Not Achieving Your Goal? 4 Simple Steps to FREE YOU from Old Habits (Reason #2)

Reason #2: Do you CHANGE YOUR HABITS when you create a new goal?


It’s no wonder we keep getting the same results and NOTHING changes.

Then we get grumpy and give up.

Most people create a goal but change NONE of their current habits or actions!

Old, unwanted habits imprison you in your old life.

“Things do not change; we change.”
~~Henry David Thoreau

(This is article #2 in the series Not Achieving Your Goal? Check out these 5 Life-changing Reasons. Reason #1: Your goal may be the wrong one!)

What can you do? 4 Steps

If you want to achieve your goal, follow these 4 steps all the way to the end – including # 4.

Do this simple exercise to change your habits into EFFECTIVE HABITS and get results you want! Following these steps is your first ACTION : )

1) Look at what you DO in your day.
To discover that look at your current results. List those RESULTS you DON’T want and would like to change.

2) List the results you DO WANT alongside those unwanted results.
I urge you to do this – you’ll see how freeing it is. Whatever you list there, you CAN have.

3) Contemplate ACTIONS you can take to achieve those new wanted results, actions that take you towards your goal.

Note: You might find yourself resisting these actions because they’ll be new and uncomfortable.
That’s a great sign you have a worthwhile goal, it’s also a sign to keep going.

A new direction is often scary.

“One ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.”

~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

4) COMMIT to applying at least one or two of these new actions if you want to achieve your goal.
Commitment is a must – even if it’s a small action, do it.
It’s how you’ll start changing your habits and get the results you want.

You’ll be expanding and breaking free!

Want support & inspiration to get what YOU want?

1. There is a solution if you want it.

The Thinking into Results program I facilitate is designed specifically to move you into getting WHAT YOU WANT in only 12 sessions. You get support because I encourage you forward, to keep going, so you can finally hold your dream in your hand : )

This is a practical ACTION-oriented program created by Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher.

Thinking into Results makes you feel so alive it’ll have you dancing around the room.

Because your soul is finally expressing itself as it was intended.

2. Many, many people have achieved magnificent breakthroughs by reading my best-selling book How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!

It liberates you to live the life you want – it gives you permission!

Life becomes a buzz. Learn why you ought to live the life you love and HOW to do that.

Perhaps you’ve read a lot and KNOW a lot, but YOU STILL DON’T GET THE RESULTS you want?

Thinking into Results was created to make your dreams happen for you, and it works.

“Knowing is not enough,

We must apply.

Willing is not enough,

We must do.”

~~Bruce Lee

So Remember…

Stop allowing old unwanted habits to imprison you and block you from your goals.

You are an extraordinarily powerful creator. Choose to live in freedom.

Other Reasons People Don’t Achieve Their Goals

Next time we’ll move into your subconscious mind where you have deeply entrenched programming – yes, HABITS!

You’ll be introduced to a completely different yet easy – and I think FUN way – to transform habits: Not achieving your goal? Reasons # 3 and #4

Reason #1 – Is your goal even worthwhile?

Reason #3 – Reading that liberating book only once

Reason #4 – Examine your self-image

Reason #5 – Are you brave enough to use the power of your mind?

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