8 Ways You Will Change Your Life When You Ask for What You Want

Colorful Turkish BowlsDo you put other people’s needs before yours?

If you continually do that, you’re likely to feel trapped and resentful.

This is Part 2 of a 2-Part series – Always Say What You Want.

As stated in Part 1 – 5 Reasons You’re Not Asking For What You Want , most of us have been trained to satisfy other people’s needs, to make a good impression – so much so that when an opportunity arrives for you to choose what you want, you forget to exercise that choice.

Eventually You Feel Cheated, Always Putting Your Dreams Last

When you constantly put your needs at the back of the line, life becomes a drag and you become emotionally depleted.

Deep within you, there will be stirrings of frustration, disappointment and boredom, and over time these feelings make themselves known and move to the surface.

When they do, you’re likely to develop a mild depression and perhaps feel confused – because until now you were happy with the way things were.

Some people develop dis-eases.

Putting others first is a classic way to create illness for ourselves.

Who needs that?

If Only Everyone Asked for What They Want

If everyone felt entitled to ask for what they want, then everyone would have a greater chance to get what is ideal for them.

Everyone would be on their ideal path for a bright exciting future.
Everyone would feel liberation, fulfillment and happiness.

They’d have a zest for life, a reason for living and look forward to their day.

Bottom line, we’d all be more kind and understanding – what a way to live!

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!”

Maya Angelou (American autobiographer b. 1928)

Are You Brave Enough to Get What You Want?

Just because you take control of your life to get what you want, it doesn’t mean you’re selfish – you can still help others.

But if you do, make sure you’re already putting yourself first and doing what you want. Help others because you truly want to, not because you have to.

The more you put yourself first, the more you’ll WANT TO help others!

8 Ways You Change Your Life When You Do What You Want

  1. You’ll wake up excited about the day. The suppression of many years is lifted. It is a relief to have fun, do what you want and to know that everyone is entitled to do that too. It makes every day a celebration.
  2. You’ll be enthusiastic about life. Suddenly you cherish life and it’s worth living. You want to make every day count. You’re catapulted into a shiny new direction and you feel valuable and loved. Your happiness spills out on to others.
  3. You’ll become fearless. Once you’re doing what is right for you, you realize sacrificing your life to make a good impression is absurd. You feel lighter and self-assured.
  4. You’ll be an example to others. Others will feel entitled to do what they want.
  5. You’ll allow others. You’ll start to allow others to do what is right for them i.e. you won’t insist they sacrifice their needs for you. You’ll stop trying to control them. Life flows smoothly for you.
  6. You’ll accept others. You’ll accept other people’s choices in life and who they are; you won’t judge them or try to change them. You receive the same gift.
  7. Happy relationships are yours. You’re liberated, you’ll have more fun, you’ll laugh more and your relationships will be carefree and fulfilling.
  8. You’ll get what you want, you’ll have fun and you’ll be happy – Just Like That !

(By the way this list is endlessly abundant…)

Your Cup Will Be Full, and it Runneth Over

The more you do for you, the more fulfilled you’ll be. And the irony is – boredom will be history and you’ll do more for others – but this time you’ll be doing it not for approval, but with a heartfelt, embracing attitude.

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