Say YES to Being the STAR of Your Life!


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”
~~ William Shakespeare

If that’s true, have you asked yourself the role you’re playing and who wrote your script?

Sadly, it most likely wasn’t you.

Few people know to write out their own script and participate fully in their own movie.

Most people are extras in other people’s movies!

There’s no fun in that.

This is where life is simple. All you need to do is understand a few fundamentals.

Here is the NUMBER ONE fundamental to understanding life:

You’re designed to create and live a life YOU love and to star CENTRE STAGE.

That’s it.

If you’re not creating your own life that then deep down you may feel the following:

  • Hollow
  • Empty
  • Dissatisfied
  • Frustrated
  • Angry
  • Depressed

Do you feel any of that?

So, why do so many people NOT create their life and instead live as an extra in someone else’s movie?

Again it’s simple. Culturally our “role” is programmed into us i.e. to put others first, make others happy and do what our family and society expect of us.

That programming is false but it’s SO deep, we have no idea we’ve been programmed.
People will even defend these rules as if they created them!

I write so many articles about this because we need to hear this “outrageous alternative” over and over before anything shifts.

You believed that old, false programming because it was passed down for generations; it’s in your genetics.
Then it was drummed into you daily for decades; it surrounds you environmentally.

Notice the technique? Repetition.

If repetition installed the old programming, why not use that same technique to re-program you for TRUTH!

You’re designed to live a life you love.

Science even backs this up for those who fear this new concept, but for most people this does ring true somehow, even if it sounds scary!

So, where to now? Okay, let the fun begin!

The fun is in creating the story YOU want.

Step 1.
Are you willing to contemplate what you want?

That’s the “hardest” part.

Most people are not willing to dream, which means no surprises if nothing changes.

Look at your story. Look at your life right now. Look at your results.

Are you happy with them?

Let’s play.

If you had ALL the time, money and resources what would you change, remove, or add to this story to make it more fabulous or exactly what you want?

Don’t tell anyone once you’ve done that!

I mean it. If you’ve dreamed something new and awesome for you, then you CAN HAVE it. But most people don’t have this information.

They’ll destroy your dream in a nanosecond by saying you’re nuts.

So keep it to yourself for now and hold it to you like a treasure.

Step 2: Imagine you’re already living this story.
What would you be doing every day?
If you could have what you want (and you can) what’s the first step you’d take to make it happen?

Step 3: Your first few actions will be obvious to you, if you’re open to see them.
Start taking action, even if it’s one new action a week.

Step 4: Look for the next action, once those actions are done. It will be revealed.

You’ll keep moving forward until one day suddenly you’re living the life you imagined.

It’s your story and you are the STAR : )


This is Janet Poole; I believe in finding better ways to live your life and grow your business.

I believe in sharing those ideas!

Better Ways. More Freedom.

How to Leave Behind Pain and Embrace Freedom


Challenges bring opportunities.
There’s no question about that.

There’s also no question it’s hard to
“embrace” a challenge or problem by yelling, “Yay, an opportunity!”

The essence of who you are always wants freedom.

You’re always naturally seeking expansion, fuller expression – of who you truly are.

When you allow yourself to grow you’re at your happiest because your soul thrives on adventure.

But most of us shrink back because adventure means CHANGE!

Why do we fear change?

Change takes us into the unknown; new experiences. The new, the unknown is unpredictable.

“Unpredictable” is too dangerous and uncomfortable for a human being who is focused on survival, so they pull back to safety.

We’ve been programmed since childhood to “survive”.

But remember our true essence desperately wants the majestic adventure and we’re shrinking back saying no.

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
~~ Thomas Jefferson

You can only suppress you for so long.

This day-in-day out, week-in-week out continual suppression and denial brings enormous pain, frustration, anger, depression, anxiety and boredom.

There comes a time when the pain is so great you’ll be willing to say YES, grab the opportunity and leap into the unknown.

There you’ll discover the magic of the adventure and FREEDOM, PEACE, JOY… THE REAL YOU.

It’s time to shine your splendid light.

You’re ready for the grandest life and no-one will ever again be able to put out your light.


This is Janet Poole; I believe in finding better ways to live your life and grow your business.

I believe in sharing those ideas!

Better Ways. More Freedom.

Are You Free?

‘The future belongs to the free’, was the headline from The Australian newspaper last week.Sunset

An intriguing headline. Most would presume then that the future belongs to them. Not so. Most of us are not free.

Take Hold of the Reins of Your Life

As economic times get tougher for many around the world, now is the time to take control of your life and decide what you want. For too long we’ve allowed others such as corporations, banks, governments, financial advisers etc to tell us what’s good for us and to decide our future i.e. our freedom and happiness. Millions around the world now are facing dire financial circumstances, even the loss of their homes, pensions and retirement funds.

Don’t hand over your freedom to banks, the government, corporations or the state of the stock market; don’t let them decide your future. Decide your future for yourself.

It’s sometimes tempting to hand over your life to others because it takes some effort to manage it yourself. Only when you take the reins do you get greater freedom.

By contrast when you let others run your life you’re willingly handing over your freedom and putting yourself in the position of ‘hoping’ they’ll do the right thing by you. Would you rather have certainty or hope?

Develop a Healthy Attitude of Independence and Confidence

How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That! teaches you how to get that certainty, how to be the person who holds the reins in all areas of your life and to develop a healthy attitude of independence and confidence.

As Andrew Jackson the 7th US President said:

“When you get in debt you become a slave.”

That makes complete sense. While you might still choose to borrow money to more of get what you want, I urge you to act on the following two things at least, if you’re opting for debt.

Do At Least These 2 Things If You Choose to Get into Debt

1. Educate yourself in the art of investing (a good financial investment in itself!). Learn what a good investment is and how to manage it. It’s an education everyone should have; it’s just another part of living. Don’t hand it to someone else. It’s more interesting than many of us realize and this type of education builds confidence from the moment you start.

2. Contemplate the words of Andrew Jackson and work towards only having ‘good debt’, something Robert Kiyosaki teaches in his books: Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Retire Young, Retire Rich.

So Remember…

You’re entitled to be free, but you must make it happen.

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