Finding Times Tough? Do You Destroy What You Want When it Arrives? (Part 7 of 7)

Sunset Dec 2011This story is surprisingly common.

The day arrives and you get what you want.

Do you celebrate and accept it?

Or are you suspicious of it, do you shake your head in disbelief?

Most people question and doubt the outcome!

If you are someone who doubts, then catch yourself, stop it and just accept the good fortune that YOU created.

 “Circumstances – what circumstances? I make circumstances.”

~~ Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

This is Part 7 of a 7-Part Series “Are You Finding Times Tough?”

In parts 1 – 6, you learned

  • how to take charge of your life
  • the benefits of taking responsibility for your life
  • how to turn your life around
  • how to take action
  • an easy way to start letting go of your old life
  • how to act as if you already have the life you want

…to move yourself into a new exciting and happy life.

Don’t Question It – It’s Yours

Sometimes what we want arrives quite suddenly as if from nowhere, and it surprises us. Out of the blue we go from not having, to having. Perhaps it’s the suddenness that causes suspicion and bewilderment. We find ourselves saying things like, ‘Now that’s weird, how can this be happening?’

My advice is: When you get what you want, be very aware of your reaction. Don’t say, ‘I don’t believe it’ or ‘Okay yeah, but what about all my other problems’.

We do this even in everyday situations such as hearing nothing after a job interview but after calling the organization discover the job is yours. A few things don’t add up and you’re tempted to find fault with the process or become suspicious about what took place. Don’t, just allow it. Be thankful.

Instead you can ‘blame’ the following – i.e. that you:

– had a can-do attitude
(see part 1 How to Take Charge Today and Get a Happy Life)
– took responsibility for your life
(see part 2 Can You Make This Simple Choice to Get the Happy Life You Want?)
– decided what you wanted
(see part 3 2 Easy and Effective Steps to Start Your Happy Life)
– took action
(see part 4 Take Action Today to Get Your Happy Life)
– let go of the old to allow the new
(see part 5 Make This Easy Change Today to Get Your Happy Life)
– acted ‘as if’ or pretended you already had what you want
(see part 6 Rebuild Confidence in Yourself Today to Get What You Want)

It’s true – these changed your reality and you moved into a circumstance where you can truly do and have what you want.

If You Question What You’ve Received, it May Disappear

When you question, it means Continue reading “Finding Times Tough? Do You Destroy What You Want When it Arrives? (Part 7 of 7)”