Table of Contents

Introduction xvi

How This Book Works 1

There Is No Right or Wrong Way…only Your Way 1

Release Those Unwanted Attitudes 1

This Book Simplifies Life 1

Cornerstones to This Book 2

When You Are Ready 2

The Adventure Is in Your Mind 4

Journal Your Journey 4

Who Are You Really? 5

You Are Your Own Personal Power 5

You Become Instantly More Loving 7

Everyone is Free 7

So Where’s the Proof? 7

Past Lives and Your Body 9

Your Soul Tells You What to Do 11

Mastering Your Body 11

When You Realize Who You Are 13

Section 1 -The Reason You Are On Earth 15

CHAPTER 1 – Loving Yourself Is Essential 17

How Important Do You Think You Are? 17

When You Put Yourself First, You’ll Love Others 18

Love is Irresistible and it is Free 20

You’re Always Worth it 20

So You’re Not Perfect 21

The Blessings of Your Past 21

CHAPTER 2 – Getting To What You Want and Beyond 25

New Knowledge Builds Your Acceptance to Get What You Want 25

New Experiences Keep You Growing 26

It’s Scientific: New Knowledge + Experience = Happiness 26

Only Do What You Love 27

Creating… Gets You What You Want 28

Knowing the Truth… Gets You What You Want 28

Wisdom… Gets You What You Want 30

Now Is All There Ever Is…Dive into What You Want Now 32

Section 2 – You Are Responsible for Your Life 37

CHAPTER 3 – Whatever You Think Is True 38

The Downsides of Survival Mode 39

Where Your Thoughts Come From 39

The Thoughts You Choose Your Life 40

New Knowledge is Your Launch Pad 41

More Scientific Proof of the Power of Your Thought 41

Anything You Want is Already There for You 43

The Easiest Way to Break Free From Your Captivity 43

CHAPTER 4 – You Are Creating Your Life Right Now 47

You Are Choosing Your Life In Every Moment 47

It’s Easy to Accept Responsibility When You’re Having Fun 48

Facing Responsibility is The Key to Your Power 48

Building Pathways in Your Brain 51

Every Thought is a Choice You Are Making – Make it Count 51

CHAPTER 5 – Challenges are Powerful Opportunities for You 55

Challenges as an Asset 55

Adversity Will Get Your Attention 56

Reduce the Heat by Using Your Feedback 57

Never Put Up With Something That Makes You Unhappy 58

Growing Through Joy 58

Just When You Thought You Had It All Worked Out 59

Your Very Own Special Challenges 59

Compassion 60

Your Fork in the Road 60

CHAPTER 6 – Everyone Is Your Teacher – Everyone Is Your ‘Mirror’ 63

Is That Really Me? 63

People Behave According to What You Think 64

Catching Your Reflection 65

Let Go of Others and Simply Focus On You 66

One Fine Day Your Reflection Reveals Your Harmony 66

You Free Yourself When You Stop Waiting For

Others to Behave 67

CHAPTER 7 – Effectively Communicating With Others 69

My Reality Is Not Your Reality 69

The Elegance of Your Delivery 70

Communicate With Clarity By Understanding Others 70

The Most Flexible Person Achieves Their Goal 71

Attracting Easy Communication 71

CHAPTER 8 – Lose The Victim Mentality 74

Most People Indulge 74

Disguised Through Illness 75

Needing Protection Is Not an Asset 76

Expecting Others to Take Care of Us 76

The Addictive Cycle 77

Acknowledge and Release It 77

Being an Asset to Yourself 78

Section 3 – Paving the Way to What You Want 87

CHAPTER 9 – Living in Other People’s Shadows 89

Say, ‘No Thanks’ 89

Giving With No Strings Attached 90

Stand Tall – Let Yourself Shine 91

CHAPTER 10 – Set Yourself Free From Obligation 94

Obligation Obstructs You From Getting

What You Want 94

No Fun? It’s Obligation 94

Respecting Your Own Feelings Benefits Others 95

Feeling the Pressure to Please Others 95

Setting Boundaries for Requests 96

Harmony for You Means Harmony for All 97

