The 5 Hazards of Obsessing About the Past

One of your life purposes is to conquer the habit of living in the past.

That’s if you want a happier life, a life where you get what you want.

Living in the past is a strong addiction – most of us live in the past and probably always will.

But that’s no excuse to give up trying to live in the moment.

Every step brings rich rewards. Live in the past as little as possible and constantly conquer the temptation to hang out there.

“We are not animals. We are not a product of what has happened to us in our past. We have the power of choice.”

Stephen Covey (b.1932, Author The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People)

 To help you get what you want, this is Part 2 of a 4-Part series – Why Being in the Moment Gets You What You Want

In Part 1 you learned the 10 Magic Reasons Living in the Moment Gets You What You Want

Quick review: How do you know if you are present in ‘the now’, in the moment? If you are aware of your thoughts and any emotions, then you are present and in the moment.

The 5 Hazards of Obsessing About the Past

  1. If you’re in the past it’s a challenge to create an amazing life. You’re stuck, you can’t think in new ways nor can you create a new dream or goal. You can only recycle old ones and yep, they’re now boring.
  2. If you regret your past or can’t forgive others you recycle pain and sadness, preventing you from using it to gain valuable wisdom and create a different and special new future. When you are present and in ‘the now’ there is no regret and blame is absent.
  3. If you’re in the past you’re more likely to be ill. You created illness in days gone by – in the past, and to experience it you must still be living in the past. In the past you’ll also hang onto unhelpful emotion and limiting attitudes and that brings in dis-ease, because the body can only follow what the brain is thinking i.e. if you think ‘hate’ then the body will align with hate, and therefore become it.
  4. You are fearful in the past – the body’s main focus is survival. When you are in the past, your body controls you and it endeavors to keep life the same, be overly-cautious and shun new ideas as being too dangerous. A mindset of survival is closed, limited and doesn’t think for itself – it follows the masses and feels there is safety in the masses (not true). You do not think for yourself in the past; you lose awareness. When you’re in the past there is a fear that what you think may be proved wrong and you’re uncertain about new ways of thinking. You become confused. It is only when you are present, in the NOW that you are confident, self-assured and open-minded. Continue reading “The 5 Hazards of Obsessing About the Past”