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6 Easy Attitude Adjustments <<< Get Big Results!

ButterfliesDid you know your ATTITUDE affects your entire life?

Did you know at the core of a great attitude is perspective?

Your PERSPECTIVE has a huge effect on your overall level of health, happiness and success.

Because all things can be viewed in several ways.

You can choose to see invitation or limitation!

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” ~~Zig Ziglar

Use the following 6 tips to bring greater happiness and success into your life:

1. Each day make a list of things you’re grateful for.

Gratitude is often overlooked because it somehow lacks pizzazz. I attribute much of my success and happiness to gratitude. Believe it or not, my challenging childhood actually helped my level of gratitude!

You can practice gratitude before you get up in the morning, in the shower, while driving or perhaps when you get into bed at night (my favourite time : )

Why does gratitude work?

Gratitude raises your VIBRATION and ultimately it’s your vibration that determines the RESULTS in your life.

If you’re in a low vibration, life is hard.
A HIGH vibration naturally moves you into the people, opportunities, circumstances you want i.e. the RESULTS you want.

2. Love life, not stuff.

Do you ever feel more possessions will make you happy?

What usually happens is after you acquire something, it doesn’t mean as much as you thought it would. The QUALITY of your life itself is what brings the most happiness, not your stuff.

However I often suggest going for “stuff” if that’s what you want because it’s important to have that experience.

There will come a time where you understand life is so much more than stuff.
Money is VERY handy but it DOES NOT necessarily bring happiness on its own.

What does bring happiness is what you’re DOING every day.
Are you excited about what you do?

If not, choose to find information that helps you live your passion.
Until you’re going for something meaningful to you, life will be meaningless.

I loved Kevin McCloud’s documentary called “Slumming It” because it reminded me and my family about what is important in life.
See my story here:
Has Your Pursuit of the Material Been At the Expense of Happiness?

3. Enjoy the journey.

Our society has trained us to be in a hurry and expect immediate gratification.

I show people how to create worthy goals and achieve them however I also teach that the underlying reason for every goal is… GROWTH.

While it’s fun to achieve goals, it’s the growth we get from the journey that gives TRUE satisfaction.

If you want to see a situation as an INVITATION, then you will.
If you want to see a situation as a LIMITATION, then you will.

“We find things where we look for them,
which is why I never look for a golf ball out of bounds.” ~~ Robert Brault

4. Believe in yourself.

Life is far more pleasant when you have faith in yourself. Remember: You’ve already achieved many amazing things in your life.

Even learning to walk meant falling over and getting up countless times, but you didn’t get annoyed with yourself.

How many times are you willing to fall down and get back up?
When you believe in yourself and expect success, you’re more likely to succeed.

5. It doesn’t have to be hard work.

Achieving something worthwhile DOES NOT necessarily need a lot of effort
(although action and persistence are required : )

I’ve discovered if you keep hitting obstacles on your mission, that’s a sign there’s a better way and all it takes is a few minutes to pause and reflect. There’s ALWAYS more than one way to get what you want : )

Read the book You2  by Price Pritchett to see why “trying harder” isn’t always the way through!
I’ve read that book many times!

Image - Change your Perspective6. There’s no such thing as failure.

Remember a basketball player who is unwilling to go for the goal will NEVER score.

People who succeed fail

I’ve used Go For No to help me become friends with the word “no” and beyond that see it as an asset.

Go For No will help you be willing to fall flat on your face and go on to WIN : )

If you’re willing to keep going, I assure you, you WILL build confidence. After all, much of the time we’re afraid to fail because of the fear of what others will think or say about us.

Failure and persistence make us immune to other people’s opinions and what a GREAT attitude that is : )
That kind of freedom is priceless.

One of the most powerful messages we can ever hear is…


You hold the key.

You choose your perspective.

Go for it!

