7 Unwanted Things When You’re NOT LIVING YOUR WHY

WHY-Logo-StackedI believe in exercising our FREE WILL.

We all have free will, yet most of us just toss this liberty aside because remember…

… having FREE WILL means you can choose NOT to have it.

“You enter the forest at the darkest point,
where there is no path.
Where there is a way or path,
it is someone else’s path.
You are not on your own path.
If you follow someone else’s way,
you are not going to realize your potential.”
~~ Joseph Campbell

If your life is about being what you think others want you to be and HOPING you’ll live up to their expectations, you’ll get:

1. Confusion
2. Self-doubt
3. Feeling lost
4. Sickness
5. Unhappiness
6. Misery
7. Feeling old

When put ourselves last we feel empty.

It’s not easy to decide to live for yourself.

We’ve spent most of our life trying to fit in and become what we’re not, but YOU WILL FEEL EUPHORIC when you dedicate your life to knowing who you are and living it.

Know thyself.

What you can do today is start at least opening to the idea of accepting yourself the way you are and doing what’s right for you.

Start expressing what matters to you; your true beliefs.

Your beliefs are going to be different to those of others and that’s what we want.

Expect your beliefs to grow and differ even more as you start expressing and living for the REAL YOU.

You’ll soon realise that being yourself is in fact letting go of everything you thought you “had to” be.

Each day you’ll become happier and lighter.

When you express what you believe and embrace your free will, you’ll get:

1. Loving relationships
2. A healthy body
3. Ideal customers who love you
4. Abundance
5. Vital energy
6. Certainty and direction
7. Confidence
8. Passion
9. Laughter
10. Fun
11. Optimism
12. Adventure
13. __(anything you want)____

How much of that do you have now?

Play all out being YOU.

Don’t waste another day living someone else’s life.

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When You Know Your WHY…

This is Janet Poole; I believe there are better ways to delight your customers and inspire your staff.

Better Ways. More Freedom.

Knowing your WHY is like turning on the lights to your behaviour. You gain instant clarity. It’s like being introduced to yourself. When you know your WHY, you begin to understand. When you know your WHY, you realise your unique gifts. When you know your WHY, you gain clarity and confidence. When you know your WHY you live with passion.

When you know your WHY you can take your business from good to great in a single day.

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