How to Be Happy and Love Your Life

The simple answer to being happy and loving your life?

Keep evolving.

The more expansive your mind, the happier you are.

The good news is that you can’t unlearn what you already know.

Once the light is turned on you can’t turn it off.

Once your mind has been opened to a new concept it is forever expanded; it can’t return to what it was.

And your mind keeps expanding.

You can’t feign ignorance and say, ‘oh, but I didn’t know’.

You do know.

Everything you learn you keep forever, even more so once you have applied it in your life and lived it. Nothing is ever wasted.

Understanding Life Makes You Feel Good

Once you’ve started to expand your understanding and awareness about life, you will forever be more open-minded. This is something to be treasured and is rare. An open mind is your key to confidence, a happy life, to becoming a greater person and to getting what you want.

Nature Keeps Evolving and So Should You

It’s the natural order of the universe to keep evolving. Nature does it and so should you. You can’t go backward, even though you may try – such as by living in regret or worrying about the past. Read: The 5 Hazards of Obsessing About the Past

What Happens if You Stop Evolving?

You may however, stagnate. You might ask why. If you rarely learn anything new, it becomes a habit to reject the new. Your mind closes. This leads to boredom, discouragement, frustration and hopelessness. If you are willing to open your mind, you’ll transport yourself into an exciting, interesting, fulfilling life. You’ll have fun.

Learning is Your First Step to a Happy Life, Second is to Apply It

  1. To keep going forward, it’s a must that you learn something new. The more you understand about life the more expansive your life. If you want a new idea, it must come from somewhere.
  2. To maximize your new idea, it’s important that you apply it and live it so you get the effects of it in your life – and gain wisdom from it. Once you’ve done that you are forever changed and have made a significant move forward. You will never return to the old you.

‘Experience is the mother of wisdom’


You’ll be More Interesting – to Yourself and Others

Once you’re on the path of learning and self-improvement, learning becomes part of who you are. It becomes natural for you to keep evolving. You’ll love discovering more about life and actively seek it out (at some stage you may  well need to build a library).

So Remember…

If you want confidence, to be happy, to love your life and have fun, then keep learning and evolving.

“How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!” will solve the mystery of a happy life. The book breaks with the traditions of today and reveals the hidden truth of ancient wisdom. You are precious, remarkable and worthy of having anything you want.

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