Finding Times Tough? Make this Easy Change Today to Get Your Happy Life (Part 5 of 7)

Get big results from small changes.

Here’s another simple effective tip to bring about change in your life and to bring in your dream even faster.

This is Part 5 of a 7-Part Series “Are You Finding Times Tough?”

An overview of parts 1 – 4 is at the bottom of this post or click below to read.

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Tip: Change Your Daily Activities Somehow, Even a Little

If you think about it, what you’ve been thinking and doing most of your life has created your current direction and situation, correct?

Repetition becomes dull and boring.

So change it up.

That is, if you want to change direction.

This simply means change the places you go each day, the roads on which you travel, what you eat, where you buy your coffee… change who you talk to, what you watch and read and even… where you sit at the dinner table.

Only little things, nothing big.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

Contemplate what you do each day and pinpoint possible areas to change.

Importantly surround yourself with inspiration: in people, books, movies and/or make time for a hobby that inspires you.

Make conscious changes.

Change Means a New Direction – New is Exciting

By making a few simple changes, you turn yourself to face a new direction. When you face a new direction the view is different, life looks different and parts of it will be new. Voilà. Yes, new opportunities are able to come into view. New is always exciting for us. A happy life is an exciting life.

How to Let Go of Your Old Life to Say Hello to the New Continue reading “Finding Times Tough? Make this Easy Change Today to Get Your Happy Life (Part 5 of 7)”

A Simple Way to Get Even More Than You Want

“Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you.

Jon Bon Jovi

When you decide you really want something, it seems impossible to let go of the idea. Yet loosening up and doing exactly that can fast track you to not only what you want, but to getting even more.

An Addiction to Control Blocks the Wonderful

In “Just Like That!” I’ve devoted a few chapters to why ‘letting go’ gets you what you want. This is because while there may be times we should put in all our efforts to get what we want, there are also times to let go and allow. Most of us are addicted to control – of other people as well as ourselves – so we find it a challenge to let go. Control issues usually exist in several areas of our lives and they block the wonderful. Yet most of the time we don’t even know we’re doing it, hence the chapters in my book.

Two Bits of Wonderful By Letting Go

A few weeks ago, I found myself letting go without realizing it and created a little bit of wonderful in doing so. A small situation, but nevertheless that’s how we start. We gain confidence doing it which leads us to greater ‘miracles’. It all counts.

It was only afterward I realized I’d let go twice in the one situation, and of course felt rewarded. Rewarded not only in letting go without thinking, but also in the bit of wonderful received. You can have these great little buzzes too, so here’s my living example to let you know the good news: that ‘letting go’ does pay off.

A Living Example: Letting Go Works

I love books, all bookstores and I also love second-hand bookstores.

My partner and I were passing through a small country town west of Sydney and spotted a second-hand bookstore. As always of course, in we went.

Do You Establish the Price Before Paying?

Firstly, I stopped at the stand of books out front. I saw two large hardcover autobiographies – one by Bob Hope, the other George Burns.

I actively seek out comedy and knew these two men would supply exactly that. I also appreciate true stories. Then as most of us do I looked for prices, but found none. I held onto the books anyway, intending to buy them after browsing. In the back of my mind lingered the vague thought to first find out the books’ prices, but didn’t act on it. I went on inside.

The Quest for Inspirational Novels

Inside were plenty of second-hand novels, including some family sagas by Penny Vincenzi, which I thought my daughter may one day enjoy. She’s an avid reader as are both my children. I’m a little sceptical of some well-known women novelists as the stories often involve a female character falling desperately in love with a man and ultimately getting caught up in cheating, revenge, corruption all rather dark thoughts. You get the picture. Not a theme I’d like my daughter spending time on. Penny Vincenzi, though still family drama, tends to write captivating historical novels involving courageous women. I could be wrong, but it appears that way. Even so, it’s not that important and I digress.

A Trilogy, But Only Two Books… Hmmm, What to Do

Soon after entering the store, I picked up the second and third books of a trilogy by Ms Vincenzi. I figured a trilogy a nice idea, but couldn’t find the first book; for some reason it didn’t concern me. I held onto the two I found and continued looking at other parts of the store for my favorite genres – non-fiction and autobiographies.

After gathering a few more books, I went to the front to pay, still without the price of the two books from out front and still missing the first book of that trilogy.

A Little Bit of Wonderful… Twice

What happened next is how life should be all the time (and can be), Continue reading “A Simple Way to Get Even More Than You Want”

8 Steps to a Better and Faster Result by Doing Less

Do you micromanage your life? If so, you’re creating unnecessary tension, worry and you’re interfering with the outcome of your goals. Imagine instead relaxing and knowing only the best happens for you.

This is Part 2 of a 2-Part series – The Secret to Creating Your Dreams Faster by Doing Less.

