Made to Stick – Book Review

Title:         Made to Stick
Subtitle:   Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die
Authors:  Chip Heath and Dan Heath
Rating:     Highly Recommended

This blog acts as an extension of my book Just Like That! How to Get Anything You Want because it’s all about helping you get even more of what you want. The book Made to Stick does just that.

The Secrets of Making Your Message Stick

“A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on.”

Mark Twain

The book Made to Stick – Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die analyzes the nuances of what elements to put in a message to make it memorable.

There are 6 principles that make a message memorable:

  • Simple
  • Unexpected
  • Concrete
  • Credible
  • Emotional
  • Stories

Before I begin, I must mention the cover is undeniably clever; the colour and that amazing duct tape is truly a work of art (even better in real life). It caught my eye and all who saw it, over and over. Well done to all involved.

Made to Stick is a well researched book with umpteen entertaining stories illustrating the 6 principles. The stories give you working examples of each principle and are powerful in ensuring the reader understands them. The book teaches that people remember stories not statistics, so it makes sense that authors Chip and Dan Heath follow their own advice and use stories to teach these principles.

I especially appreciated the Curse of Knowledge concept, which rippled all the way through the book. This is something that occurs when we forget what it’s like not to know what we know, it’s for that reason we sometimes ‘bury the lead’ i.e. we know so much we want to share it all. Made to Stick teaches you how to transform your ideas and to beat the Curse of Knowledge. While writing Just Like That! How to Get Anything You Want, I constantly came up against the Curse of Knowledge, except at the time I didn’t have a label for it. I was aware that while I already lived and breathed this knowledge, life would be very different for someone who was yet to experience these ideas working in their life. It’s a tricky issue to overcome and having rules on how to do so is most welcome.

A small downside if you can call it that: Chip and Dan’s flow of the book is ideal, their analysis and layout is superb, insightful and refreshing, except that I found myself unable to quickly recall the key points at the end of each chapter/principle, even though there were heaps of stories. This was frustrating. I was becoming so involved with each story I lost the bigger picture. Just me perhaps? (I tend to read 3-4 books at the same time and this may have created the issue) Once I realized this was happening I took notes on each principle, thereby supplying myself with a summary for each. So it probably would’ve been helpful if Chip and Dan had supplied a summary at the end of each principle, reminding the reader what is key i.e. a quick revision. Needing to take notes does not detract from the book however, as it’s something I generally do. Made to Stick genuinely captures the vital nuances of what it takes for a message to stay memorable.

An added benefit of the book Made to Stick in my opinion is that while it will aid your ability to get your point across without ambiguity, it will also raise your awareness while listening. To this end I found myself being alerted to news items where these principles were employed to manipulate the public, most noticeably used by politicians, surprise surprise. I rather think that most of us would choose instead to use these strategies to benefit all concerned.

Made to Stick is a book worth revisiting several times and a highly recommended read for anyone who has a message to deliver. That would be most of us.

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This week Chip and Dan are offering free their latest book “The Myth of the Garage and Other Minor Surprises”.

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Buy Made to Stick

Buy “Made to Stick

“Made to Stick – Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die”

Chip Heath and Dan Heath

ISBN-13:                978-1-4000-6428-1

Publisher:              Random House (2008)

Hardcover:            322 pages

Web Page:  

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Book Review of “Just Like That!” by AussieAuthors

Just Like That! Front Cover
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When I posted the news of the first review of “Just Like That!” (by ReaderViews) I wrote:

“Right now I’m fully immersed in the marketing of the book. Somehow the world has to learn “Just Like That!” is available right? And well worth reading! Marketing is new for me, I don’t have a publicist (yet?) and I don’t have a marketing team.”

That was a month ago and while marketing is still new for me, I’ve since acquired a publicist and a marketing team! We start working together next month; I’m thrilled and this adventure keeps getting better.

The review of “Just Like That!” from is below. Cheryl Wright from Aussie Authors is another helpful, friendly person I’ve met on this journey. The review is by Warren Thurston.

Review of Just Like That! How to Get Anything You Want

Author: Janet Poole

Author’s Website:

Published with assistance of Love of Books

ISBN Aus:       9780980877502 (pbk)

ISBN USA:      9781439280607 (pbk)

Janet Poole’s book took me on a journey I wasn’t expecting. It was a journey that enabled me to discover parts of myself I didn’t know existed. Her book gave me the courage to make a decision that has plagued me since 1985. And that is do I or don’t I take the plunge and publish my own children’s writing. Following her guidance in chapter five about challenges and the powerful opportunities they open up for you, I feel confident that I can achieve my goal of publishing my own work.

