Puts Your Weight-Control on Auto-Pilot so You Can Just Relax

Join me on my personal breakthrough to
maintain my ideal weight.

What if you could stop watching the scales?

Latest Update: December 28th, 2017

It’s been over 5 years since I started using honey instead of sugar in my cakes, desserts and cookies.

We’ve just had Christmas and I’m still using honey for my cakes. I can’t remember when I last weighed myself!

3 of the outstanding and most freeing benefits are
– I don’t think of food all the time like I used to
– I don’t get hungry like I used to
– I don’t even think of chocolate at the supermarket, even if I walk past it.

If I occasionally get hungry between meals, I willingly choose something healthy to eat.

It’s amazing I love this freedom!

Read on to see why using honey works – free yourself.

Update: April 5th, 2015

Just letting you know nearly 3 years later, this EASY weight control solution continues to work. Try it.

Update: March 12th, 2013

This solution is SO simple. Until 11 months ago , I was a huge sugarholic & chocaholic and I was having to watch my weight. I looked for an answer for 20 years.

Truly if this worked for me — for 11 months with ease — it really can work for you. I am now liberated from weight watching & sugar addiction – I AM FREE !

Even better… I still get to indulge in sweet things.

I still enjoy cookies & dessert and:

  • I have no addiction to them (i.e. I never daydream about chocolate & I can walk past it in the store)
  • The only sweetener I use is HONEY i.e. no scary aspartame or the challenging Stevia
  • I do less exercise than ever
  • I indulge in the foods I enjoy (i.e. what you eat the rest of the time becomes less relevant. I choose to eat healthy food most of the time, but once you’re using honey this will happen naturally for you too, see why below)

If you want to move on from weight gain, then move on from sugar addiction.

The easy way : )

This article is now becoming quite long with the updates
– but it’s important you learn WHY honey works. So read on.


December 14th, 2012 — I’ve added a Traditional Honey Christmas Cake to this website. No sugar and no artificial sweeteners! I’ve made it several times and it’s delicious.

I wanted to give you an update on my experience using raw honey instead of sugar.

Janet’s Honey Update:

  • Sugar Alternatives: Raw honey is the only alternative I use – Stevia is also non-addictive & healthy, but more of a challenge. I tried several Stevia recipes without success – the strange taste remained, with a bitter aftertaste. Perhaps different Stevia is required. I used RA 40%. Any ideas you have, I’m always interested.
  • Use any recipe and substitute: Because honey recipes for Australian measurements were tricky to find, I started using any recipe that looks appealing and just “throwing in” honey instead of the sugar. I stay with recipes that use up to 1 cup of sugar and just convert to honey (1/2 cup of honey instead of 1 cup sugar). I haven’t tried converting recipes using more than 1 cup of sugar.

Use these adjustments when substituting honey for sugar:

  • Use less honey than sugar: If a recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, I use 1/2 cup of honey (otherwise found the honey taste too strong)
  • Lower the baking temperature 25 degrees and bake initially for less time and check – products with honey burn more easily
  • Reduce the liquid: If there is a lot of liquid in a recipe, reduce the amount of liquid. It took a few goes to master my favourite self-saucing chocolate pudding. It started out as glug. Now, instead of 1.5 cups of water, I’m using only 1/2 cup of water (a huge reduction). Now the dessert presents and tastes the same as if using sugar.

(Source I started with: Cooks.com substituting honey for sugar info)

  • My weight: I’ve maintained my weight without checking the scales for over 7 months now, with very little exercise (still think I ought to do more exercise however : -) I don’t care how much I weigh because I always fit into my clothes.
  • No craving for sugar: I have zero craving for chocolate & sugar. I can’t remember when I last purchased a chocolate; it’s easy not to. I do however enjoy a chocolate cake made with honey and occasionally have  a special home-made ice-cream in cone after dinner when we’re out. A small amount like that does not create a craving.
  • More recipes coming: I will soon add the Chocolate self-saucing recipe, a Chocolate cake recipe and the most delicious Lemon Pudding.
  • Life is great without the addiction of sugar : -)  I feel so much better, healthier and have more energy. I’m so delighted to have moved on from sugar – it had been more of an addiction than I realized.

60 Minutes Australia – Sweet Poison

Update: June 10th, 2012 — 60 Minutes Australia aired a segment called “Sweet Poison” discussing the dangers of sugar. They did not give an alternative. Discover the ideal and healthy alternative to sugar here in this article.


The Hidden Culprit Putting on Weight

Do you watch what you eat – but the slide seems inevitable?

To your horror your attempts are failing and you’re becoming even heavier and more sluggish.
By the day.

You’re trying to put the brakes on but it’s no use.
The numbers climb.

Do you simply want to be a healthy weight?
Me too.