Much love
Janet x


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This is Janet Poole and I’m passionate about helping you achieve dreams beyond your wildest imagination and use what you already have to be your BEST. Bestselling author of How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That! and a Certified Facilitator of Bob Proctor’s Thinking into Results program…

What do you need before you can love someone?

all-you-need-is-loveIt makes sense that you can’t give what you don’t already have, so really this applies to EVERYTHING in life.

Never WAIT for what you want.

Be the originator of everything you desire.

You’re a natural-born powerful creator so………. go for it!

If you’d like to have more LOVE in your life, then it’s time to start filling up with love.
How do you do that?
By being loving with YOU.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”
~~ Oscar Wilde

Unless you’re filling up with love for yourself, you can’t give love or share love unconditionally.
Until that time we love others conditionally, which means we expect something in return.

When you can love unconditionally you expect nothing,



This is Janet Poole and I’m passionate about helping you achieve dreams beyond your wildest imagination and use what you already have to be your BEST. Bestselling author of How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That! and a Certified Facilitator of Bob Proctor’s Thinking into Results program…

Say YES to Being the STAR of Your Life!



“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”
~~ William Shakespeare

If that’s true, have you asked yourself the role you’re playing and who wrote your script?

Sadly, it most likely wasn’t you.

Few people know to write out their own script and participate fully in their own movie.

Most people are extras in other people’s movies!

There’s no fun in that.

This is where life is simple. All you need to do is understand a few fundamentals.

Here is the NUMBER ONE fundamental to understanding life:

You’re designed to create and live a life YOU love and to star CENTRE STAGE.

That’s it.

If you’re not creating your own life that then deep down you may feel the following:

  • Hollow
  • Empty
  • Dissatisfied
  • Frustrated
  • Angry
  • Depressed

Do you feel any of that?

So, why do so many people NOT create their life and instead live as an extra in someone else’s movie?

Again it’s simple. Culturally our “role” is programmed into us i.e. to put others first, make others happy and do what our family and society expect of us.

That programming is false but it’s SO deep, we have no idea we’ve been programmed.
People will even defend these rules as if they created them!

I write so many articles about this because we need to hear this “outrageous alternative” over and over before anything shifts.

You believed that old, false programming because it was passed down for generations; it’s in your genetics.
Then it was drummed into you daily for decades; it surrounds you environmentally.

Notice the technique? Repetition.

If repetition installed the old programming, why not use that same technique to re-program you for TRUTH!

You’re designed to live a life you love.

Science even backs this up for those who fear this new concept, but for most people this does ring true somehow, even if it sounds scary!

So, where to now? Okay, let the fun begin!

The fun is in creating the story YOU want.

Step 1.
Are you willing to contemplate what you want? That’s the “hardest” part. Most people are not even willing to dream
i.e. no surprises if nothing changes.

Look at your story. Look at your life right now. Look at your results.

Are you happy with them?

Let’s play. If you had ALL the time, money and resources what would you change, remove, or add to this story to make it more fabulous or exactly what you want?

And don’t tell anyone once you’ve done that!

I mean it. If you’ve dreamed something new and awesome for you, then you CAN HAVE it. But most people don’t have this

They’ll destroy your dream in a nanosecond by saying you’re nuts.

So keep it to yourself for now and hold it to you like a treasure.

Step 2: Imagine you’re already living this story. What would you be doing every day?
If you could have what you want (and you can) what’s the first step you’d take to make it happen?

Step 3: Your first few actions will be obvious to you, if you’re open to see them. Start taking action, even if it’s one new action a week.

Step 4: Once those actions are done, the next action will be revealed.

You’ll keep moving forward until one day suddenly you’re living the life you imagined.

It’s your story and you are the STAR : )

Any questions? Feel free to ask!
Take care of you
Janet x


This is Janet Poole and I’m passionate about helping you achieve dreams beyond your wildest imagination and use what you already have to be your BEST. Bestselling author of How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That! and a Certified Facilitator of Bob Proctor’s Thinking into Results program…

How to Leave Behind Pain and Embrace Freedom



Challenges bring opportunities.
There’s no question about that.