The most important point that the author makes is that loving yourself is essential, if you want to help yourself and others. Until you can love yourself for whom you are, then your mind and body are consumed by negative thoughts. By loving yourself you open your mind to new ways of looking at life in a positive light. This love of oneself in turn flows outwardly to embrace those around you with love and to help them in a positive way.

What Janet Poole has articulated in fine detail is that by not letting go of demons that tell us that self love is degrading and selfish, keeps the body in a sluggish state. One that gives our body a false sense of security, where it uses negative thoughts as a security blanket. It’s like telling oneself, “If I sit here and don’t move nothing can harm me.” But if a person allows themselves to stay in an immobile mental state, they will never expand their knowledge of life. To expand knowledge you first must expand knowledge of yourself.

The summaries and exercises that are included at the end of each chapter I found to be an excellent idea. They reinforced the sometimes difficult ideas that the author was attempting to get across. I found the book was set out quite well and it made it easier to progress down the self discovery path. Doing what you love is not selfish; it is the key to becoming all knowing in the quest for knowledge of oneself and all things in the universe.

Another point the author makes quite well is that you alone are responsible for your life, and you cannot blame someone else for your life. Self-pity feels good momentarily, but it means that we are avoiding responsibility, and it shuts down our power. In today’s world we should always avoid the herd mentality; you should always choose what is good for you.

Readers who approach this book with an open mind will discover a wealth of information that enables them to see themselves in a new light. They shall see that they themselves have control over how life treats them. The real person who resides inside all of us can pave the way to true enlightenment and self fulfillment, no matter what our goals may be. This, as the book so richly describes is not selfish, it leads the way to helping others.

Janet Poole’s book is not one that can be read once and put away. It is a reference for life that each additional reading will enhance the understanding of oneself and the world one exists in. Those readers willing to take on new ways of thinking will find this book, as I did a revelation as to what makes us human.

I found this book to be one of the best I have read on the topic of self discovery, and highly recommend it to those seeking out new knowledge.

Reviewed by Warren Thurston
– Children’s Author

Link to AussieAuthors for “Just Like That!” review :

Why Acquiring Knowledge Gives You Confidence and a Happier Life

Spirituality is reaching frenzied new heights.
It seems that way.

Are you someone who wonders what all the fuss is about?

When I say ‘spirituality’, this is vastly different to religion. Worlds away.

The idea of spirituality encourages freedom of thought and action by following your own unique path to understanding life and forging a way to happiness. Religion usually encourages one to follow rules.

“Awakening begins when a man realizes that he is going nowhere

and does not know where to go.”

Georges Gurdjieff  (Influential spiritual teacher of early 20th century 1866 – 1949)

Many people still struggle to make sense of life, some are bored, some frustrated, some sad and distressed. That’s the main reason I wrote the book “How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!”.

Why Do So Many People Still Struggle to Make Sense of Their Life

A strong spiritual “muscle” makes it easier for you to have a happy life.

Your spiritual muscle turns life’s confusions into clarity, and the darkness into light. And once you have clarity and light, you have greater confidence; something you’ll always keep.

For many their spiritual muscle is sluggish and under developed.

You’ve heard the term “use it or lose it”, the more you exercise a muscle the stronger it gets. It is the same with your spiritual muscle.

How do You Strengthen Your Spiritual Muscle?

All it takes to start is to put in a little effort to acquire knowledge about life.

While it is most helpful for you to learn about how life works, how thought works, the brain, body, emotions etc, if that doesn’t yet appeal, then start by acquiring any knowledge that is new to you.

Life” after all is everything, so your topic can be anything.

The idea is to get yourself to open to new ideas and acquire new knowledge.

“If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.

Henry Ford (1863 – 1947)

How do You Acquire Knowledge?

You may have found yourself wondering how something works, how to develop your skill in a certain part of your life, or to explore a new hobby.

If so follow-up on it.

Otherwise discuss ideas with a friend or choose a moment to contemplate.

If it’s hard to find time to contemplate, use moments such as before you get out of your car at home. Sit there for a few minutes pondering life.

