Same Soul, Many Bodies – Book Review

Title:        Same Soul, Many Bodies

Subtitle:  Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives Through Progression Therapy

Author:    Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

Rating:    Excellent

How clues from past lives provide alternative healing and a happy life today

The book Same Soul, Many Bodies – Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives Through Progression Therapy shows how looking at past lives through regression therapy can heal illnesses, emotional and physical pain and relationship issues in your life today.

Although the subtitle of this book suggests ‘future lives’, the book also extensively covers past life case studies.

The reader can learn much about themselves from reading the book without actually having the therapy itself.

The case studies are well written stories and cover a plethora of ailments and issues common to many people.

The beauty of this book is that it opens up the reader to consider new potentials to have a happy life.

One of the most impressive case studies involves a young woman, Victoria, with severe back pain caused by a cancer.

Prior to therapy, she needed morphine-like drugs to sleep at night and had to endure unbearable agony each day so as to work. A regression to a particular past life not only explained the cause of her pain but also enabled a phenomenal healing in this life.

The story is by itself is truly extraordinary and best read in the book to do it justice.

The book won’t directly solve issues in the reader’s life; rather it builds the reader’s acceptance that their life can be happy and magnificent.

It is an inspirational, easy to read book and shows the reader that they can get anything they want their life.

Author Brian L. Weiss’ engaging writing style ensures the reader is fully immersed in every case study. He comes across as a gentle-man, who cares deeply for his patients.

Many years ago I read Dr Weiss’ first book Many Lives, Many Masters published in 1988 and thoroughly enjoyed that too.


Same Soul, Many Bodies – Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives Through Progression Therapy

Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

ISBN-10:                0743264347

ISBN-13:                978-0743264341

Publisher:              Free Press (2004)

Paperback:           226 pages

Web Page:  

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