Key points from Part 1 – 5 Common Ways You Block Your Goals

  • As an example I use a story about a friend Alicia; someone who over-manipulated the sale of her house.
  • 5 common problems you create by manipulating an exact outcome for your goal.

“By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go.

But when you try and try. The world is beyond the winning.”

Lao Tzu

(Chinese Taoist philosopher and founder of Taoism, 600–531 BC)

Vital Key – Benefit From Your Mistakes

Alicia grabbed the first opportunity for selling her house and clung to it. So in order to change that how would she develop her ability to step back and allow all potentials? She’d study, read books and articles, attend courses etc that specialize in creating what we want and she’d learn more about the workings of the quantum field. She’d read articles like this one! My book “How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!” shows you step-by-step how to get what you want in all areas of your life. Learning more about how something works helps you get comfortable doing it, for example once you know more about ‘letting go’ it is easier because it makes more sense.

Once she’d trained herself in letting go, Alicia would initially need to steel herself to resist meddling with the wonderful work of the quantum field, and then as she started to get impressive results, she’d become more relaxed in future goals, knowing only the best always comes her way.

8 Steps to a Better and Faster Result by Doing Less

(here as an example we’re using the sale of a friend’s house)

  1. Contemplate your goal of selling your house. Sit with it; take some time to focus on it…just ponder the goal. Contemplation always brings new insights and you start to align yourself with this goal.
  2. Consider what price you’d like. Always make your price outrageous for this purpose. As outrageous as you’ll allow yourself.
  3. Write a story about selling your house. Write it as if your house is already sold. Describe how easy the sale was. And include how helpful, honest and committed the real estate agents were, how the ideal buyer so effortlessly appeared. Make sure the house sold for way more than you could ever have imagined. Write as if you are on the other side of the sale, imagine you’re having a celebratory champagne with friends, clinking together your glasses. Be passionate and create an exciting story, but leave out ‘how’ the house was sold. By writing the story you effectively launch it into the quantum field and it already starts forming according to your goal. As you move into your future your result will be enhanced – if you allow it.
  4. Take a photograph of the house and place a ‘sold’ sign across it along with your outrageous price. You’ve heard amazing stories about house sales – you can have it too, merely by deciding to and allowing it. Place the photograph where you see it every day. Every day it will start to seem more possible. By doing this you become accustomed to and even more comfortable with getting what you want.
  5. Remain focused and take action when required. Follow up on all opportunities and stay focused on the sale. You may have already said ‘cheers’ with friends in your mind but you must remain focused on what you want all the way through to the actual sale and beyond – until the contract is finalized and money has changed hands . Continue reading “8 Steps to a Better and Faster Result by Doing Less”

5 Common Ways You Block Your Goals

How do you free up your goals?

Stop obsessing about HOW your dream will be created.

Let it go, let it flow.

It’s really that simple.

So… you’ve decided what you’d like in your life. And that’s genius – most people haven’t. The first step, the hardest step, is done.

Now for letting go. This part should be easy and yet it isn’t, as the following story illustrates.

This is Part 1 of a 2-Part series – The Secret to Creating Your Dreams Faster by Doing Less.

How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Goal

Over a cup of coffee recently, a friend of mine, we’ll call her Alicia, said she was selling her house.

Of course we all want our property sold quickly (for an amazing price!), and Alicia’s hopes were already raised because she had a friend interested in buying it.

The only hitch was that her friend needed the money from an inheritance and the processing of the inheritance had been in a holding pattern for some time.

My alarm bells rang when Alicia informed me that to ensure this friend bought her house, she’d made it her goal to focus on her friend receiving the inheritance more promptly.


Sound likely? It’s possible of course but this approach is full of obstacles.

The harder you fight to hold on to specific assumptions, the more likely there’s gold in letting go of them.”

John Seely Brown

(Co-Author of The Power of Pull and A New Culture of Learning)

5 Problems that Arise From Over-Manipulating Your Goal

  1. You block all those delicious unknown potentials:
    When Alicia decided exactly how her goal would be achieved, she immediately limited herself to that one inadequate solution.
    Your thoughts create what you get and when you focus on only one outcome, you’re effectively insisting on it.
    You’re therefore closing off other magical opportunities – unique to you.
  2. Never make your goal dependent on someone else.
    Alicia hindered herself by making her goal dependent on her friend’s outcome. She clouded her vision and gave away her power.
    Now she is dependent on someone else to achieve her goal.
    And anyway, others have free will for what happens in their life and you cannot nor should you, have any say in that.
  3. You cannot influence others and whether they achieve their goal or not.
    The inheritance is Alicia’s friend’s issue, her friend’s own private obstacle; it has nothing to do with Alicia.
    Alicia’s journey and path is to sell her own house.
    Always be aware and stay focused on your own path. Continue reading “5 Common Ways You Block Your Goals”