Problems – 1200 Words

How to Use Problems to Get What You Want

In one easy step you can instantly add freedom to your life: call your issue a ‘challenge’ rather than a ‘problem’ and you automatically leave behind anxiety and suffering, and find yourself feeling reassured, perhaps even feeling that this is a new adventure.

Now, let’s explore more deeply into what challenges can do for you. No, there’s no need to run, hide, get frustrated or angry. That would be missing a golden opportunity to

a.     discover what you really want in your life

b.     learn how to get what you really want.

“Every wall is a door.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

(American lecturer, essayist and poet. Seen as a champion of individualism, 1803 – 1882)

Key Points

  • The hidden message behind every challenge.
  • Discovering your greatest asset to solving your challenge.
  • Finding out what the challenge can teach you.
  • Using the challenge to become happier and get what you want.

A Challenge Says to You, ‘Wake Up!’

A challenge gives you obvious, accurate feedback on what you are currently doing in your life. It provides perspective. Sometimes you’re asleep in your life, you feel bored, discontented, anxious, and yet are unsure why – or what to do about it. Challenges turn on the required heat to motivate you to take a closer look at your life, make adjustments and take off in a remarkable new direction. The more discomfort you endure, the more likely it is that you’ll take action to change your life.

Challenges are opportunities that propel you toward getting what you want – if you let them.

How to Solve Your Challenge

The most powerful asset in your life is the thoughts you choose. Quantum physics has proved to us that you experience exactly what you think. This is the reason we feel different by re-labeling a ‘problem’ as a ‘challenge’. You choose whether your life is sad, unfair, tough, or easy, fun and exciting.

Therefore, to solve your challenge, change your thoughts. But how do you know what you are thinking, so you know what to change? Use your challenge as your clue.

In other words:

You created this challenge with your current thinking, so use it to draw attention to what thoughts were behind it and therefore what thoughts or attitudes you need to change.

8 Steps to Using Challenges as Clues and to Get What You Want

1.     Create an intention to know what the challenge means and to find a solution. All you need is a genuine intention and you’ll start to develop insights about what is happening and the situation will begin to resolve.

a)     Relax and know that you already have everything you need in you to solve this challenge… and get what you want.

b)     Tell yourself, ‘There is something wonderful in this for me and I am becoming enlightened as to what it is.’ This is calming, creates expectation and provides you with inspiration.

c)     Part of getting what you want is to love yourself and see yourself as a worthy investment. If you are always too busy to listen to yourself, you will probably find challenges appearing in your life.

d)     Blame often crops up during challenges. But remember, you create everything in your life so it is futile to blame someone else for your issues. If you do you are handing them the power to control your life. Free them from blame and you instantly free yourself to get what you want.

e)     Don’t blame yourself either.  You gain wisdom from all situations you create, so use it as useful feedback.

2.     You already have all the answers within you. Find somewhere quiet to sit and contemplate, or go for a walk. Take a step back from the situation and allow yourself greater perspective. Chat to yourself about it. Have a notebook for ideas. Allow yourself to go beyond your senses and ask yourself, ‘What part of me do I need to develop to get past this challenge, to become greater?’ Logic does not apply here; allow the answers to flow.

3.     Allow all possibilities. Changes will start to happen, even if you are unaware of them. Often we cannot comprehend how we’ll resolve our challenge. Your willingness to learn about and listen to yourself is an important step.

4.     Pose yourself that same question from # 1(b) again before going to sleep at night, and focus on it, relaxing into accepting the answer as you fall asleep.

5.     There may be two parts to your answer. One may be an ideal practical way through this challenge. The second, more importantly, being more sacred, may be how you can evolve and become more expansive in your thinking. The second part could be any insight that aligns with your ideal path of growth. There are infinite possibilities – it could be to release a limited way of thinking, to try a new avenue in your job or health, or it could be to be more organized or less busy – anything. In following this path, you will find the challenge is automatically simplified, because you are starting on your ideal path. Home in on the ideas that bring about happiness, warmth and inspiration. Ensure they resonate and align with what you want. Trust your inner knowingness.

6.     Create inspirational thoughts for things you want in your life once you get some ideas. These may be something intangible such as happiness or confidence, and/or they may be something tangible such as a material item or a relationship. You can choose anything you want. Dream big! Create them in the way of affirmations, e.g.

‘I have… <insert what you want>’

‘I am…<insert what you want>’

Write them on some cards to put around your house and say them aloud whenever you can. The more you align your daily thoughts with these, the more you get what you want.

7.     Choose to educate yourself, by reading books and articles that teach the art of awareness, happiness and getting what you want.

8.     Never give up. Finding your answers becomes easier with practice. Depending on the challenge and your level of experience with this, it may take days, weeks or months for you to understand the message of the challenge. You will discover the message and the more you insist on finding an answer this time around, the easier it will be next time.

Remember, challenges are merely feedback for you – fabulous feedback at that. As you continue to evolve you may face other challenges and you may still sigh and groan about them, but you’ll more quickly move through them because you’ll understand their potential – that they shine a light on the path that takes you towards a more exceptional life.

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