Finding Times Tough? How to Take Charge Today and Get a Happy Life (Part 1 of 7)

What if tough times were a blessing?

No way!

Oh yes, they certainly can be.

Okay, at worst let’s say it’s a mixed blessing, but again it’s about
what you think you get‘.

Here’s why they’re a blessing.

Tough times can motivate you to try new ideas and be open to change.

They take you to a cross roads and urge you to open to new ideas – to read articles such as this one.

And that’s great because it means you’re motivated to consider a better life.

Often that’s all you need to actually get one.

“With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.”

Thomas Fowell Buxton

(Born in Essex, a strong advocate for the abolition of slavery in the British Colonies, 1786-1845)

This is Part 1 of a 7-Part Series “Are You Finding Times Tough?”

This series of 7 articles returns the power to you, where it belongs.

Once you’ve read these articles you can decide which way you go – up to your true potential or down to more despair.

How to Take Charge of Your Life in Tough Times and Get a Happy Life

However hard life may seem, decide you’re going to deal with it and not be a victim.

A victim waits in hope for life to become different.

Most of us, both men and women no matter how seemingly strong or successful, play the victim game at some stage.

Yes, even big burly men and tough career women.

Being a victim does have benefits. Very short-term benefits.

You get attention and others feel sorry for you.

All well and good, except that over time being a victim destroys your life.

When I say don’t be a victim, I’m not saying keep a stiff upper lip or suffer in silence either.

I’m saying that a victim is someone who is stuck and dependent on others.

If you’d like an interesting, exciting and happy life, it’s essential you stand up and act toward changing your situation.

This can seem like hard work – in some ways it is.

But no-one can live your life for you or make you happy, and doing this for yourself is hugely rewarding and satisfying.

There is something thrilling in taking charge. Something you’ll only discover once you try it.

If you don’t know what action to take or how to take it, these 7 articles show you how.

The Simplest Way to Take Action

A simple way to take action is to Continue reading “Finding Times Tough? How to Take Charge Today and Get a Happy Life (Part 1 of 7)”

Are You Free?

‘The future belongs to the free’, was the headline from The Australian newspaper last week.Sunset

An intriguing headline. Most would presume then that the future belongs to them. Not so. Most of us are not free.

Take Hold of the Reins of Your Life

As economic times get tougher for many around the world, now is the time to take control of your life and decide what you want. For too long we’ve allowed others such as corporations, banks, governments, financial advisers etc to tell us what’s good for us and to decide our future i.e. our freedom and happiness. Millions around the world now are facing dire financial circumstances, even the loss of their homes, pensions and retirement funds.

Don’t hand over your freedom to banks, the government, corporations or the state of the stock market; don’t let them decide your future. Decide your future for yourself.

It’s sometimes tempting to hand over your life to others because it takes some effort to manage it yourself. Only when you take the reins do you get greater freedom.

By contrast when you let others run your life you’re willingly handing over your freedom and putting yourself in the position of ‘hoping’ they’ll do the right thing by you. Would you rather have certainty or hope?

Develop a Healthy Attitude of Independence and Confidence

How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That! teaches you how to get that certainty, how to be the person who holds the reins in all areas of your life and to develop a healthy attitude of independence and confidence.

As Andrew Jackson the 7th US President said:

“When you get in debt you become a slave.”

That makes complete sense. While you might still choose to borrow money to more of get what you want, I urge you to act on the following two things at least, if you’re opting for debt.

Do At Least These 2 Things If You Choose to Get into Debt

1. Educate yourself in the art of investing (a good financial investment in itself!). Learn what a good investment is and how to manage it. It’s an education everyone should have; it’s just another part of living. Don’t hand it to someone else. It’s more interesting than many of us realize and this type of education builds confidence from the moment you start.

2. Contemplate the words of Andrew Jackson and work towards only having ‘good debt’, something Robert Kiyosaki teaches in his books: Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Retire Young, Retire Rich.

So Remember…

You’re entitled to be free, but you must make it happen.

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