10 Quick Ways to Manage Your Time and Achieve More

SailingTime is an illusion, you’ve heard that before and it’s true. How would you like to walk in the door tonight beaming from ear to ear? Triumphant, happy, calm, no stress. How you manage your time can make you feel either:

  • free and inspired to do and get what you want


  • trapped, overwhelmed and frustrated i.e. not get what you want

10 Quick Ways to Manage Your Time

  1. Do first those tasks that seem hard for you. They’re the ones that are boring or fill you with dread. They may not be vital, but require attention and once they’re off the list a sense of peace and relief washes over you. They may even be quick to do, but for whatever reason they challenge you. Take control and do them, cross them off the list and enjoy your new sense of freedom.
  2. Do first that which truly moves you forward. The more you focus on tasks that truly move you forward, the more time it’ll seem you’ve had. Wisely use your moments of the day.
  3. Be completely present with each task i.e. Be aware of rushing the task, creating distractions, wishing the task over or that it is time to eat/drink/party. Be passionate about everything you do. When immersed in the now you go beyond time and the task is completed in ‘no time’. Aid your passion by doing work you love.
  4. Last thing before leaving your workstation in the evening, while the day is fresh in your mind, write a few notes about the following:
    • What you were doing when you stopped work today
    • What stage you were up to and where you will start from
    • Other tasks you need to do tomorrow

    In the morning, merely look at your list and hit the ground running. You’ll be more effective and enjoy greater awareness straight off. Continue reading “10 Quick Ways to Manage Your Time and Achieve More”

8 Ways You Will Change Your Life When You Ask for What You Want

Colorful Turkish BowlsDo you put other people’s needs before yours?

If you continually do that, you’re likely to feel trapped and resentful.

This is Part 2 of a 2-Part series – Always Say What You Want.

As stated in Part 1 – 5 Reasons You’re Not Asking For What You Want , most of us have been trained to satisfy other people’s needs, to make a good impression – so much so that when an opportunity arrives for you to choose what you want, you forget to exercise that choice.

Eventually You Feel Cheated, Always Putting Your Dreams Last

When you constantly put your needs at the back of the line, life becomes a drag and you become emotionally depleted.

Deep within you, there will be stirrings of frustration, disappointment and boredom, and over time these feelings make themselves known and move to the surface.

When they do, you’re likely to develop a mild depression and perhaps feel confused – because until now you were happy with the way things were.

Some people develop dis-eases.

Putting others first is a classic way to create illness for ourselves.

Who needs that? Continue reading “8 Ways You Will Change Your Life When You Ask for What You Want”