7 Things Happy People Do – They Love to Learn (Part 2 of 7)

We seldom connect the word “learning” with “happiness”.

Yet learning is a fundamental key to being happy.

For me, learning is like breathing, I live to do it!

If by chance you equate learning with boring then you’ve probably never sought to learn about that which interests you.

As children we were forced into learning what others decided for us. School was not my favourite place.

Not so now.
Now we are free.
Learning ought to be wild, exciting, fun, and take you into new adventures.
Make it so.

Read on to learn (!) how.

“The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds.”

John F. Kennedy

This is part 2 of a 7-part series: Things Happy People Do.

Key #1 is Happy People Have an Open Mind. Let’s get started on #2!

Key #2:

Happy People Love to Learn

Learning leads to wisdom. One answer can open up a thousand more questions.

It intrigued me when I first realized that learning makes me happy. I was already doing a lot of learning and it’s all so obvious now, but I simply hadn’t crystallized it. But what a great way to intentionally exercise your power to change your life and instantly move into greater happiness… Just Like That!

Learning becomes a thrill once you understand the idea. Life is boring when you don’t add to your knowledge.

Definition of a boring life? A life that stays the same with the same old ideas. Just writing that is enough for me.

  • Knowledge encourages you to further open your mind; to embrace radical new concepts.
  • Your open mind draws you into further knowledge; into new adventures called LIFE.

Never stop learning. If you want to have fun.

At some point the knowledge you gain will radically challenge one of your beliefs. If you embrace it, then you’ve officially cast off and are sailing your own chosen course.

A great example is the extraordinary cancer breakthrough coming up.

Where Do You Start?

Step 1: Start learning about how life works. Why not? It affects everything. Once you know why and how you create your life, you reach a whole new level of confidence, freedom, and can-do happiness. Read on for how to get started with that.

Step 2: Learn about anything that interests you.

Step 3: That’s it. Those are the guidelines. Really, really simple to do.

Happiness Leads to Health

If you’re truly HAPPY, you’d never be ill.

One of the ways I love to learn is to be on the lookout for breakthroughs in natural therapies and health.

It’s one of my passions.

As a result my thinking has radically changed over the years, and the knowledge has also empowered me.

Extra good news: Several of the following supplements directly improve your happiness as well as your health. And remember happiness leads to health. Awesome! What a combination.

My Top 2 Natural Therapies:

  • Homeopathy (research your therapist’s level and type of knowledge). Look for a “Classical” Homeopath.
  • MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) Again educate yourself prior to using it, but it is miraculous on many levels: cancer, malaria, germicidal agent, HIV/AIDS, burns, swine flu, flu etc.

My Top 4 Supplements:

  • Iodine: Iodine is essential to your health and it has been stripped from our bread and milk. If you only have time to look up one of these, make it this one. You’ll be astounded. Note: I have found Nascent to be a better option than Lugols. Read more…
  • Vit C: It protects the entire nervous system and without a fully functional nervous system you may experience symptoms like depression. Gubinge is considered the highest form of Vitamin C. Also Camu Camu
  • Vit D3: Again essential, but note dosage is tricky. Read more…
  • Magnesium Chloride: Some say even more important than Calcium. Chocolate cravings are a sign of Magnesium deficiency. Ensure it is pure and doesn’t contain aspartate. Read more… and more…

Only start with the above links to learn more, please do your own research beyond that. Make sure this is right for you. Also be sure the sources of your supplements are impeccable. Research that as well as dosage.

The Best Till Last – One Answer to Cancer

Although MMS and Homeopathy are miraculous, this one is both miraculous and just so simple.

There is always something new – or old and hidden as the next story illustrates. My passion for knowledge led me to this:

A radical breakthrough in cancer treatment, one that includes breast cancer and skin cancer, as well as others. It is completely natural and it completely removes the cancer.  No chemo, no radiation, no operations.

One Answer to Cancer – The Movie & The Paste!

Check it out here: The One Answer to Cancer Movie (no I don’t make money from this)

I read about it in Nexus Magazine, bought the DVD, watched it with my hubbie and was simply amazed; amazed that it could be so simple.

Today the “C” word drives fear into so many and yet here is an ancient, powerful and SAFE remedy. I know it sounds too good to be true.

For only $20 you can find out for yourself. These answers are out there. It’s something everyone should know about – even if it’s to tell your family and friends.

Can you imagine how reassuring this is for women?

Information such as this is incredibly reassuring and life-changing for say a woman diagnosed with breast cancer. Please share it; pass it on.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”  Aristotle

How Willing Are You to Step Outside Of Your Box and Expand Your Mind?

It appears Mrs K is. This week Mrs K of Mrs K and Captain J reviewed the book “How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!” Mrs K embraces the idea that new ideas are “food for thought”. This is despite finding some of the concepts at odds with her beliefs. But kudos to Mrs K who still chose to read the book, was willing to consider new ideas and then speak her truth in a well-written review. I appreciate that.

Without doubt the concepts in “Just Like That!” will ruffle some feathers. One of the purposes of the book is to highlight the need to think for ourselves, that we are free to do that. We are free. But if we want our freedom, we must choose to have it. See also the article Do You Think For Yourself? Here’s How to Start. This is becoming more vital by the day if you look around at the state of our world. A small excerpt from Mrs K:

…For instance, the very first sentence starts off, “Did you know that you are entitled to have anything you want?” Perhaps this set the tone for the rest of the book for me since I completely disagree with everything about that sentence… Read more…

Learn how life works and live your passion “How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!” It will radically change your way of thinking and you’ll embrace powerful potentials.

You’ll do it because you’ll know why it’s possible. Learn how to get anything you want. Order your copy of “How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!” from Amazon.com, Kindle.

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  1. Learning does lead to wisdom. My greatest learning experience thus far came when I was willing to step outside of my box and expand my mind by quitting my job and moving to the jungles of Costa Rica. A challenging and eye opening experience that continues to create happiness and new opportunities in my life.

    Thank you for posting this and I take magnesium 🙂 One of your top 4 supplements!

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