How To Create True Passion and Inspiration In Your Team

WHY-mark-twainMost people have a deep need to BELONG to something meaningful and important.

Every team member needs to feel that they belong, that they matter, that their contribution is vital – that their business needs them.

It’s the role of the business owner or leader to create that environment.

You can’t expect people to assume or guess that they matter.

If people don’t feel truly cared for by you, how can you expect them to truly care about your business?

They won’t.

They will come to work.
They will do their job.
They will collect their paycheck. They will go home.

Imagine, by contrast, that because of you their leader, every one of your team members knows their WHY. They know what makes them important to the cause. They know how they fit.

Imagine if your team members felt valued as part of something greater than themselves, a part of a worthy cause, something they can rally behind.

  •  They’d show up every day ready and enthusiastic to do their part.
  •  They’d feel appreciated and empowered.
  •  They’d understand and respect their team members because they know each other’s WHY.
  •  They’d know who to go to when they need help.
  •  They’d feel respected and respect each other.
  •  They’d care about their performance, what they produce, their contribution.

When you have an absolute company standard that clearly states all team members are respected and cherished for who they are, it is immensely powerful and attractive to each individual.

When you can show your team members that you care about them, not only for the job they do, but also for the person that they are and what they stand for—and honour the fact that what they stand for matters— they will become passionate about your business; they will turn your cause into their cause.

They’ll feel a sense of belonging and develop a loyalty unlike any other.

They want to be part of the winning team, your team, the team that works together.

How much more passionate would every person in your team be when everyone knows their WHY?

How much more ready will they be to embrace your WHY and make your cause their own?
How much more united and effective will your team become?

When everyone knows their WHY and how they fit into the WHY of the organisation, the unity, effectiveness and production go through the roof.

Your effectiveness as a leader becomes effortless and yet immensely powerful.
You build an inspired organisation.

How do you do that?

It starts with WHY-ifying your team.

The WHY Movement is here!

Want to know more?
Go here, and contact Janet here to WHY-ify your team and business.

The WHY Engine – Ridgely Goldsborough, ESQ
Start with WHY – Simon Sinek

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When You Know Your WHY…

My name is Janet Poole and I believe there are better ways to delight your customers and inspire your staff.

I believe in meaningful conversation, knowing what really matters to you.

I believe an open mind is essential to a better life because there are always different and better ways of doing things.

I believe truth is a better way no matter how outrageous and despite its consequences because it sets you free.

I don’t believe in conforming. I believe in freedom and remembering to use your free will because many of us forget we have it and end up frustrated living below our potential.

I believe in saying yes to opportunities, doing something greater than yourself because it will thrill you; life ought to be an adventure, lived with courage.

I believe in laughing, delicious food and red wine.

I believe in being someone you can count on who will support you all the way into the results you want.

Better Ways. More Freedom.

Knowing your WHY is like turning on the lights to your behaviour. You gain instant clarity. It’s like being introduced to yourself. When you know your WHY, you begin to understand. When you know your WHY, you realise your unique gifts. When you know your WHY, you gain clarity and confidence. When you know your WHY you live with passion.

When you know your WHY you can take your business from good to great in a single day.

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