How to Turn Boredom and Frustration into Happiness

FireworksHow much of your life is about you?

Postponing your dreams and goals to be done “one day”, will make you feel frustrated and depressed.

So how do you resolve this? It’s really quite simple.

3 Ways to Eliminate Boredom and Frustration

1. Start putting yourself first.

2. Start doing what you want to do.

3. Start getting what you want.

Let’s find out how you do that.

7 Ways to Put Yourself First and Get What You Want

Note: To get happiness and what you want, some effort is required.

Be proactive in your life and do the following:

  1. How much of your day is spent doing what you enjoy? How much is about others and not about you? Examine all aspects of your life. The more you know about you, the easier it is to achieve happiness and what you want.  Have a look at your daily routine, all your relationships (partner, friends, family, colleagues etc), your job, home etc.
  2. Learn more about this idea. Read more books and articles on putting yourself first. The more you learn about this, about being entitled to have happiness and what you want, the more you’ll accept it and do it.
  3. Find things you are drawn to, look forward to. Find ways to insert more of what you want in your life. Be creative and create your own happiness – even something small.
  4. Signal to yourself that you want change. Simply telling yourself you are ready for change is powerful enough to start change for you. It works like magic. My book Just Like That! is full of ideas and examples for creating magic in your life. Make it a conscious thought to be on the lookout for more opportunities everyday, to make your day more about you.
  5. Discuss ways with a close friend for more ideas on putting yourself first. Discussion introduces more ideas, as does brainstorming. Take control of your life; your intention to put yourself first starts to make it happen.
  6. Take action. Once you have some ideas for putting yourself first, make sure you take action, to experience doing and getting what you want.
  7. Every day dawns with promise and expectation. Once you take action, you start wanting to do even more, to discover even more. Do so. Suddenly boredom is gone and life becomes more interesting, exciting and worthwhile.

Re-engineering your life to what you want is often a gradual process. Old habits only die hard if you’re not persistent. There is always an improvement every day. Take control and stay intent on putting yourself first every day. Be patient and determined. It will happen.

How to Multiply What You Want

The more happiness you have and the more you get what you want in your day, the more fabulous life becomes. From there it multiplies. You actually get even more of get what you want. Nice huh? Until one day, you look around you and realize, ‘wow this is really happening’.

So Remember…

When someone asks you what you want – make sure your answer will bring you happiness.

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