There’s also no question it’s hard to
“embrace” a challenge or problem by yelling,
“Yay an opportunity!”

The essence of who you are wants freedom.

You’re always naturally seeking expansion, fuller expression – of who you truly are.

When you allow yourself to grow you’re at your happiest because your soul thrives on adventure.

But most of us shrink back because adventure means CHANGE!

Why do we fear change?

Change takes us into the unknown; new experiences. The new, the unknown is unpredictable.

“Unpredictable” is too dangerous and uncomfortable for a human being who is focused on survival, so they pull back to safety.

We’ve been programmed since childhood to “survive”.

But remember our true essence desperately wants the majestic adventure and we’re the party pooper saying no.

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” ~~ Thomas Jefferson

You can only suppress you for so long.

This day-in-day out, week-in-week out continual suppression and denial brings enormous pain, frustration, anger, depression, anxiety and boredom.

There comes a time when the pain is so great you’ll be willing to say YES, grab the opportunity and leap into the unknown.

There you’ll discover the magic of the adventure and FREEDOM, PEACE, JOY… THE REAL YOU.

It’s time to shine your splendid light.

You’re ready for the grandest life and no-one will ever again be able to put out your light.
If you’d like help with this, feel free to ask!

With love
Janet x


This is Janet Poole and I’m passionate about helping you achieve dreams beyond your wildest imagination and use what you already have to be your BEST. Bestselling author of How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That! and a Certified Facilitator of Bob Proctor’s Thinking into Results program…

Have you been gifted with magical powers?



Some people call big achievements magic, but all “miracles” are merely in line with the power of the mind and quantum physics, in fact all laws of the universe!

Isn’t that great? There is no mystery.

Magic: The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces (Oxford Dictionary).

We use the word “magic” as if it’s something unexplainable and beyond our ability.

Yet you are gifted as a supremely powerful creator, infinite and eternal … you are naturally already “supernatural”.

“People who say it can’t be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” ~~ George Bernard Shaw

Would you like to see evidence of your supremely powerful creative abilities?

If yes, then come with me because it’s time we talked about FREE WILL.

Free will is a big deal…

… because you can choose to give yours away. Think about that for a moment. Most people give theirs away.

Have you? Given yours away?

If yes, are you ready to re-embrace and exercise YOUR FREE WILL?

Answering YES automatically moves you in a new direction and from here on some effort is required but you’ll be handsomely rewarded I assure you.

Your decision to say YES means you’re ready to embrace your supremely powerful creative abilities.

You CAN’T NOT create

This is easy because you’re creating all the time. You’re ALREADY a natural-born creator.

Look at your results. Look at the state of your relationships, your income, your health, your career… look at everything in your life.

You created it all.

Whether or not you like your results, my point is a powerful creator did it.
YOU did it.

The beauty here is this also means YOU CAN CHANGE IT ALL

Why I asked you about free will is because to use it, you need to make a conscious choice to come from within and DECIDE… ORIGINATE… CREATE what YOU want.

Not what your family wants and not what advertisers think you should have.

For the most part people create unconsciously on auto-pilot haphazardly influenced by news reports, media, social media, friends and family.

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination.” ~~ Henry David Thoreau

You have free will to create what you DON’T want.

You have free will to create what you DO want.

From today, ask yourself, “WHAT DO I TRULY WANT?”

Anything you can imagine having, you can live.

Anything you want, you can have.

If you’ve been gifted with such seemingly “magical” creative powers, why wouldn’t you use them?

Photo source

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This is Janet Poole and I’m passionate about helping you achieve something beyond your wildest imagination and use what you already have to be your BEST. Bestselling author of How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That! and a Certified Facilitator of Bob Proctor’s Thinking into Results program…LSTIR_cflogo_011310

Why… You’re Worth It!



Do you compare yourself to others?

Do you feel you’re not good enough, that no matter how hard you try you never quite measure up?

That’s you? Well, thank goodness for that! You’re not perfect. I was thinking it’s only me. Actually, I’ve realized I wouldn’t want perfection because what then, would be the purpose of life?

