Is Your Troubled Relationship Making You Unwell? (Part 2)

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I believe a happy person is a healthy person.

Your entire life is interconnected.

In other words it’s no coincidence if you’re sick or diseased and at the same time in a bitter and twisted relationship with someone in your life.
(See Part 1 of “Troubled Relationships”)

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”
~~ Buddha

If you have feelings of…

  • blame
  • hate
  • revenge
  • anger
  • irritation
  • judgement

… please know they’re always felt by you, only YOU.

This means if you hate someone then you’re hating yourself; your own body BECOMES that hate.

Your thoughts and feelings always, always, always manifest in your body, only YOUR body.

If you hate someone you hate you, only YOU.

A little background.

1. Did you know feelings like BLAME, hate, revenge and anger feel so delicious because they flush addictive chemicals throughout your body?

It feels delicious but it’s creating devastation.

These chemicals are more addictive than any drug which is why after a few days you’ll need to create another argument to ensure more flushes of the “blame, hate, anger” chemicals.

You feel “good” after each hit because it’s the same as a drug hit, but the good feeling doesn’t last and you’re back to repeating the cycle for another hit.

2. Did you know when you BLAME or feel hate, revenge or anger, it goes into every cell of your body?

In an instant every cell becomes crippled.
You feel tense, rigid and stressed.

Day after day as you have these feelings, the cell becomes more crippled. It moves into a state of decline, starts SHUTTING DOWN and ages you.

If you ever say, “I am sick of them”, then you are.
Your cells only do as you tell them.

If you’re angry and inflexible in attitude, your body reflects that and it’s almost impossible to EVOLVE as a person if you’re rigid and stiff.

I’ll assume you’d rather not do this to your body so let’s do whatever we can to move you towards love even if you’re angry.

How do you move to a more loving feeling?

1. First make a DECISION.
All desired outcomes start with a decision.
DECIDE you’re going to evolve and become the best you can be.

2. You may be surprised, but I’m NOT going to suggest you suppress your feelings.
Why? Because society has taught us to suppress and that’s why it keeps coming back up.
We’ve been taught to be “nice”, to fit in and “behave”.
That’s not FREEDOM, that’s suppression; no wonder people are angry.

The way to WELLNESS is to FEEL the feeling but OBSERVE yourself with the feeling.
As if you’re a scientist observing an experiment.

BE AWARE of what’s happening; it’s the awareness that will move you into WELLNESS, letting it go and evolving.

3. You’ll need to re-commit to this decision every day.

4. Self-discipline will be needed because we’re all so addicted to those chemicals but YOU WILL BE REWARDED because you’ll start to feel more love and that love will always, always, always manifest in your body, only YOUR body.

If you love someone you love you, only YOU.

Don’t do this because THEY deserve it.
Do it because YOU deserve it.

LOVE is it’s own reward.
Allow your troubled relationship to teach you about LOVE OF YOURSELF.

I’ve had to do this in my life; I know it’s not easy but IT IS POSSIBLE if you’re willing.

“Only the powerful can show love,
especially during adversity or conflict.”
~~ Janet Poole – How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!

What if you’re not ready to do this now?

Well, you’ll be ready if you become more sick or feel low enough, and of course there’s always next lifetime.

Stop the blame, let go of judgement, introduce love and take responsibility in becoming the person you want to see in others.

Be merciful to that person who is driving you nuts because after all it’s you who receives the gift of mercy.

How much do you want your health?
Are you WILLING to no longer be sick?

P.S. Take another look at part 1 of this article.

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Give yourself the gift of health and happiness.

It’s only YOU standing in the way of what you want.
Take control, go for it!


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