Drop Diplomacy and Choose Freedom (Part 1)

Even though we celebrate January 1st as the start of a new year, every day is the start of another year.

What if we lived every day of our year in absolute TRUTH?

You see, a person who is “diplomatic”

Do ever feel the need to be diplomatic?
If so, are you stunting your spiritual growth and freedom?

FREEDOM begins with TRUTH.

“The high-minded man must care more for the truth
than for what people think.”
~~ Aristotle

Today I’m delving into the nuances of FREEDOM because while we may be born free, most people do not live in freedom.

We may consider ourselves honest in our dealings with others, the fact is we tend to avoid the TRUTH or soften it with diplomacy.

Note: Your TRUTH is always unique to you (see free 3 chapters of my book page 29)

If you can’t speak your truth, you’re not free.

This is a contentious issue and this article may need some contemplation.

This isn’t about right and wrong, merely allow these ideas to linger as a maybe.

Stay with me if you can.

Why do we avoid the TRUTH?

Because the truth, by itself, can seem cold and harsh.

Could it be diplomacy is just a socially acceptable way of hiding the truth?

Many societies glorify diplomacy. There was a time when our survival depended on our “diplomatic abilities” because being out of favour meant dire consequences such as being cast out of the tribe.

Rocking the boat was just too dangerous. In some societies this is still the case and if that’s your situation I suggest you proceed with caution.

This is no longer the case for many of us but the desire to fit in and be liked is recorded in our soul, it remains in our DNA and continues to push us around.

If fear of disapproval is a big one for you but you’d like to evolve beyond this planet, then it’s important you learn to master it.

Allow me to add this is not about assigning blame or being deliberately insensitive and arrogant; it is possible to be gentle while speaking the truth.

Our aim is to always treat others with love and respect, and never intentionally hurt people’s feelings.

We want to come from a place of LOVE and believe it or not this topic is all about LOVE. Loving yourself first and allowing that love to spill over to others.

LOVE and TRUTH are inextricably combined.

One can’t generalize of course, so there will be situations warranting a discussion, the key here is we generally explain ourselves way too much.

It’s time to live and speak your truth without fear of retribution.

If you believe you’ll be rejected or “cast out” for saying what you believe, then that’s your truth and you’ll live it.

If you believe you’re entitled to freedom then that’s your truth and you’ll be free.

As I often say, if we’re not speaking the truth then it surely must be a lie.

I, too, sometimes catch myself with the temptation to soften the truth. I insist on catching and correcting it because I so strongly believe we’re born free and ought to live free.

It starts with courage.

Do you have the courage to speak the truth so you can be FREE?

When you have the courage to liberate yourself through truth, you’re also giving others that gift.

Choose to step forward and lead the way.

Part 2 explains more: Drop Diplomacy and Choose Freedom

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