7 Things Happy People Do – They Take Action (Part 5 of 7)

That new information you learn?

Take action with it!

This is part 5 of a 7-part series: Things Happy People Do.

Key #1 is Happy People Have an Open Mind.
Key #2 is Happy People Love to Learn.
Key #3 is Happy People Put Themselves First.
Key #4 is Happy People Approve of Themselves.

Key #5:

Happy People Take Action

Knowledge is (almost) useless without action. Action is after all how you participate in life and achieve your goals.

“I learn by going where I have to go.”

Theodore Roethke

You only fully understand your knowledge once you use it.

Imagine a surgeon never performing a real life operation. Their theory, their knowledge never unfolds into pure understanding and wisdom unless they take action. Once they do, they truly “get it”.

It is the same for you in your life. Action becomes wisdom.

I am Healthier Through Action

For years, every time a new nutritional concept resonated with me, I tried it out.

I don’t even look for them anymore they just seem to find me!

But only by acting on it did I fully understand the instructions or the book and learn whether it works for me. Taking action also raises new questions for me and I am able to ask even more in-depth questions.

While I’ve never stayed with any one particular way of eating, I retained certain wisdoms from each.

From the Zone Diet, I learned that a way to feel full after a meal is to make sure it has a portion of fat, protein as well as carbohydrate.

The Eat Right For Your (Blood) Type book taught me gluten in bread makes most people feel sluggish.

But bread is so yum and while I tend to still balance my bread intake, my bigger focus now is thinking:

“everything I eat is good for me”

A far more powerful way of thinking.

While I don’t overload my day with bread, I now digest it more easily (and enjoy it). Your thoughts really do decide your life.

It is an effort to take action, but only initially. The achievement you get gives satisfaction, happiness and that motivation to keep going. Greater discoveries here we come!

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

George Bernard Shaw

How Do You Take Action?

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7 Things Happy People Do – They Have An Open Mind (Part 1 of 7)

We’re talking about YOU today, as we always do : ) – because your happiness doesn’t come from others, it comes from YOU.

What do happy people do?

They’re getting what they want, so exactly what do they do?

And how can you do it too?

In order to do each key justice this was becoming an epic post, so it’s now in 7 parts. This is part 1 of the 7-part series:
Things Happy People Do. Each part focuses on one key thing happy people do, one key thing you can also easily do.

Let’s get started!

Key #1:

Happy People Have an Open Mind

Why is an open mind important? Is your mind open or closed?

A Closed Mind

A closed mind is stuck, rigid and narrow. It wants life to stay the same; it thinks it already knows enough on a subject or about life.

However, fortunately there is always more to learn. Even a small nuance can clarify your understanding and give you a breakthrough to yet another discovery. A closed mind cannot learn nor can it change. It stagnates.

An Open Mind

By contrast an open mind means you give yourself permission to go with the flow of life and to engage in new adventures.

You welcome new information.

Unique solutions suddenly become obvious.

You’re willing to try radical or controversial concepts which open you to a new world, such as putting yourself first (key #3). New ways of thinking are what makes life interesting and exciting.

Life is always evolving, as is nature.

“What seems nasty, painful, evil, can become a source of beauty, joy, and strength, if faced with an open mind. Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such.”

Henry Miller (American Writer and Painter 1891 – 1980)

How an Open Mind Has Helped Me

Take my interest in nutrition and natural therapy.

At around age 20 I discovered that one of the biggest killers of Australians is bowel cancer.

I intuitively knew this was ridiculous, that the body is capable of radiant health.

I figured there was something wrong with our eating.

Health was important to me so I spent years investigating and moved from Fit for Life, to the Zone diet, to Eat Right for Your (Blood) Type. Each one educated me about eating and the body’s biology. Very often they challenged or totally overhauled my beliefs.

It would have been silly to lock onto conclusions about anything; there was more to learn – there always is.

My wisdom continues to develop and it increases exponentially.

Nowadays I’ve moved onto far greater thinking; those of you who have read my book would know this.

Being open empowers me, it gives me confidence; instead of being scared of new  information it moves me into a happier, more carefree place. I

expect and embrace new ways of thinking; they’ve become a natural part of my life.

Soytainly Not

Case in point, I used to think soy milk was a great alternative to cow’s milk.

Now I never touch the stuff.

It’s less about being wrong but rather our willingness to build a greater viewpoint, a knowledge base.

If you’re wondering why the change of heart, I suggest you research and form your own conclusions. There is already plenty of information about soy out there.

My role is not to tell you how to eat but to help you open your mind to all potentials.

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