Step Lightly Be Gentle 97

One Day at a Time and You Get There 98

You Will Always Help… on Your Terms 98

Like Magic 99

CHAPTER 11 – Choosing an Unlimited Viewpoint For Your Life 103

Add to Your Choices 103

Avoid Premature Conclusions 104

Beware the Common Ailment – Dare to Challenge It 104

Alternatives Are Available and Miracles Do Happen 105

Accept Only Your Ideal Future 105

CHAPTER 12 – Making Your Own Decisions 108

Research is Always Valuable 108

Risk a Mistake – There is No ‘Wrong’ Decision 109

Be Brave and Jump In 110

Simply… is the Best 110

Only You Know Your Answer 111

CHAPTER 13 – Friendships – Helping You or Holding You Back? 115

Putting Yourself Down Does Hurt You 115

The Purpose of Friendships 116

Move on Once a Friendship is Over – Some Do End 116

CHAPTER 14 – Managing Your Emotions 119

Going Round in Circles 119

Release the Emotion in the Moment 120

A Little Effort Produces a Rich Return 121

CHAPTER 15 – Releasing the Fear of Change 124

Moving On From the Status Quo 124

Just Do It 125

Knowledge Gives You Confidence 125

Every Step Brings You More Freedom 126

CHAPTER 16 – Gratitude 128

The Beauty Is in the Detail 128

Gratitude Constantly Adds to Your Life 129

Gratitude Has No Boundaries 130

Giving Thanks to Others 130

When the Going Gets Tough, use Gratitude 130

Harmony Is Hypnotic, Remain Aware 130

Acknowledge Your Achievements 131

CHAPTER 17 – Abundance 135

Financial Wealth Isn’t Necessarily Abundance 135

There Is Plenty for Everyone 136

What Is Behind the Money 136

The Power of an Attitude of Abundance 137

Decide to Have Enough for Whatever You Want 138

Your Fulfilment Grants You True Abundance 138

CHAPTER 18 – Happy Mind, Healthy Body 142

Your Body Is Proof of What You Are Thinking 142

Empower Your Mind 143

Health is Another Journey of Discovery 144

Anything Is Possible – Even Healing Yourself 144

Commitment Is All You Need to Achieve Health 145

Cultivate Your Acceptance, Educate Yourself 146

Healing Yourself Through Harmonious Healthcare 146

Wisdom Is Your Reward for Your Effort 147

Health = Power for You 147

You Choose the Best Option for You 147

Conscious Thought Takes You Higher 148

Section 4 – Living Your Dreams 151

CHAPTER 19 – Creating Your Dreams 152

My Experience – Creating My First Dream 152

You Can Have Anything You Want… but Be Clear 153

No Idea What You Want? 154

Big or Small…Just Make Sure You are Passionate About It 154

Create Your Dream Today and Tomorrow Dawns With Your Dream Already In Place 155

Celebrate…Allow Your Dream to Unfold 155

Every Powerful Thought You Have Gets You Closer 161

When You Need to Focus, Do it 161

Getting Out of Your Own Way 162

The World Benefits When You Follow Your Dreams 162

CHAPTER 20 – Creating Your Dream Career 164

Wake Up Happy 164

Earning Money Should Be Fun 165

When You’re Happy and Don’t Know It 165

When Convenience Edges Out Your Happiness 165

You Are Entitled to Be Happy in Your Job 166

Take the Easy Street to Your Dream Job 166

The World Needs Your Talent 166

Keep the Ball Rolling Toward Your Dream Job 167

Your Dream Job is Being Arranged for You 168

Ensure You Are Fairly Paid 168

Spreading Your Happiness Through Your Job 168

CHAPTER 21 – Letting Go of Control 172

Over-Controlling is a Scarcity Attitude 172

Letting Go is an Abundant Attitude 173

When Your Results Aren’t Obvious 173

Letting Go With People to Get the Best Outcome 174

Letting Go Opens Doors 174

Letting Go in Everyday Life 175

Letting Go Reveals a Greater Destiny 175

It is the Jewel in the Crown 176

CHAPTER 22 – Letting Go to Reflect or Create 178

CHAPTER 23 – Letting Go of Your Past 181