There’s no-one quite like you and fortunately there never will be…

…so how could you EVER compare yourself to anyone else?

BUT the beautiful little secret is…
…you can always become BETTER!

All humans naturally seek expansion and greater freedom. The adventure of life TRULY BEGINS when you allow yourself that.

“We are all living in cages with the doors wide open.” ~~ George Lucas

Remember your FREE WILL?

This means you can “BE” whoever you want to be.

Free will means there’s never any judgement. Imagine what you’d achieve if you never judged yourself!

This means you don’t have to WAIT until you’re perfect before becoming better (and oh boy does the human race love a good reason to “wait”).

Choose to move forward NOW.

Tell yourself, “I am worth it and I’m becoming an even BETTER version of ME!”

Let’s look at nature

If nature’s not evolving what’s it doing? You got it, it’s dying.

And that’s the same with us.

What’s another word for evolving? Yes, CREATING!

Unless you’re creating, you’re disintegrating. You’re a natural-born creator who right now isn’t even close to your true potential.

You’re more powerful and magnificent than you can imagine

I love that I am not even close to perfection because it’s been such a blast evolving this far. Believe me, I wasn’t born loving myself!!!

I’m so grateful to have discovered the truth about life because now I’m loving the adventure and living my dream. The pace picks up each day and the opportunities continue to grow.

It’s awesome! Please allow yourself to join me!!!

Did you know DISSATISFACTION is in fact a powerful, creative state?

Agreed, always be grateful for what you have and who you are, but always strive to be even BETTER.

You’re starting to see a theme here I can tell : )

Have you noticed how the things you PROCRASTINATE about are those exact things that would directly benefit and enrich you?

Why the hesitancy? Because you don’t think you’re good enough or worthy of having something wonderful.

If you’re still making sure everyone else is happy before you say YES…

… if you aren’t doing what’s right for you first and foremost, then you haven’t yet understood the reasons for loving yourself first.

The first chapter of my book is intentionally called “Loving Yourself is Essential” (you can download the first three chapters here – FREE).

Why did I ensure the first chapter was about loving yourself?

Because everything stems from whether you think you’re worth the investment or not.

Once you’re willing to see you’re NOT SELFISH by loving yourself first, you’ll more easily start taking action on your dreams.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”  ~~ E.E. Cummings


You’ll stay younger and find things such as radiant health and being your ideal weight becoming a natural by-product.

Place the following sentence on your mirror and say it to yourself every day:

Say, “Now listen here __(your name)__… you are precious, special and amazing… and I LOVE you.”

You’ll probably feel silly. And as ridiculous as it sounds it does take a little courage.

But do it… it works!

I know you’re precious and I know you’re worth it!


Photo source

This is Janet Poole and I’m passionate about helping you achieve your dreams and use what you already have to be your BEST. The bestselling author of How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That! and a Certified Facilitator of Bob Proctor’s Thinking into Results program…

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What’s Fluoride and Why Would You Even Care?


Update August 2014:

Click below to watch this…

Fluoride Truth Hits the TV in Australia

Australia TV NEWS show exposes fluoride for what it is – poison!

Update May 2014:

Our town of Oberon, NSW stays fluoride-free after councillors vote 5-4 against introducing it to the town. Thank you Merilyn Haines, from Fluoride Action Network Australia and  Fluoride Action Network, for her knowledge, focus and efforts in helping create this great result.

And have you seen this?

As of March 5th 2014, over 4,639 professionals have signed a statement calling for an end to water fluoridation worldwide!

Click here to see the 4,639 professionals who signed.

And anyway, what does this have to do with getting anything you want?

More than you’d think! Let’s talk about that in a minute.

To be honest I’m happily living out of town without fluoride and our local town doesn’t have it in the public water supply either.

So why my interest now, when in fact fluoride’s toxicity came to my attention 25 years ago. 

Well, the health dept is again trying to fluoridate our local town’s water supply. That’s why I’ve been studying fluoride more deeply and it’s been far more interesting shocking than I’d imagined.

