Why Acquiring Knowledge Gives You Confidence and a Happier Life

Spirituality is reaching frenzied new heights.
It seems that way.

Are you someone who wonders what all the fuss is about?

When I say ‘spirituality’, this is vastly different to religion. Worlds away.

The idea of spirituality encourages freedom of thought and action by following your own unique path to understanding life and forging a way to happiness. Religion usually encourages one to follow rules.

“Awakening begins when a man realizes that he is going nowhere

and does not know where to go.”

Georges Gurdjieff  (Influential spiritual teacher of early 20th century 1866 – 1949)

Many people still struggle to make sense of life, some are bored, some frustrated, some sad and distressed. That’s the main reason I wrote the book “How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!”.

Why Do So Many People Still Struggle to Make Sense of Their Life

A strong spiritual “muscle” makes it easier for you to have a happy life.

Your spiritual muscle turns life’s confusions into clarity, and the darkness into light. And once you have clarity and light, you have greater confidence; something you’ll always keep.

For many their spiritual muscle is sluggish and under developed.

You’ve heard the term “use it or lose it”, the more you exercise a muscle the stronger it gets. It is the same with your spiritual muscle.

How do You Strengthen Your Spiritual Muscle?

All it takes to start is to put in a little effort to acquire knowledge about life.

While it is most helpful for you to learn about how life works, how thought works, the brain, body, emotions etc, if that doesn’t yet appeal, then start by acquiring any knowledge that is new to you.

Life” after all is everything, so your topic can be anything.

The idea is to get yourself to open to new ideas and acquire new knowledge.

“If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.

Henry Ford (1863 – 1947)

How do You Acquire Knowledge?

You may have found yourself wondering how something works, how to develop your skill in a certain part of your life, or to explore a new hobby.

If so follow-up on it.

Otherwise discuss ideas with a friend or choose a moment to contemplate.

If it’s hard to find time to contemplate, use moments such as before you get out of your car at home. Sit there for a few minutes pondering life.

Effort? Uh Oh.

As with exercising your body, you need a little effort to exercise your spiritual muscle.

If it’s been underutilized it will probably need a little coaxing and this is normal.

Stick with it. The rewards are HUGE, so it’s worth doing.

“Those at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”

Author Unknown

The first step is the hardest but the good news is that the spiritual muscle has hidden secrets. The more you exercise it the less effort you require over time because you’ve overcome the inertia and the strength of the muscle builds exponentially:

  • Your mind starts to effortlessly gather information from myriad directions
  • You start to get amazing insights about yourself and life
  • You develop a natural curiosity about life, drawing you to even more discovery and happiness
  • Connecting the dots becomes obvious to you

You do need to keep your spiritual muscle running, but as with any vehicle, it’s more effort to start and easier to keep going because you’re already naturally motivated and enthusiastic about doing so.

What Else Do You Get From a Strong Spiritual Muscle?

It encourages you to

  • think for yourself
  • to think independently
  • to trust yourself
  • to rely on yourself

As Well As:

Encouraging you to keep an open mind, even when you already believe you’ve reached a conclusion.

There is much we don’t yet know about life, our brain, our body, what is happening on this planet and in the universe – from all perspectives: government, health, food, water, financial systems, science etc.

New information can overturn what you’ve always believed, and that’s good. A strong spiritual muscle ensures you are open and ready for that.

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If You Want a Head Start in Boosting Your Spiritual Muscle

You will get just that by reading “How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!.

Why this book?

It empowers you to live life on your own terms and reach your true potential.

It solves the human mystery and uses science to prove why you can get anything you want.

You learn why an extraordinary person is not someone else, it’s YOU!

You’re guided through understanding the essential building blocks of a happy life, then taken deeper into what’s behind every day topics such as overcoming illness and anxiety, money issues, being easily hurt, feeling unimportant, feeling trapped, frustration and boredom with life, obligation etc.

Self-sufficiency is a core principle in the book and you’re given the incentive to build your own passion, wisdom and happiness, starting with the simple act of accumulating knowledge, something you’d already be doing by reading “Just Like That!”.

You’re encouraged to change your priorities; by first following your own path and freeing your spirit you can then gladly help others without need for reward. You’ll simplify your life, be inspired and it’s a refreshingly candid read.

Take Action (as always!)

I couldn’t leave this post without the all important reminder. To get greater confidence and what you want  it’s vital you apply all this wonderful knowledge you’re accumulating. Use it and take part in life as much as possible. It makes life exciting, fun and is a sure pathway to an extraordinary life.

What others are saying about How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!

Readers who approach this book with an open mind will discover a wealth of information that enables them to see themselves in a new light.

They shall see that they themselves have control over how life treats them. The real person who resides inside all of us can pave the way to true enlightenment and self fulfillment, no matter what our goals may be.

This, as the book so richly describes is not selfish, it leads the way to helping others.”

~~ Warren Thurston – Aussie Authors

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If Acquiring Knowledge is New for You…

… in other words if you completed your “education” years ago at school or university and have since done little learning, then it’s important to get going again.

If after a while it all gets a bit much, then feel free to plateau and do a little stopping and starting.

You’re the boss of your body however, so you’ll know when it’s time to continue exercising your spiritual muscle. Eventually the skill of constantly making new discoveries becomes just part of who you are.

So Remember…

A strong spiritual muscle takes you directly to an exciting, confident and happy life. Give yourself the best gift in the world and use it.

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