10 Major Reasons WHY-Inspired Leaders Inspire Their CUSTOMERS (Part 2)

10 Ways to Increase SalesAre you a WHY-inspired leader of your CUSTOMERS?

Most business owners know 80% of their profits come from 20% of their customers.

What if you could inspire and attract the top 20%
that bring most of your profits?

(Part 1) 10 Major Reasons WHY-Inspired Leaders Have Inspired EMPLOYEES

How do WHY-inspired leaders attract great CUSTOMERS?

1. WHY inspired leaders are AUTHENTIC.

They know that today people want sincerity and authenticity.

Without knowing your WHY any attempt at authenticity will be inauthentic.

People want to know who you are first and what you stand for, only then will they be interested in WHAT you sell.

2. WHY inspired leaders lead with their WHY and enjoy lasting success.

Most businesses compete on price and convenience; they compete on features and benefits, and in no way differentiate themselves from anyone else. Customers feel confused.

WHY inspired leaders know that when they express who they are and what they believe, the customer who believes what they believe will start to feel comfortable and “feel” they may be the right choice for them.

3. WHY inspired leaders INSPIRE others, they build TRUST and LOYALTY.

There are two ways to lead and motivate – either through manipulation or inspiration.

WHY inspired leaders know that manipulation works but it costs a lot, is a short-term solution and does NOT create loyalty.

By contrast, to inspire means to “breathe life into…” People are drawn to leaders who communicate what they believe.

Customers feel special, bonded and safe. They will be loyal.

4. WHY inspired leaders do not try to cajole or convince anyone of anything.

Instead they invite a person to do business with someone who shares their belief system.

It is a gentle approach.

It is both delicate in its delivery and immensely powerful in its ability to attract the right customers and build their loyalty.

5. WHY inspired leaders can largely ignore their competition.

Being fiercely competitive in business can undermine success and cause irrational decision-making.

Inspired companies calmly and deliberately create and innovate from within.

When you know your WHY you don’t have to study your competitors.

Those who study and copy their competitors lose their WHY and become all about WHAT they sell.

6. WHY inspired leaders NURTURE the relationship at every stage of their customer’s journey.

They’re continually building the relationship.

They ensure their customers continue to know WHY they chose to do business with them.

Customers feel reassured, they feel good knowing they made the right decision.

7. WHY inspired leaders build a following of LOYAL customers.

When a business starts growing and gaining mass-market acceptance, the idea can become a strong movement.

Customers start depending on you offering other products and services because they want to buy more from you.

Premium pricing becomes not only a possibility but in many cases a preferred structure for some customers because they’re honoured to do business with you and happy to pay more for the best.

8. WHY inspired leaders have customers who tell others how happy they are.

get-your-why-onWhen you inspire your customers, they feel good telling others about you.

They’re able to verbalise why they think what you have is better
(versus a customer manipulated into the sale).

9. WHY inspired leaders can expand their business in unique ways.

When a business defines itself only by WHAT it does, they can only stick to their core business.

Who says all accounting firms have to offer the same products and services?

When you know and express your WHY you can create something fresh and different.

10. WHY inspired leaders can avoid the success trap.

When a business is small, the founder makes all the decisions with gut feeling and passion. As the business grows it becomes impossible for one person to make all the decisions. Others must then be trusted to make decisions and hire people.

That’s the danger-zone.

At that point your WHY goes fuzzy and will dilute if you do not know, live and express your WHY.

THE TEST IS… Could your business thrive if you took a year off?


Even if your innovation and quality is superior, there is more to a successful business.

WHY inspired leaders naturally differentiate themselves and their business, and they don’t have to convince anyone of their value.

WHY-inspired businesses are clearly different.

A business that clearly expresses WHY they do what they do can have a cult-like following as does Apple.

They succeed against many companies that would seem to be more qualified and they succeed in industries outside of their core business.

Start with WHY.
Live your WHY!

The WHY Movement is here.

Want to know more?

Go here, and contact Janet here to WHY-ify your team and business.

The WHY Engine – Ridgely Goldsborough, ESQ
Start with WHY – Simon Sinek

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When You Know Your WHY…

My name is Janet Poole and I believe there are better ways to delight your customers and inspire your staff.

I believe in meaningful conversation, knowing what really matters to you.

I believe an open mind is essential to a better life because there are always different and better ways of doing things.

I believe truth is a better way no matter how outrageous and despite its consequences because it sets you free.

I don’t believe in conforming. I believe in freedom and remembering to use your free will because many of us forget we have it and end up frustrated living below our potential.

I believe in saying yes to opportunities, doing something greater than yourself because it will thrill you; life ought to be an adventure, lived with courage.

I believe in laughing, delicious food and red wine.

I believe in being someone you can count on who will support you all the way into the results you want.

Better Ways. More Freedom.

Knowing your WHY is like turning on the lights to your behaviour. You gain instant clarity. It’s like being introduced to yourself. When you know your WHY, you begin to understand. When you know your WHY, you realise your unique gifts. When you know your WHY, you gain clarity and confidence. When you know your WHY you live with passion.

When you know your WHY you can take your business from good to great in a single day.

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