Which led me, after serious consideration, to include this article on my website even though I don’t normally cover this type of topic.

However, everything is connected!

A lot of people around the world are objecting to fluoride – and I can see why! So today I’m bringing together a powerful collection of fluoride facts and information in one place to make it easy for you.

Here are 7 shocking facts about fluoride

1. Fluoride is NOT a nutrient; it is a drug (according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)).

“Fluoride, when used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or animal, is a drug that is subject to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation.”

2. Fluoride has NEVER been evaluated as safe or effective by The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).
“Dr Ryan, who sat on a committee of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for six years, said the TGA has never evaluated fluoridation chemicals for their safety and effectiveness.”

3. Fluoride has NEVER been approved as safe and effective by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
“To date, FDA has approved no fluoride-containing supplements as prescription or over-the-counter drugs.”

4. Industrial waste is used to fluoridate public water supplies.

NSW Health says “Hydrofluosilicic acid, sodium silicofluoride and sodium fluoride are commonly sourced from phosphate fertilizer manufacturers.” according to the November 2013 version of NSW Health Fluoride Questions and Answers document (Page 4)

5. Fluoride is a mutagen (an agent that changes DNA).

Rats dosed with fluoride had a statistically significant increase in bone tumours. Fluoride-dosed rats had tumours of the thyroid, oral cavity and rare tumours of the liver. Female infertility is associated with elevated levels of fluoride (>3 ppm).

One ppm fluoride in water facilitates the uptake of aluminium into the brain of rats, producing the type of brain tangles (amyloid deposits) that are associated with Alzheimers disease and other types of dementia.

Source: Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products LD50 data - 1984

Source: Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products LD50 data – 1984

6. Fluoridated water is associated with elevated levels of lead in children’s blood.

7. Fluoride toxicity compares with lead and arsenic. Look at this graph. Want a little lead or arsenic (or fluoride) with your water today?

Now contemplate the ETHICS & dosage:

If the FDA sees fluoride as a drug then fluoridating the public water supply is a form of mass medication.
Is that ethical?

Did you know a person must give consent before receiving treatment or medication? In other words a doctor cannot force a patient to receive treatment or take medication against their will.

Individual informed consent is always required.

Mass medication violates medical ethics.

The NSW Health staff guide in fact says,

“Patients must give consent before receiving treatment.” and
“Patients have the right to withhold consent. In this case they will not receive treatment.”
(as at February 2013 Page 7)

The American Medical Association (AMA) says, “Informed consent is a basic policy in both ethics and law that physicians must honor…”

The fluoride dose cannot be controlled and what if the local water treatment plant accidentally overdosed your town or city’s water supply with fluoride?

This happened more than once, such as in Jindabyne, NSW for 4 days last year in December 2013. The media release says, On Monday, 2 December Snowy River Shire Council discovered during routine daily monitoring that the fluoride level in the drinking water delivered to Jindabyne was above the Australian Drinking Water Guideline value of 1.5 milligrams per litre (mg/L). The highest concentration measured in the drinking water distribution system was 2.8 mg/L.”

“The evidence that fluoridation is more harmful
than beneficial is now overwhelming.”

~~ Dr. Hardy Limeback, Former President of the Canadian Association for Dental Research.

Dr. Limeback is not the only dentist saying this.

List of professionals who signed the end water fluoridation statement:

Of those 4639 professionals who signed the statement to end water fluoridation, 366 are dentists.
The list so far:

