knows they have strengths and weaknesses, who looks for opportunities to learn from others, and who sees themselves as equal to others.

“You shouldn’t gloat about anything you’ve done;

you ought to keep going and find something better to do.”

David Packard

Co-founder of Hewlett-Packard (1912 – 1996)

Do you want to impress others? Do you tell people how fabulous you are? What do they think? Do they love your stories, or do their eyes glaze over? Can you tell the difference?

Did you know that arrogance is a disguise for low self-esteem, that arrogance is an obstacle to getting what you want? An arrogant person tries to impress others and appear wise and powerful. But impressing others, if we achieve that, is a fleeting moment that does little to fulfill us long-term; it’s an empty, futile goal and it guarantees disappointment. In any case, most of us can see through arrogance and we are anything but impressed (i.e. you don’t get what you want; mission failed).

Why You Shouldn’t Care What Others Think of You

If you are concerned with what others think, then your happiness is dependent on others – except of course the truth is you can only make yourself happy. If you are truly wise and powerful, you never have to advertise it: people automatically detect it.

And the irony is that if you’re a humble, confident person, others will think you’re absolutely fabulous, without you even trying. And by then you don’t care what they think.

Would You Like to Feel Truly Worthy?

The key is confidence. You need it to truly get what you want in life, to be happy. Confidence comes from loving yourself, which in turn means that you do what you love in life. You keep learning and approve of everything you think, say and do.

By loving yourself, you become more fulfilled and consider yourself truly worthy, it becomes who you are – it’s become something out of your awareness. You have an innate self-belief and are genuinely humble. You become that humble person with a can-do attitude – you’re focused on getting what you want without being distracted by looking for opportunities to brag, or to see if anyone noticed you.

Humility seems like the long way round, yet it’s merely more subtle than arrogance and guarantees long-term happiness and freedom – it gets you what you want.

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What Humility IS

– Modest

– Down-to-earth

– Generous

– Respectful

– Compassionate

– Strength of Mind

– Self-Confident

What Humility is NOT

– Submissive

– Timid

– Deprived

– Poor

– Unprivileged

6 Reasons Humility Gets You What You Want

1.     Confidence: When your attitude is one of humility, you have the confidence to allow life to unfold instead of insisting on certain outcomes. Your outcomes are always greater this way.

2.     Wisdom: Humility develops your wisdom because ‘allowing’ life to unfold, watching it unfold, provides you with greater perspective – something only understood once experienced. The greater your wisdom, the more you get what you want.

3.     Focus: Humility enhances your focus to get what you want. You aren’t distracted by self-importance or desperately doing or saying things for the purpose of making an impression.

4.     Abundance: Humility opens you up to understanding that there is enough for everyone to get what they want. It is liberating and you don’t have to protect what is yours.

5.     Harmony with others: You genuinely applaud others’ success and become part of mutually beneficial relationships.

6.     You’re magnetic: Humility draws people to you; people who help you become even greater. It’s as if there is a hidden force which is ignited and takes you to places beyond your imagination.

Now, let’s learn how to develop humility.

Are You Arrogant and Don’t Know It?

The first step is to recognize when you are arrogant. Arrogance can be deeply buried and we usually don’t want to admit it. You need inner strength and vigilance to detect and acknowledge it.

7 Clues to Identify Arrogance. Are You Being Arrogant?

1.     Feeling superior: Feeling aversion or contempt toward someone because they have less than you. You feel superior, because you have more wealth, education and/or supposed intelligence).

2.     Preferential treatment: Feeling that you deserve preferential treatment, for whatever reason.

3.     Controlling others: Attempting to control others and the choices they make in their lives.

4.     Boasting about your own, your family’s or children’s achievements.

5.     Being rude or disrespectful to anyone, even if they are there to serve you, such as in a restaurant.

6.     Being presumptuous, lacking gratitude.

7.     Jealousy: Feeling aversion or contempt toward someone because they have more than you. Jealousy may arise if you feel you have less wealth, education and/or supposed intelligence.

4 Humble Attitudes That Add to Your Confidence

The second step is to create confidence. You automatically gain more confidence when you develop perspective about life. The following attitudes develop perspective:

1.     We are all equal; you are never ‘better’ than anyone. You do not need to be better than anyone else to get what you want.

2.     Recognize your good fortune and acknowledge that for the sake of different choices or opportunities, your life may have been otherwise.

3.     Realize a struggling person is not necessarily disadvantaged. They’ll probably achieve more knowledge, wisdom and happiness than someone with the ‘easy’ life: they have more to motivate them.

4.     You can and should be proud of your achievements – without everyone hearing about it or approving of you.

2 Extra Tips on Becoming Humble

1.     Your humility has to be genuine to get what you want.

2.     If you have a strong urge to brag or behave arrogantly, then go ahead and do it. We learn best through experience, so experience it and you will know when it is time to rise above that.

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