Are You Stuck in a Rut? Get the Confidence and Life You Want

Do you want to have fun, confidence and purpose in your life?

People do stagnate.

The question is:

Would you even know if it’s happened to you?

Sometimes we’re asleep and in a rut and don’t even know it.

How to Tell if You’re Stuck in a Rut

Being stuck in a rut means something different to everyone.

Your clue is how you’re feeling about life.

If your life is inspirational and you’re feeling confident and enthusiastic, you’re fine.

And if you do feel that way and yet you’re still reading this article, that’s brilliant.


Because life can always be even more amazing than it is now – and a part of you knows that.

Why not have it all?

Your potentials are infinite and it’s by continuing to open new avenues in your life that life stays thrilling.

“The only difference between a rut and a grave is how deep it is.”

~~ Charles Garfield

You’re stuck in a rut if you are experiencing boredom, hopelessness, anxiety, frustration or all of them.

You ought to act now and change your life otherwise you’ll become depressed or even create dis-eases in your body.

Read on to find out how to change your life, give your life purpose and even more ‘zing’.

Learn Something New – Because When You Stop Learning You Get Stuck in a Rut

When someone stops learning, their ideas become old and they start rejecting anything new. Their life starts to deteriorate and they start to live in fear.

They lose confidence.

If you try teaching them a new concept, it’s possible they’ll attack you.

They feel threatened by ‘the new’. They are comfortable in their stagnation; they are even comfortable if miserable.

The familiar is preferable and safe to them.

To get out of a rut and stop stagnation you require determination and it‘s vital that you remove boredom, frustration and hopelessness from your life.

How do you do that?

Easily: do something different.

And your first step is self-improvement. Learn something new for you. It can be anything new to you, but note you’re not after new clothes, a new car or house.

They probably got you into the rut.

Choose something that builds confidence, a new skill that interests you etc.

To help you decide what you want, my book How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That gives you all you need to find new things that interest you, and to build confidence and easily get out of that rut.

How to Jump onto an Exciting Path and Have Fun

What do you need to keep life interesting and fresh, to have fun and confidence? You need to develop an open mind.

An open minded person is easy going, confident and chooses to increase their happiness. They are someone who continually adds new concepts and ideas to their life, they’re not afraid to change their life.

Often new ideas can seem strange, but they are merely unfamiliar as most new experiences are.

Because of this they can seem ‘wrong’. Keep your mind open; don’t judge the idea before you know more about it and/or have tried it. A

ll ideas keep evolving, as do you, and there are constantly new discoveries.

Sometimes our old beliefs are turned on their head.

That’s good, allow it.

Why You Ought to Try Out Your Idea

Find a fresh inspirational topic, something you are drawn to.

But while that’s a good start, it’s not enough to just have an appealing new idea or to just study it.

You must use it, take action to try it out and live it.

Don’t be a passive bystander in life – boredom and frustration will merely continue unchanged. Use the idea like a bridge that takes you toward new adventures.

Even if you’re unsure about it, move forward with it. Put all you’ve got into your opportunities. It makes your participation in the next one even easier.

 “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

Anton Chekhov

(Russian short-story writer, playwright and physician 1860-1904)

So Remember…

The more avenues you try, the more ideas and opportunities you discover.

Once you have a new experience and learn something new you become forever changed. You’re more vital, filled with confidence, you’re grateful to be alive and feel exhilarated. You have fun, your happy life is here.

You are moving forward. Keep moving forward.

And there’s more. You keep this new buzz; you never return to that old, dull and boring life.

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