  • 825 Nurses (RN, MSN, BSN, ARNP, APRN, LNC, RGON)
  • 614 DC’s (Doctor of Chiropractic, includes M Chiro)
  • 568 MD’s (includes MBBS)
  • 529 PhD’s – includes DSc (Doctor of Science); EdD (Doctor of Education); DrPH (Doctor of Public Health)
  • 366 Dentists (DDS, DMD, BDS)
  • 174 ND’s (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine)
  • 106 Lawyers (JD, LLB, Avvocato)
  • 104 Pharmacists (Pharm.D, B. Pharm, DPh, RPH)
  • 120 RDHs (Registered Dental Hygienist); also DH, RDHAP, EFDA, RDAEF, and RDN
  • 72 Acupuncturists (LAc – Licensed Acupuncturist, and, MAc -Master Acupuncturist)
  • 47 DO’s (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine)
  • 29 Veterinarians (DMV, VMD, BVMS)
  • 20 OD (Doctor of Optometry)
  • 22 PA-C (Physician Assistant – Certified); also MPAS and RPA-C

(Can you see yet, why I’ve been fascinated by this!)

Europe SAID NO:

98% of European nations rejected water fluoridation because in their view the public water supply is not an appropriate place to add drugs (some of what European officials say is at the end of this article).

95% of the world is not fluoridated

And yet have similar tooth decay to heavily fluoridated countries.

More on medical ethics:

  • Water fluoridation violates medical ethics in several ways:
    • The individual has no way of giving their consent to take the medication.
    • It is approved and delivered by people without medical qualification.
    • The dose is not controlled. Children, adults, elderly get the same dose.
    • Fluoride has not been tested for safety and effectiveness like other drugs (I’m not saying all tested drugs are safe or effective : )
  • Remember, fluoride does not treat the water itself; it treats the person consuming it.

Why do I care?

My concern is people generally believe without question what they learn as children and from authority figures such as doctors, dentists, the media and government.

I urge you to think for yourself and do your OWN research on topics like fluoride.

What I mean therefore is don’t just believe the information I’ve supplied! Go looking.

“Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized.
In the first it is ridiculed,
in the second it is opposed,
in the third it is regarded as self-evident.”

~~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Remember these atrocities?
They were also safe.

  • Thalidomide, DDT, Asbestos, Agent Orange, Mercury and Lead.
  • Remember when doctors promoted smoking because it was so good for you!

Most people don’t want to admit they’re wrong

What’s intriguing is the intensity with which a person will defend fluoride without ever doing their own research. The most common reason for defending fluoride is they see a link between their teeth and whether or not they consumed fluoride as a child. Their dentist also said it was good for them.

Their good or bad teeth could of course be the result of many factors.

Would you agree to add a toxin to your water without looking into what you’re agreeing to?

Two examples of denial in the face of proof:

1. That the earth is round and not flat is something the church publicly admitted only in the last several decades!

2. Pioneering quantum physicists had to face serious hostilities from traditional scientists, who were concerned about their credibility and wanted the old ways to stay despite undeniable proof to the contrary (quote from P. 8 of my book How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!).

But, is sodium fluoride a poison?

If you’re interested in the “other side” of the fluoride debate, I won’t go into toxicity etc here, however these documents give you a good start.

Hint: Sodiumfluoroacetate (23ppm) is the active ingredient in 10/80 the poison used to kill foxes.

At what point does a person start to care?

A person definitely cares if a family member is poisoned, injured or falls ill because of fluoride i.e. when it gets personal.

But why does it have to get to that?

Now, what does this have to do with getting anything you want?

You may have noticed it’s my passion to help people think big and achieve dreams beyond their wildest imagination.

A prerequisite to achieving a worthwhile dream – or anything you want – is to think for yourself and start exercising your free will. May as well start now.

An exciting, happy, fulfilled life does not come from blindly believing and doing everything you’re told. Do your own research and take control of your own life.

Let’s consider babies. How does fluoride affect them?

♦ The respected medical journal “The Lancet” (November 2006) describes fluoride as an “emerging neurotoxic substance” due to evidence linking fluoride to lower IQs in children, and brain damage in animals.

♦ “The Lancet” (February 2014) has dubbed fluoride as a “developmental neurotoxicant”. Fluoride and five other chemicals that have been newly classed as neurotoxicants in epidemiological studies since 2006 are linked to the development of disabilities such as autism, attention – deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia and other cognitive impairments.

