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What fabulous things would you do, if you were guaranteed success in anything you attempted?

Butterflies with brushesThere is no-one on this planet better than you. Be who you are, celebrate who you are.

If you’re not satisfied with your current results, in other words if you’re:

  • stuck
  • doing what everyone else wants
  • playing small
  • pleasing others
  • stifled, restricted
  • suffering from boredom
  • frustrated
  • anxious
  • confused
  • ill
  • unhappy at work
  • if you want to overcome fear…

… this page will tell you HOW you CAN get anything you want. And by the way, it may look like the above are unrelated.

Everything is related.

If you saw anything in that list, in fact if you’re unhappy about anything in your life, your answer is on this page.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll absolutely know there’s a solution to these issues. And it’s a fun solution. Regardless of your current circumstances !!

I can’t recommend Janet Poole and “Thinking Into Results” highly enough and Nicole and I are so, so grateful we have Janet in our lives.  She has given us strength to go forward and opened our minds up to see there is a better life out there and it is our thinking holding us back.

I am now half-way through the “Thinking Into Results” program and have seen and felt improvements in my life since Day 1. I look forward to the weekly class with Janet, who is always there to support and inspire our great group, to live our lives to the fullest and reach our goals.  I am now excited about my life and feel empowered thanks to Janet, Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and my fellow classmates.

Thank you Janet for all the work you do and then sharing your knowledge.”

~~ Kaye Moore, Tarana, NSW

Thinking into Results was a huge turning point for me. I used to be someone who’d lost enthusiasm for doing anything – now I’m getting up at 5am thinking of all the things I want to do. In fact, the things I need to do now are the things I WANT to do!

I’d found previous personal growth seminars, clinics, DVDs, CDs and books said a lot, but none of them did a lot. The difference with Thinking into Results is that it does a lot.

I’m so thrilled because I used to have so many questions but no answers, and because this program is so structured and so straightforward, it answered my questions and gave my thoughts structure.

The big difference for me too is the encouragement from Janet Poole – I loved our sessions, she created life in the material for me, supported me into remarkable achievements and showed me how to apply the principles so I can continue creating my happy life.

I love my new life, I know I’m on track, I know how to go forward and I’ve got the confidence to do anything.

~~ V. Ford, Orange NSW

Did you know, every day without knowing it, you’re taking a risk.

Mistakes are not the issue. Regret is. Instead of wishing you could recapture all those boring meaningless years, imagine going for something magnificent in your life, with passion and never holding back…

You deserve to be happy… ALWAYS HAPPY. I would like you to be happy.

What exciting adventures will you have when you go for your dreams?

You know there’s something very rewarding about waking up in the morning knowing you have a very bright future and it’s merely up to you to go out and grab it and do whatever it takes to make your life what you want.

And the “whatever it takes” part is usually as simple as being willing to have it, being willing to read and willing to gather knowledge.

The big clincher is to DO something with it.

Many people know a lot but they do NOTHING with it.

We all recognize the opportunities – we KNOW it’s there – yet we fail to ACT. Thus, people continue living their lives the way they’ve always lived and ultimately producing the same old unwanted results.

Be open to seeing more for you. It’s a choice.

If you reject that idea, that is your choice. You have the choice to stay with what you’ve got.

An extraordinary person is not someone else… it’s YOU

Instead of the worry and frustration, rather imagine yourself jumping out of bed each day, off to do what you love.

I believe in you.

I believe you have the power to create success and achieve the incredible results you’ve always been wanting. To do what you love every day, live in abundance and live a happy, more fulfilled life at work and home.

All you need, is to learn how to apply the power of your mind, because when you do you realize your goals very quickly – both professional and personal.TIR Guide and DVDs This is what Bob Proctor’s Thinking Into Results Program is all about.

There’s nothing like this in the market, nothing as powerful as this.

Bob Proctor’s Thinking Into Results Program is the entire compilation of everything he has taught and implemented over his career.

Your question will become, “What magnificent dream can I create next?”

This is not complicated, it’s actually rather simple.

What others are saying about Thinking Into Results:

“I met Bob Proctor at a seminar in the mid nineties. At the time I was in real estate and not doing well. I had used every dime I had to attend that program. To put it simply: I was broke.

During the course of the program, Bob said something that got my attention and caused me a LOT of discomfort. He said, “Gilbert, wake up. If you don’t change your thinking, you’ll never change your results.” As harsh as that was to hear at the time, it had such an emotional impact on my life that it changed me, forever.

Armed with some of the most powerful information on the mind that I’d ever been exposed to, I left that program and climbed ranks to one of the top realtors in Canada. I then entered the network marketing industry and within a year rose to the #1 position in the country with no prior network marketing experience.”

~~ Gilbert Anderson, Entrepreneur

How can one program make achieving your goal inevitable!

I initially discovered the Thinking Into Results Program because many readers were asking me to work with them personally.

I too wanted that, but only if I had an extra-ordinary program to offer.

I’m beyond thrilled to say Thinking Into Results is exactly that… extraordinary. Thinking Into Results has already created remarkable results in thousands of people’s lives.

As I say in my book, once you’re on your ideal path, life continues to get more exciting.

It’s as if you open a bottle of something completely magical.

Thinking Into Results shares the same qualities as my book and gets you to apply the knowledge in your life. You’ll find yourself committing to what you want, getting the exact steps  and all the encouragement you need to make it happen.

You can plan your greatest dream.

Choosing the BIGGEST, most OUTRAGEOUS dream is part of the program – a unique part of the program – just to prove to you the power of YOUR mind : ) And the program takes you step-by-step directly into having that in your life.

Can you predict your success?

By using several very simple tools, it makes achieving what you want inevitable. Of course, you’ll need to follow the steps and take action to make it happen. Another good reason to make the goal outrageous and worth doing : )

Thinking Into Results brings over 50 years of Bob Proctor’s research in the personal and professional development industry to you, in one as I say… extraordinary program.

Twelve straightforward, powerful and practical lessons move you forward into the life you love.

What to do now?

Let’s talk!

I invite you to talk with me because then you’ll get at least two things:

You’ll get more choice in your life because you’ll be moving your mind into a place of new possibilities.

You’ll get to share your dreams with someone (me) who believes in you and your dreams.

Contact me now at janet @ or via the contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With warmest regards,

Janet Poole

A great life is created by design, not luck.

About the creators of the remarkable program Thinking Into Results:Bob-Proctor

About Bob Proctor

One of the most sought-after speakers in the world for professional coaching and company seminars For over 40 years, Bob Proctor has focused his work and teachings on helping people use the power of their minds to achieve prosperity, rewarding relationships and spiritual awareness. He is the best-selling author of You Were Born Rich and has transformed the lives of millions through his books, seminars, courses and personal coaching.

Sandra-GallagherAbout Sandra Gallagher

A corporate attorney for over 21 years with expertise handling billions of dollars in mergers/acquisitions and capital raising transactions, Sandra Gallagher has advised corporate boards and high-ranking executives of companies from start-ups to Fortune 50. She has joined forces with Bob Proctor to create the most powerful transformational program of its kind — Thinking Into Results.

If you could create the most magnificent goal and then predict your success… would you do it?

Contact Janet Poole when you’re ready to change your results with Thinking Into Results and get what YOU want!

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