About the Blog

Welcome! This blog is an extension of the book How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!

The aim of this blog is to help you get even more of what you want in your life.

So why is it that some people are naturally happy with very little…

…and yet others, who apparently have it all, seem miserable? Because we have our priorities confused. We’ve been led to believe that by being ‘impressive’, striving for and achieving ‘wealth’, we will be happy. But that simply doesn’t satisfy. Why? Because those are other people’s ideas, their dreams… not yours! You want your dreams and to be doing what brings you happiness every day. By liberating yourself from society’s rules and traditions, you instantly become happier and more powerful, you get what you want and become an asset to yourself and humanity. You’ll be impressive without trying and your wealth will arrive by default.

Read the book “Just Like That !” to get anything you want

Once you’ve learned the following through reading the book…

a) how life works
b) how to overcome fear, remove confusion, frustration, anger and boredom in your life
c) how to use powerful thoughts to get anything you want in relationships, money, health, friends, career, confidence, happiness etc.

…then this website gives you even more self-improvement and confidence tips and acts as an extension of the book.

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What the blog does for you

It provides you with various simple, easy ways to get what you want as well as the following:

  • New ideas; fresh perspectives which bring in what you want
  • Ways to get what you want
  • Inspiration and encouragement
  • Helping you see yourself for who you are
  • Finding and releasing limiting beliefs, habits, attitudes – and pave the way to what you want
  • Reminding you how wonderful and unique you are, because that is truly what you are
  • Every day situations and examples to get what you want

Get started with the following articles

Discover The First Key Element to Getting What You Want

Why You Are Never Selfish

Additionally, I’m a compulsive reader and provide reviews on the books I believe help you get what you want.

Bottom line: Apply what you learn in this blog and my book, and you will create magic.

My name is Janet Poole, author of the book How to Get Anything You Want Just Like That! To read more about me visit About Janet. To contact me, please visit the Contact page.

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