Effort? Uh Oh.

As with exercising your body, you need a little effort to exercise your spiritual muscle.

If it’s been underutilized it will probably need a little coaxing and this is normal.

Stick with it. The rewards are HUGE, so it’s worth doing.

“Those at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”

Author Unknown

The first step is the hardest but the good news is that the spiritual muscle has hidden secrets. Continue reading “Why Acquiring Knowledge Gives You Confidence and a Happier Life”

Book Review of Just Like That! by ReaderViews

Just Like That! Front Cover
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Go for what you want. If you’re drawn towards a certain activity or direction in life go for it, regardless of how illogical it may seem. That’s what I suggest to readers in the book “Just Like That! How to Get Anything You Want” (the reasons for that are in the book!).

I’m doing exactly that in my life and part of that journey involved the writing of this book, the publishing of it and now of course the marketing. Each phase has given me amazing new experiences and understandings about life and who I am and has propelled, okay sometimes forced, me to grow. And I’m pleased with my progress. Some of the stuff I’ve discovered – both about myself and life – has been unexpected to say the least.

The New World of Marketing

Right now I’m fully immersed in the marketing of the book. Somehow the world has to learn “Just Like That!” is available right? And well worth reading 😉 ! Marketing is new for me, I don’t have a publicist (yet?) and I don’t have a marketing team. It’s just me but I’m keen and there are so many opportunities it’s almost overwhelming – in a good way for sure. And hence a few delays in posting new articles. But I love learning and I’m having the time of my life with this project, also meeting many helpful, friendly people along the way. I could easily work 24x7and assume this is the case for most authors who are as passionate as I am about the contents of their book.

Helpful Friendly People are Always There For You

One of those helpful people has been Irene Watson of Irene is welcoming and supportive and quickly responds to all e-mails (with smiley faces all over the place). Irene has taken what can be a serious business – book promotion – and made it light-hearted and fun like it should be. See all her other helpful websites at the link above.

This week the first review of my book arrived from by Paige Lovitt (thank you Paige) and here it is:

You can also read the book review on Scribd and see more about the book “Just Like That!”. You can buy the book from Amazon or on this site via PayPal if you live in Australia (see buttons at left).

Are You Stuck in a Rut? Get the Confidence and Life You Want

Do you want to have fun, confidence and purpose in your life?

People do stagnate.

The question is:

Would you even know if it’s happened to you?

Sometimes we’re asleep and in a rut and don’t even know it.

How to Tell if You’re Stuck in a Rut

Being stuck in a rut means something different to everyone.

Your clue is how you’re feeling about life.

If your life is inspirational and you’re feeling confident and enthusiastic, you’re fine.

And if you do feel that way and yet you’re still reading this article, that’s brilliant.


Because life can always be even more amazing than it is now – and a part of you knows that.

Why not have it all?

Your potentials are infinite and it’s by continuing to open new avenues in your life that life stays thrilling.

“The only difference between a rut and a grave is how deep it is.”

~~ Charles Garfield

You’re stuck in a rut if you are experiencing boredom, hopelessness, anxiety, frustration or all of them.

You ought to act now and change your life otherwise you’ll become depressed or even create dis-eases in your body.

Read on to find out how to change your life, give your life purpose and even more ‘zing’.

Learn Something New – Because When You Stop Learning You Get Stuck in a Rut

When someone stops learning, their ideas become old and they start rejecting anything new. Their life starts to deteriorate and they start to live in fear.

They lose confidence.

If you try teaching them a new concept, it’s possible they’ll attack you.

They feel threatened by ‘the new’. They are comfortable in their stagnation; they are even comfortable if miserable.

The familiar is preferable and safe to them.

To get out of a rut and stop stagnation you require determination and it‘s vital that you remove boredom, frustration and hopelessness from your life.

How do you do that?

Easily: do something different.

And your first step is self-improvement. Learn something new for you. It can be anything new to you, but note you’re not after new clothes, a new car or house.

They probably got you into the rut.

Choose something that builds confidence, a new skill that interests you etc.

To help you decide what you want, my book How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That gives you all you need to find new things that interest you, and to build confidence and easily get out of that rut.

How to Jump onto an Exciting Path and Have Fun

What do you need to keep life interesting and fresh, to have fun and confidence? Continue reading “Are You Stuck in a Rut? Get the Confidence and Life You Want”