You Are Recycling Your Emotion 181

Your Past is an Emotional Addiction 181

You Can Change Your Past 182

Keep Only the Wisdom…Forget the Rest 182

CHAPTER 24 – Letting Go of Your Past to Transition to Your New Life 185

You Are Making Way for the New 185

Let Your Emotions Flow, Let Them Go 186

Ah…Finally You Have Clarity and Meaning 186

CHAPTER 25 – Letting Go by Being Honest 189

We Are Taught That Minor Indiscretions Are Okay 189

You Attract Back What You Think and Do 191

If in Doubt, Choose the Path of Higher Frequency 191

CHAPTER 26 – Patience 193

You Want it Now? 193

You and Your Life Are Being Prepared 194

But Don’t Put Your Life on Hold 194

Never Give Up 194

CHAPTER 27 – Laughing – It’s the Best 196

There is No Good or Bad, it Just ‘Is’ 196

Seek Laughter 197

Know When to Hold ’Em, Know When to Fold ’Em 197

CHAPTER 28 – Humility 200

We’re All Equal 200

What Does Success Mean Anyway? 201

Maintaining Modesty 201

Staying Focused and Grateful 202

True Power Is Never Advertised 202

Section 5 – Others in Your Life – Your Attitude Toward Them 204

CHAPTER 29 – The Power and Freedom of Love 206

Actively Encourage Love 206

Love Transforms and Multiplies 207

Love’s Challenges 208

You Are Rewarded When You Love 208

Enjoy the Reflection 209

CHAPTER 30 – Kindness and Acceptance 212

Kindness Comes from Unexpected Directions 212

Minding Your Own Business 213

Kindness and Acceptance is a Gift to Others 213

All People Smile in the Same Language 214

Your Gift Returns 214

CHAPTER 31 – Judging Others 216

Concentrate on Your Life 216

Idle Chatter Hurts You 217

We’re All Doing Our Best 218

Celebrate Your Differences 218

Every Situation Is Progress Toward Your Prize 219

Honesty Takes Courage 219

Anything Goes 219

CHAPTER 32 – Forgiveness 222

Shift the Power from Them to You 222

Avoid Getting Stuck in the Mud of Justice 223

Who Is Pulling Your Strings? 223

Nothing is as it Seems 224

Use it as a Precious Teaching For You 224

The Truth Is Painful but Living a Lie Is Worse 225

Break Free From Blame 226

You Experience a Beautiful Sense of Loving Yourself 228

Disputes Clear the Air 228

Avoid Playing ‘God’ in Other People’s Lives 229

Stop Allowing Others to Imprison You in Your Past 229

You Are Where You Need to Be 229

Work On One Situation at a Time 230

CHAPTER 33 – Saving Others from Their Challenges 234

Their Low Point 235

Allow Others to Make Their Journey 235

Achieving a Balance 235

Allow Others Their Freedom 236

Help by Thinking Only the Best Thoughts for Others 236

Perhaps it is Your Issue Too? 236

Be an Example to Others 237

CHAPTER 34 – Changing Others by Changing Yourself 239

Back to You 240

I’m Only Happy When You are Happy 240

When You Don’t Change You Hurt Yourself 240

You Be as Flexible as Possible 241

CHAPTER 35 – Children 245

Children Expect Mastery 245

Communication Matters…Again 246

Children Also Create Their Reality…And They Should Know This 246

Saving Our Children from Their Challenges 247

Children Can Also Have Goals 248

Celebrate Achievements 249

Limit the Media 249

Section 6 – The Gift of Every New Day 252

Be Clear about What You Want Every Day 252

Knowledge Is Power 252

Master Your Body Moment by Moment 253

More Than You Do Now? That’s Progress 253

Section 7 – Conclusion 262

It Is NOW up to YOU to Create MAGIC 262

You Will Always Have All the Support You Need 262

You Are the Powerhouse of Your Life 263

Now Is Always Now…Do It Now 263

Appendix A

Release Emotion Technique 267

Appendix B

Suggested Reading 269

References 272

Bibliography 273

Acknowledgments 275

Index 277

Complete List of Exercises 288