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How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!

General interest and Mind-Body-Spirit media:

>> Monday to Friday Dragging On For You?
It’s a warning sign. Boredom is harmful — what it really means

>> Imagine Waking Up Every Day Enthusiastically Punching the Air
Easy ways to greet your day with passion

>> Do You Have the Power to Heal Yourself?
Save time and money on doctor’s appointments; do it yourself and more effectively

>> Is Your Life a Complicated Struggle?
3 simple ways to breathe easy, simplify your life and focus only on you

>> Discover the 5 Hidden Pressures Ruining Many People’s Lives
Why modern society keeps you too busy to get what you want

>> Haunted By a Traumatic Childhood?
Use your past to launch your meaningful future

>> 5 Signs You Are An Arrogant Person
Can humility bring you greater success?

>> Some People Are “Lucky”
Are you one of them?

>> Feeling Undervalued By Society?
Who to turn to when everyone takes you for granted

>> Who Do You Blame For Your Life?
The blame game clues that can radically transform your future

>> You Can Be Successful Regardless of Your Education
Sweep away these 5 misconceptions and go for what you want

>> Controlling Your Anger
The 3 things you need to do now to gift yourself with peace

Women’s and Parenting Media:

>> How to Be More Attractive to Your Partner
2 surprisingly easy ways to draw your partner in even closer

>> “You’re Incredible”
What would cause you to say that as you look in the mirror each morning?

>> 3 Things that Make You Inspirational in the Eyes of your Child

 >> Is That Friendship Helping or Hindering You?
A little-known take on friendships and what they mean

>> Is Constantly Putting Everyone Else First Driving You Crazy?
Handling obligation gracefully so that you’re set free

>> Fearing What Other People Might Say About You?
Discover 4 hidden ways to rise above all that nonsense and stop caring

>> Stay-At-Home Moms, Stop Suffering in Silence
Simple tips for taking care of yourself without feeling guilty

>> 3 Fabulous Life Purposes Everyone Can Achieve and Should Strive For.
Are you living yours?

>> How to Get Bowled Over with Kindness
Drop this belief and it will happen

>> Fed Up With Not Enough Time For You?
Take care of you without feeling guilty

>> Feeling Left Out of the Fun in Life?
Do these 3 things to get back in the game

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