10 Quick Ways to Manage Your Time and Achieve More

SailingTime is an illusion, you’ve heard that before and it’s true. How would you like to walk in the door tonight beaming from ear to ear? Triumphant, happy, calm, no stress. How you manage your time can make you feel either:

  • free and inspired to do and get what you want


  • trapped, overwhelmed and frustrated i.e. not get what you want

10 Quick Ways to Manage Your Time

  1. Do first those tasks that seem hard for you. They’re the ones that are boring or fill you with dread. They may not be vital, but require attention and once they’re off the list a sense of peace and relief washes over you. They may even be quick to do, but for whatever reason they challenge you. Take control and do them, cross them off the list and enjoy your new sense of freedom.
  2. Do first that which truly moves you forward. The more you focus on tasks that truly move you forward, the more time it’ll seem you’ve had. Wisely use your moments of the day.
  3. Be completely present with each task i.e. Be aware of rushing the task, creating distractions, wishing the task over or that it is time to eat/drink/party. Be passionate about everything you do. When immersed in the now you go beyond time and the task is completed in ‘no time’. Aid your passion by doing work you love.
  4. Last thing before leaving your workstation in the evening, while the day is fresh in your mind, write a few notes about the following:
    • What you were doing when you stopped work today
    • What stage you were up to and where you will start from
    • Other tasks you need to do tomorrow

    In the morning, merely look at your list and hit the ground running. You’ll be more effective and enjoy greater awareness straight off.

  5. A project plan. As you start a project, make it simpler by using the end date and create a plan for yourself, even if your workplace doesn’t enforce project plans. Take control and choose doable milestone dates along the way and keep to them. They maintain your awareness of your goal and help you gauge how much time you have. Start out by doing more than required and finish with time up your sleeve.
  6. Keep an ongoing to do list. Whenever something that needs to be done pops in your head, add it to a list. Keep the list open on your computer – easy to refer to and easy to add to. It means once you finish a task, you confidently commence another valuable task without losing time pondering or procrastinating.
  7. Reduce television time– people often say they use television to relax and unwind, and yes occasionally we all enjoy that. If done constantly however, we feel unfruitful… bored with life yet don’t know why. Most television shows are pure distraction, with little value. If you’re objective you’ll realize many of the programs put you into a trance and then feed you mindless junk. They cause you to stay up later, and sleep in or feel drowsy the next day. If you want to change your life, rather watch something you’ve chosen intentionally, a specific television program or a DVD – preferably quality comedy, an uplifting or mind opening story or a documentary – and by watching a DVD you get to skip the ads. Thank me later. There are other ways to unwind. Consider what people did before television e.g.
    • Read a book or magazine – something motivating or educational. Never before have we had so much reading material available on so many topics. Try the library too.
    • Listen to music – the frequency of (ideal) music is relaxing, uplifting; it alleviates worries and takes you to another place in your mind.
    • Consider a new avenue to explore in your life – something that makes you feel enthusiastic about life. Use the evening or weekend to research it.
    • Relax outside with a warm beverage or glass of wine and enjoy the calm and peace of the evening sky.
  8. Phone calls. Remain watchful of this activity. Many people get carried away with the conversation and lose sense of time. If you’d like an extended chat that’s fine, just maintain awareness of what you’re doing i.e. don’t ‘fall asleep’ during the call and have to rush through the rest of the day. Also remain alert to getting sucked into judgments or gossip – a huge waste of time and detrimental to your health.
  9. Get up earlier.And this means tucking yourself into bed early with a good book. Getting up earlier is unappealing for some of us, but here are the benefits:
    • You’re more focused and alert in the morning. It helps that the rest of the world is still asleep – less thoughts and frequencies from others makes it easier for you to concentrate.
    • You zip through your tasks because you are more vital and alert.
    • No interruptions – everyone else is still stuck in traffic.
    • An earlier start equals oodles of time ahead – and you’re therefore calm, even in chaos, and enjoy your tasks. By contrast, a late start means a rush from the beginning.
    • By the time mid-morning arrives you’re already way ahead and feel a sense of freedom as you continue whipping through the work.
  10. Allocate one day a week without meetings or telephone calls. If you work in an office then work from home that day. The amount you conquer that day without interruptions and stop/start will astound you.

“Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived,

stop thinking and go in.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

Bonus Tip:                                                 

How to Get Icky Jobs Done: Ever get an out of the blue urge to do a task you normally dislike? It may be pruning the fruit trees, weeding, cleaning out the shed or linen cupboard, sorting magazines – whatever. I know, some people enjoy those activities… but if you don’t and you get the urge, then drop everything and just do it. It is a golden opportunity to actually enjoy an icky job.

So Remember…

Take action to try some of these ideas and arrive home tonight having achieved your goals – how great would that be?

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