Not Achieving Your Goal? Check out these 5 life-changing reasons (Reason #1)

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“Without having a goal, it’s difficult to score.”

~~ Paul Arden

It’s the start of a new year so right now there’s a lot of talk about goals out there.

Step 1:
– Have a goal

– Have it written down.

Most people wish for things in a vague way, without intention and wonder why they never achieve them.

Even if you already have a goal, our next step is to assess whether your goal is worthwhile or not.

(see reasons #2, 3, 4 & 5 at the end of this article)

Reason #1:

If your goal isn’t worthwhile, it may not be worth the effort


Achieving an “unworthy goal”, leaves you dissatisfied, unfulfilled and unhappy. And you won’t know why. It may be because it’s a goal you’ve achieved before, your goal may have been too easy for you or it may even have been someone else’s goal (oops!).

Some people see goal setting as boring. If you’re choosing what I call “ho-hum goals” I’d agree with you.

You see, if it’s a ho-hum goal, it is boring and your results are likely to be as well.

A ho-hum goal is not inspiring.

You’re designed to create something ~~FABULOUS and NEW~~… for you!


a) Learn what a great goal is & create one!

b) What is a GREAT goal?

  • Something you want that’s outrageous! Fantasize about something you’ve never done before.
  • Never ask someone else what you should strive for – it comes from within you. You’re unique. Contemplate it. Imagine something amazing.
  • Make sure it’s an exciting goal – for YOU.
  • The whole point of a goal is to GROW; growth is your ultimate goal. If you’ve got the logical steps all figured out, forget it, it’s not a great goal for you!
  • If you have no idea HOW you’ll achieve your goal THAT’S the goal you want : )

Tip:  Even if you’ve got a messy situation in your life right now and you want to move on from that, when you create a fantastic goal, it naturally cleans everything up as part of your moving forward… into the fabulous.

c) Write out your goal
e.g. “I am so happy and grateful now that I …(insert your goal)…”
Note: It’s essential to WRITE IT down!
Write it in the present tense, as if you already have the goal… you’re there NOW.

With that, we’re all set. Now you’ve got an extraordinary destination! And because it’s exciting, it will be easy for you to launch yourself into it and make it magnificent.

The next post will be Reason #2 and we’ll be assessing your current results and how they influence your ability to achieve your goal.

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So Remember…

Growth is your ultimate goal. When you’re growing you feel AMAZING, so make your goal AMAZING, make it your own goal – your own unique dream. Make it something that makes you feel wonderfully ALIVE : )

More reasons you’re not achieving your goal:

Reason #2 – Not Achieving Your Goal? Your current results… let’s look at those!

Reason #3 and #4 – What does looking in the mirror have to do with your results?

Reason #5 – Are you brave enough to use the power of your mind?

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