An Easy Way to Have a Healthy Relationship

You’re entitled to love in your life, lots of it. Did you know that you control the amount of love that comes into your life?

It is you who decides to allow more love or to turn it away. All circumstances depend on you – in finding a new relationship as well as in how healthy it is. You are the key to everything in your life.

My book  How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That! teaches you how to get the relationships you want and how to keep them compatible.

The following extract highlights the vital part you play in having a healthy relationship.

Changing Others by Changing Yourself

“Happiness is a choice that requires effort at all times.”

Aeschylus (Greek playwright, 525–456 BC)

It sounds easier for someone else to make changes so that you can be happy. That’s less effort for you, right? You can see yourself sitting back with your feet up, watching the world dancing to your tune. Well, actually yes, but you need to decide the dance, and you need to decide the tune. If you want a new dance or tune, then again, you must change them.

Waiting for others to change means your power to create change in your life is held by other people, and they decide your life. No thanks. Fortunately, the only person you can change is yourself, because then you, and only you, hold the power to choose your life.

Most people wait or hope for others to change so they can get what they want, but this is a hopeless situation. Not only are they giving away their power, but what do they do while they are waiting? Stay miserable? I don’t think so. In any case, forcing others to change is rarely successful. The change, even if it eventually happens, will be short-term and may not be optimal for you.”

Relationships can seem like hard work, but they are our biggest teachers for self-improvement. Would you like to know how to handle relationships so that you gain confidence, have more fun and become even more compatible and closer? Here’s the secret to happy healthy relationships:  How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!

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So Remember…

Rather than wishing for a happy healthy relationship, take action to learn how to find one and keep it that way. The more you learn about relationships the more fun they’ll be.

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