♦ Fluoridated water (1 ppm) has 250 times more fluoride than occurs naturally in human breast milk (.004pm).

♦ The Academy of General Dentistry has cautioned parents to avoid fluoridated water when making infant foods.

♦ In March 2006, the National Research Council reported that fluoride is an “endocrine disrupter” which may interfere with the normal activity of the thyroid and pineal glands. The Pineal and Thyroid Glands are both vital for well-being.

♦ A May 2006 Harvard study found a significant link between fluoridated water and bone cancer in boys.

who-dmftAnd anyway… what about tooth decay?

The official reason for fluoridating water is to prevent tooth decay. The graph here shows there’s been a steady decline in tooth decay whether or not countries fluoridate.

Fluoride also causes “Dental Fluorosis”.
This, NSW Health Dept says, is the “only” side effect of fluoride. Teeth become stained, pitted and discoloured and are permanently damaged. In NSW 25% of 11 & 12 year olds have Dental Fluorosis.


Photographs of Dental Fluorosis by Dr. Hardy Limeback and Dr. Iain Pretty, et al.

“More money is now spent in Canada treating ‘Dental Fluorosis’ than treating tooth decay.” ~~ Dr Hardy Limeback, Professor of Dentistry Toronto University

Why would anyone want to mass medicate your water supply?

Surely with such overwhelming proof, there ought to be enough doubt about the safety of fluoride to say, “Leave our water alone!”

If someone loves it so much, they can take a fluoride tablet.

Do you care?

professional_perspectives DVDIf so, watch at least the first DVD listed below: “Professional Perspectives”

Handy fluoride information and links for you:

Fluoride information DVDs:

♦ Professional Perspectives (½ hour) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88pfVo3bZLY

The Fluoride Deception (½ hour) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuTD-FGwLr0

Firewater (2 hours) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jNtMOmVjSc

Fluoride Gate (1 hour) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_vlwJPcYW8

The Great Culling (1½ hours) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7BqFtyCRJc

Fluoride information books:

The Fluoride Deception

The Case against Fluoride

More books on fluoride (and others on how it affects the pineal and thyroid gland) available on Amazon.com.

Fluoride information brochures:

12 Reasons to Question Water Fluoridation (created April 2014)

Fluoride Facts Brochure (Australian)

10 Facts about Fluoride

50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation

More fluoride resources e.g. books, DVDs, websites and facts

Statements from European Officials:


“Toxic fluorides have never been added to the public water supplies in Austria.”


“The main reason for that is the fundamental position of the drinking water sector that it is not its task to deliver medicinal treatment to people. This is the sole responsibility of health services.”


“… toxic fluorides have never been added to the public water supplies. Consequently, no Danish city has ever been fluoridated.”


“We do not favor or recommend fluoridation of drinking water… Water suppliers, naturally, have always been against dosing of fluoride chemicals into water.”


“Fluoride chemicals are not included in the list [of 'chemicals for drinking water treatment']. This is due to ethical as well as medical considerations.”


“Generally, in Germany fluoridation of drinking water is forbidden.”


“In our views, the drinking water isn’t the suitable way for medicinal treatment and that people needing an addition of fluoride can decide by their own to use the most appropriate way, like the intake of fluoride tablets, to cover their [daily] needs.”


“… the Supreme Court (Hoge Road) ruled there was no legal basis for fluoridation.

Northern Ireland:

“The water supply in Northern Ireland has never been artificially fluoridated except in 2 small localities where fluoride was added to the water for about 30 years up to last year…”


“In Norway we had a rather intense discussion on this subject some 20 years ago, and the conclusion was that drinking water should not be fluoridated.”


“Drinking water fluoridation is not allowed in Sweden…

Czech Republic:

“Since 1993, drinking water has not been treated with fluoride in public water supplies…this form of supplementation is considered:

  • uneconomical (only 0.54% of water suitable for drinking is used as such;
  • unecological (environmental load by a foreign substance)
  • unethical (“forced medication”)


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