Do you wish you could throw on your jeans every time and know they will fit the way they used to?
Me too.

It’s exhausting to pay attention to what you’re eating all the time. Anyway, you’re too busy.
Me too.

You’re not alone.

Until nearly a year ago, I too had to watch my weight.

My weight is now being managed ON AUTO-PILOT for the first time since I was in my 20’s. (no I’m not in my 20’s anymore and more than happy with the wisdom gained from the experience  ; -)

I feel lighter, I feel vibrant.

I rarely look at the scales anymore.

I throw on my jeans and KNOW they will fit just fine.

An intriguingly simple twist…

an effortless way to keep your weight steady.

I’m excited. For me – an alternative health nut – this is a breakthrough. Did I say that already?

My Weight Story

I’m not going to tell you I was overweight. Obviously weight is a big issue in the Western world with many people now heavily overweight. Today’s article will help that.

But, there are also many people like me who keep their weight stable with strong will-power. By suppressing the desire for junk food – chocolate, cakes, chips/crisps. I’m with you in the trenches of sugar-holism and snack food.

I’m hoping this information can free you from hovering over the scales; at the very least make your job easier.

The gym used to help me a lot. Until a few years ago I lived in a city; I’d be at the gym every morning at 6am as they opened the doors. I loved the gym, the social side and my body felt strong.

Then I moved to the bush. My lifestyle changed radically. No easy access to a gym and I ate more than ever. Eating more and exercising less? You can guess.

Activities such as chopping and stacking firewood, gardening etc helped, but these activities weren’t consistent. I was feeling sluggish and had to watch my weight more than ever. I found this annoying and exasperating.

Even by reducing the junk food; I was still obviously eating too much because my weight was all over the place.

Without a gym to go to, I couldn’t find a long-term plan. One day the scales would read “acceptable”, a few days later I’d have somehow put on 2 kg/4 lb.
Up and down.

I had to be vigilant or it would go up, up and up… and out of control.

You see I think gaining 2-3 pounds or kilos is a dangerous game to play.

Do this every 6-12 months and you’ll quickly find yourself 12 pounds/kilos overweight. Perhaps even 18 or 20.

Losing 12, 18 or 20 becomes a big deal. I say intervene at the 2-3 mark. (now you tell me you say)

BUT it turned out it was only ONE ELEMENT of my diet causing the problem.


A little substance with a lot to answer for.

It had been sugar all along.

Don’t throw your hands up. There is an answer. You can do this.

But first let me explain…

Sugar Puts On A LOT of Weight

And the problem is humans love sugar. Even salty crisps/chips are laced with sugar.

My fascination with health goes way back. For decades I have known sugar is a poison. I still ate it – because I generally had a healthy diet and I did not like alternative sweeteners.

My snapping point came recently, driven by the effects of my new lifestyle. I started to realize just how much the sugar was putting on. So I investigated further.

btw it also makes us puffy in the face. (did you know that?)

NOW… with a wave of a wand MY ADDICTION IS GONE.

And it’s gone permanently.

No more putting on weight. No more watching the scales.

Throwing on the jeans and KNOWING they will fit just fine.

There’s a lot of peace in that.

What Am I Using Instead?

RAW HONEY instead of sugar.

Both sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) put on weight. HFCS is mainly used in North America.

Raw honey is a natural sugar.

Within a week of choosing honey, I had lost 2 kg/4 lb. Without even trying.

The best part?

I am still eating cakes and cookies.

Have you heard any downsides to honey? I still urge you to read on.

The intriguing twist is coming up.

You’ll see why I think raw honey is actually ideal.

Note: I Say RAW Honey

Raw honey is a powerful nutrient-filled food. Pasteurized honey is as useless as eating refined sugar or HFCS. Read more about the benefits of RAW honey.

Note: Some honey on supermarket shelves is pasteurized and often not even real honey! So source your RAW honey carefully. Some effort might be required but it is worth it.

NO Willpower Required

Once I was eating honey-sweetened cakes and cookies, I very quickly stopped thinking about snacking between meals.

The need for snacking just LEFT me. Willpower was not needed. I no longer had an addiction to suppress.

Removing the sugar changed everything. Quickly.

The need was simply GONE.

This happened within 5-7 days. Yes that quick. It may have been as early as 2-3 days but I’ll play it safe here.

3 Effects I Noticed Quite Quickly:

1. I wanted less honey in my tea and coffee. After a few weeks I was finding my usual amount too sweet. Me? Too sweet? I could jump for joy!

2. If I ate chocolate. After a few weeks I had a piece of chocolate. It wasn’t as good as it used to be.

Note: This might happen to you: Today at the supermarket I saw Cadbury’s new range of chocolates. All in delightfully enticing new packaging. Looking delicious. Wow their marketers are very good. Fortunately the temptation was mild and with only a little will-power I said no.
Say no. You’ll be proud you did.

