7 Things Happy People Do – They Love to Learn (Part 2 of 7)

We seldom connect the word “learning” with “happiness”.

Yet learning is a fundamental key to being happy.

For me, learning is like breathing, I live to do it!

If by chance you equate learning with boring then you’ve probably never sought to learn about that which interests you.

As children we were forced into learning what others decided for us. School was not my favourite place.

Not so now.
Now we are free.
Learning ought to be wild, exciting, fun, and take you into new adventures.
Make it so.

Read on to learn (!) how.

“The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds.”

John F. Kennedy

This is part 2 of a 7-part series: Things Happy People Do.

Key #1 is Happy People Have an Open Mind. Let’s get started on #2!

Key #2:

Happy People Love to Learn

Learning leads to wisdom. One answer can open up a thousand more questions.

It intrigued me when I first realized that learning makes me happy. I was already doing a lot of learning and it’s all so obvious now, but I simply hadn’t crystallized it. But what a great way to intentionally exercise your power to change your life and instantly move into greater happiness… Just Like That!

Learning becomes a thrill once you understand the idea. Life is boring when you don’t add to your knowledge.

Definition of a boring life? A life that stays the same with the same old ideas. Just writing that is enough for me.

  • Knowledge encourages you to further open your mind; to embrace radical new concepts.
  • Your open mind draws you into further knowledge; into new adventures called LIFE.

Never stop learning. If you want to have fun.

At some point the knowledge you gain will radically challenge one of your beliefs. If you embrace it, then you’ve officially cast off and are sailing your own chosen course.

A great example is the extraordinary cancer breakthrough coming up.

Where Do You Start?

Step 1: Start learning about how life works. Why not? It affects everything. Once you know why and how you create your life, you reach a whole new level of confidence, freedom, and can-do happiness. Read on for how to get started with that. Continue reading “7 Things Happy People Do – They Love to Learn (Part 2 of 7)”