5 Common Ways You Block Your Goals

How do you free up your goals?

Stop obsessing about HOW your dream will be created.

Let it go, let it flow.

It’s really that simple.

So… you’ve decided what you’d like in your life. And that’s genius – most people haven’t. The first step, the hardest step, is done.

Now for letting go. This part should be easy and yet it isn’t, as the following story illustrates.

This is Part 1 of a 2-Part series – The Secret to Creating Your Dreams Faster by Doing Less.

How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Goal

Over a cup of coffee recently, a friend of mine, we’ll call her Alicia, said she was selling her house.

Of course we all want our property sold quickly (for an amazing price!), and Alicia’s hopes were already raised because she had a friend interested in buying it.

The only hitch was that her friend needed the money from an inheritance and the processing of the inheritance had been in a holding pattern for some time.

My alarm bells rang when Alicia informed me that to ensure this friend bought her house, she’d made it her goal to focus on her friend receiving the inheritance more promptly.


Sound likely? It’s possible of course but this approach is full of obstacles.

The harder you fight to hold on to specific assumptions, the more likely there’s gold in letting go of them.”

John Seely Brown

(Co-Author of The Power of Pull and A New Culture of Learning)

5 Problems that Arise From Over-Manipulating Your Goal

  1. You block all those delicious unknown potentials:
    When Alicia decided exactly how her goal would be achieved, she immediately limited herself to that one inadequate solution.
    Your thoughts create what you get and when you focus on only one outcome, you’re effectively insisting on it.
    You’re therefore closing off other magical opportunities – unique to you.
  2. Never make your goal dependent on someone else.
    Alicia hindered herself by making her goal dependent on her friend’s outcome. She clouded her vision and gave away her power.
    Now she is dependent on someone else to achieve her goal.
    And anyway, others have free will for what happens in their life and you cannot nor should you, have any say in that.
  3. You cannot influence others and whether they achieve their goal or not.
    The inheritance is Alicia’s friend’s issue, her friend’s own private obstacle; it has nothing to do with Alicia.
    Alicia’s journey and path is to sell her own house.
    Always be aware and stay focused on your own path.
  4. The friend may decide NOT to buy Alicia’s house after all.
    Other people have the right to exert their free will, no matter how you ‘helped’ them.
    Even if Alicia’s friend receives the inheritance; it’s her right to buy another house for no reason. We set ourselves up for disappointment in such ways.
    Alicia may feel duped as she’d feel she put in effort to help her friend acquire the inheritance.
    She may be tempted to judge her friend’s actions. It may then dawn on Alicia the futility of focusing on her friend’s inheritance; to top that she’d feel frustrated and disappointed.
  5. You hurt yourself when you want everything organized and resolved immediately. You complicate the path to your dream by obsessing and controlling how and when it will be achieved.

So Remember…

Once you have decided what you want, let go of how it will arrive.

In the next post 8 Steps to a Better and Faster Result by Doing Less you’ll learn more about ‘letting go’, a simple but rarely easy task.


Part 2 – 8 Steps to a Better and Faster Result by Doing Less

Stop trying to be what you are not.

What do you want to think, say and do?

Be that.

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