I’ve come too far and I know the downsides.

3. Even at meal-times I am not that hungry.

Strangely after only 4 weeks I can’t remember ever being a sugarholic. You must be talking about someone else.

4. I naturally choose healthy food.

My body has moved from total confusion to total clarity. It knows and craves what it truly needs (not what it is addicted to) This was another intriguing UNEXPECTED benefit.

Sugar Messes with your Ability to Gauge Hunger

Your true sense of hunger returns – once you remove sugar. This is hugely important.

Raw honey is full of fabulous minerals.

Sugar is depleted and literally sucks minerals right out of you.

Some nutritional experts are against honey. They say to limit the amount you eat because of its high fructose content.


The Reason I say USE HONEY

I say USE IT because you won’t be over-indulging for long. (this is the intriguing twist) In fact you’ll quickly find you have no desire to eat too much – raw honey is very different to sugar.

Raw honey quickly corrects your desires and gets you on the right track. The moment you start using honey, you are already weaning yourself off sugar in a VERY EASY WAY.

Honey is not addictive (or hasn’t been for me or my partner).

My 3 Steps to Start Using Raw Honey

1. I chose to stop chocolate. You might choose just to reduce it.

2. I searched for cake and cookie recipes that use honey as a sweetener. It was a little extra work but really nothing when it means you can stop obsessing over chocolate – its exhausting.

Note: A willingness to bake is a prerequisite to this step. Many of our issues today are because we choose to let others make our food. We must take back control of what we eat.

3. I make sure I have the following available to me every day:

Honey sweetened cookies and a dessert.

I enjoy a cookie after lunch and dessert after dinner, but I’m no longer suppressing the desire to have “just one more”. Sometimes I even have no desire for dessert. (Who me? see me jumping joyfully again)

I move on with my day without another junk food thought.

Freedom is “addictive” for sure!

The REAL Cost of RAW Honey

Many say the price of raw honey is prohibitive.

But remember 4 things about COST:

1. Raw honey gives you the kick-start you need. You won’t need as much once you’ve corrected your hunger messages. Hard to imagine I know. But give it a go. Just buy that first tub. No-one had more of a sweet-tooth than me!

2. What price your health? Sugar – and many other sweeteners – cause awful diseases. It’s not worth it. Medicines cost YOU a LOT (much more than money I tell you) and they usually have side-effects, some of which manifest much later.

3. The cost of junk food. Remember the cost of junk food also adds up (and it kills… sorry it just does)

4. You’ll feel fabulous and filled with vitality. Sugar robs us of energy and makes us feel dull.

From Frying Pan to Fire

When people want to avoid sugar they often reach for an even more poisonous alternative such as aspartame (used in many products labelled “sugar-free” or “diet”). Learn why raw honey is safest for now.

Couple this raw honey answer today with the ideas in my article 7 Things Happy People Do – They Love to Learn (Part 2 of 7) and you will be very healthy. Iodine, Vitamin D, MMS and Homeopathy I especially swear by.

Live it up! I WILL NOT Turn My Life Upside Down Over Sugar

It is a challenge to avoid sugar completely.

Life is to be enjoyed. It’s not about depriving ourselves. There is a balance and luckily honey cookies are yum!

I eat sugar in yogurt, and btw I eat full-fat yogurt (low-fat is another gimmick and another story). If I am eating out I will have sugar in my coffee and I’ll have a sugared dessert. I avoid processed foods generally – too many other poisons in those jars.

In other words, my sugar intake is minimal but I do eat it.

NOT a Cure-All

People overeat for many reasons but at least raw honey will help manage your weight because you won’t be sabotaging your will-power.

Stay True to Who You Are Inside

Before I go, this may be the most important part of the article.
This article is about keeping you healthy.
NOT ~~skinny~~

Being overly concerned with image is something we all need to put behind us.

Let go of the images the media gives us about needing to look a certain way to be accepted – GARBAGE.

WHO YOU ARE INSIDE always has been and…


Resources: Watch This Entertaining Video

An Eye-Opening Video: Sugar the Bitter Truth

Read These!

Do Your Own Research by Starting Here:

Choose natural sugars when you have a sweet tooth

Planning to lose weight? Supplement with honey

Honey is an antibiotic and low glycemic sweetener


Sweet Poison by David Gillespie – an in-depth study of the reasons sugar makes you fat and is so poisonous. This book has solid helpful well-researched information but remember we never want to rely on just one book or one person. We must educate ourselves far and wide.

Sugar Blues by William Dufty. Published in 1975! Sold millions of copies. After fifteen years of no sugar – Mr. Dufty looked fifteen years younger.


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