Finding Times Tough? 2 Easy & Effective Steps to Start Your Happy Life (Part 3 of 7)

Only two easy steps to start your happy life?

That’s correct:

they help you imagine your fabulous future, they’re effective and the mere act of doing them starts to change your life and give you more of what you want.

This is Part 3 of a 7-Part Series “Are You Finding Times Tough?”

Part 1 Finding Times Tough? How to Take Charge Today and Get a Happy Life teaches you:
– How to take charge of your life
– A simple way to gain confidence

Part 2 Finding Times Tough? Can You Make This Simple Choice to Get the Happy Life You Want? explains:
– What taking responsibility for the state of your life means
– And what’s in it for you

“The block of granite, which was an obstacle in the path of the weak, becomes a stepping stone in the path of the strong.”

~~ Thomas Carlyle

(Scottish Historian and Essayist 1795-1881)

An Excellent Way to Discover a Golden Opportunity

As mentioned in part 1 Finding Times Tough? How to Take Charge Today and Get a Happy Life, tough times create an opportunity for you.

It’s likely they cause you to slow down or allow you to pause a little longer than usual. We’re often moving so fast in our lives, we don’t even realize we need a change in direction.

Slowing down or being forced to allows you to reflect, time to ponder and this window could be enough to jolt you into thinking differently about life.

You may discover a golden opportunity sitting right there before you, something you otherwise may have missed. It usually works that way and that is the blessing.

If you choose to see tough times as a blessing, that’s what they’ll be.

Attitude is thought and a useful attitude can turn around any situation.

One Day You’ll Look Back and See How These Tough Times Helped You

Before we get started on these two easy steps, let’s give you a head start:

Imagine yourself one day looking back at this moment, saying:

“How fortunate those tough times were for me because without them I wouldn’t have made those changes in my life.

I wouldn’t have the wisdom or confidence I have now, it’s because I faced those times that I’ve done so much more in my life and I’m now so much happier.”

I’ve been known to say exactly that, even when my situation has been awful and perhaps you have too.

So, decide now that your current situation will also be that way.

Use this opportunity to ponder and reflect, and to decide what you want.

And then read on to find out how to leave tough times behind.

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